Saturday, 16 June 2012


Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s has published a report for the pope on The Irish College in Rome – known by recent generations of students and priests as “The Pink Palace” for its homosexual subculture.
While Dolan gives a number of examples of homosexuality among the seminarians – and even names the seminarians – he thinks that it is “unjust” to call it “gay friendly”?
For a number of years now I have met with a number of former students of The Irish College -some who were ordained and some who were not - both “gay” and “straight” who have told me that they were either sexually active with their fellow seminarians in the Irish College or who were the recipients of unwelcome advances from gay seminarians there.
Some of these sexually active seminarians are now priests in Irish dioceses and continuing to be sexually active with other priests or ordinary gay men.
It is well known among former seminarians of The Irish College that some of their fellow students were very active on the Roman gay scene. One very promiscuous former seminarian, now a priest in an Irish diocese, was famous for hanging around Rome’s central train station and was seen on a number of occasions having street sex in alleyways near the train station.
One former seminarian, now a priest, saw one former seminarian, also now a priest, downloading images of what appeared to be underage males on an Irish College computer.


1.      What was “The Crochet Club” which met in the college once a week?

2.     Did seminarians who complained of attempted seduction by other seminarians: (a) have their underwear stolen from the laundry room, (b) receive obscene and aggressive middle of the night telephone calls; (c) have “love letters” put under their room doors?

3.     Were complaining seminarians dismissed from the college and accused seminarians ordained?

4.     Were there instances of child pornography being downloaded on college computers?

5.     Did any of the seminarians frequent famous gay cruising areas in Rome?

6.     Has Cardinal Sean Brady, pictured below, a former rector of The Irish College any light to shed on recent events in The Irish College – or has Cardinal Brady sworn everybody there to secrecy as he did to child victims in Ireland in 1975?

7.     Has the former Bishop of Cloyne, John Magee, pictured below, any light to shed on recent events at The Irish College?

8.     Has the current Bishop of Kilalla, picture below, and former rector of the college, John Flemming any light to shed on events in the Irish College?

9.     Do any of the priests ordained at the Irish College in recent years pose any threat to children or young males in Irish parishes?

Cardinal Dolan’s report is an attempt by the Church to pretend that a thorough investigation has been conducted into The Irish College. That is not true. His published findings are very selective and his report is more interested in making the Irish College more orthodox when it comes to theology and obedience to Rome and the pope.
The birds in the trees in Rome know that the Vatican is rife with homosexuality and as one young Irish priest said to me recently: “The way to get promoted in Rome is to do your superiors sexual favours”.
Another young Irish priest told me that he knew one seminarian (not Irish) who regularly acted as a gay escort for bishops living in and visiting Rome. That escort, now a wealthy young man, has decided not to be a priest.

Bishop Pat Buckley

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