Saturday, 1 December 2012



The life and freedom on Indian scientist and atheist has been put in danger by the Indian Catholic Bishops Conference as they formally complained about Sanal under Indian blasphemy laws.

It all started when water started streaming from the feet of a crucifix in India. The Catholic Church and its bishops and priests started calling the phemenon a "MIRACLE". 

Sanal went to invistigate the phemenon and discovered that the water was coming from a toilet through a wall behind the crucifix. As it turned the water was filthy and contained life threatening bacteria. Sanal published his finding on Indian television.

The Catholic Bishops immediately launched a blasphemy complaint with the police and from then on Sanal's life became unbearable.

Not only was he threatened with 3 years in prison but it was more than certain that a religious fanatic would try and end his life.

Sanal has had to flee India and has been given asylum by the Government of Finland.

If he goes back to India he will be put on trial but even before that he will be slaughtered by a religious fanatic.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bombay says that Sanal can return to India if he publicly apologises on India television for his "blasphemy".

In other words he can be forgiven if he goes on TV and tells lies.

Of course Sanal is in a long line of those punished by The Vatican for telling the truth. The most famous was Galileo.

Religious fanatics give religion and spirituality a bad name.

Bishop Pat Buckley

Once again we see the dangers of religious fanaticism - whether Islamic, Jewish or Christian.

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