Monday, 21 May 2012


This weekend Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin indicated that the Irish Catholic Bishops are considering closing the Irish College at Rome which has been in existence since 1628.
Dr Martin said that this was due to the falling numbers of men offering themselves for priesthood.

The Irish College in Rome and Maynooth Seminary near Dublin had been investigated in recent years as part of a Vatican investigation into the state of Irish Catholicism following the widespread sexual abuse of children by Irish priests and religious.

Recently the Maynooth seminarians have been segregated from the "lay" students attending university on the same campus.

The news of the closure of the Irish College in Rome does not come as news to me. Over the past couple of years I have had occasion to write to members of the Irish Hierarchy about sexual misconduct at the Irish College by seminarians. For many years there has been a very aggressive homosexual ring at the Irish College meeting once a week and calling themselves: THE CROCHET CLUB. They met to have sex with each other and to plan the seduction of new young seminarians arriving yearly. Members of the club also regularly attend gay venues in Rome and visit some of Rome's most prominent cruising sites. 

Some members of THE CROCHET CLUB are also active paedophiles and have been observed downloading child pornography on college computers.

A number of members of THE CROCHET CLUB are now ordained and are priests in Irish dioceses where apart from being curates in parishes are also chaplains to schools.

It is more than possible that the Irish Bishops are closing The Irish College before some of these scandals become public. 

Bishop Pat Buckley

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