Friday, 15 November 2013


Brian Darcy on left

Brian Darcy - (sometimes Fr Brian Darcy) gives me the creeps. If I come across his picture in a newspaper I quickly skip to the next page. If he suddenly appears on radio or TV I quickly switch the channel. 

I have this reaction because I think Darcy is shallow, superficial, insincere and is always wearing a mask.

You never get to see the real Darcy - because he is always wearing a mask.

He is basically a narcissist. He is at the very centre of his own world. Everything Brian Darcy does is done for Brian Darcy. Deep down I think he has a massive inferiority complex and has to push himself into every corner of everything that ever happens to fill the massive void left by this inferiority complex.

If anything interesting happens to anybody else Darcy is out like a flash saying it has already happened to him.

We had all the stories of people being sexually abused by priests. What does Darcy do? He comes out and says that he was abused by a priest too!

We had serious Irish theologians like the Redemptorist Father Tony Flannery being silenced by the Vatican.

What does Darcy do? He announces that he too was silence by the Vatican !!!  If he was why is he still the superior of a monastery in Enniskillen? Why is he allowed to preach every Sunday? 

If a man somewhere in the USA announced tomorrow that he was pregnant - Brian Darcy would be out like a shot saying that years ago he became pregnant too - and by the Holy Spirit - but that he had a miscarriage on the dance floor at Daniel O'Donnell's wedding and that he has never gotten over losing the baby.

Why does Darcy feel the need to be everywhere when anything public or high profile is happening?

When Daniel O'Donnell - that macho Irish singer - finally got married - Darcy was there presiding like the matron of honour.

When the poet Seamus Heaney died - Darcy was there as the mourner in chief.

When Joe Dolan died - that other famous Irish heterosexual singer - Darcy was there.

He's on the Late Late Show. He's on the Sunday World. He's on BBC Radio on a Sunday morning.

I would not be surprised if I called in to the Enniskillen  monastery this Christmas and Darcy had taken the child Jesus out of it and was lying in the manger himself. 

The Belfast priest Father Des Wilson, a true priest, once wrote a poem about the Belfast newspaper, The Irish News, called: HOW TO READ THE IRISH NEWS ABOUT BOKIN (vomiting).

If I was writing a play about Brian Darcy it would have to be called: HOW TO LOOK AT BRIAN DARCY WITHOUT BOKIN.


Clerical garb in all the right places.
T shirt or polo at discos and races;
Platitudes foaming from passionless lips,
Anaemic gestures from limp finger tips.

As swift as a fly to freshly dropped stool,
The false prophet swoops to the media ghoul;
Posing at concerts and weddings and do's;
Widows and orphans and victims he woos.

Graveside photos consoling the grieving,
Newsflash images of tears most deceiving;
Emptiest sermons and smarmy old quotes,
Not fooling Christ's sheep but only his goats.

The "hire a priest" of every chat show,
Willing to go where you want him to go;
At night he's a rebel against canon law,
By dawn at the palace he's kissing their paw.

Tells you he loves you just as you be,
But won't life a finger to set your heart free;
Condemns the tough rules in his cringing style,
While watching his back with a sly sick smile.

Pretends he's in love with a farmer's young Mary,
They've never had sex as he's chaste and wary;
Others have said he's game for a hunk,
Would that be all right for a Catholic monk?

With an up front die-hard I'd prefer for to deal,
Whose hallmark's conviction and fervour and zeal;
But Trendy's so dangerous at sixpence each way,
"Get behind me Old Satan" I hear the Lord say.
(Pat Buckley 2002.)


  1. Pat, you are not the only one that squirms when Darcy is dragged unto everything. He has given me the heebie-jeebies for years. Uch!

    Religious Sister, Dublin.

  2. The night Darcy "challenged" Cardinal Daly on the Late Late Show - he was up the next morning at Armagh apologising. What was all that about?

    Armagh Priest

  3. Very, very good, I have to say I just read it three times and might go back for a fourth. As a theologian in an Irish Diocese I have NEVER heard it muted the Brian Darcy is in any shape or fashion theologically 'aware', let alone trained.

    In fact I personally, would consider his public views as nothing more than the opinions of a 'depressed' soul. As for the 'silence' by the Vatican, I laughed at that thought as well! Silenced from what - silence normally means a sacking from a teaching post, publishing rights in real terms etc. I would not have thought that good old 'ULSTER' BBC would listen to the hounds of Vatican censure, i.e. Brown & Co. Although I hear that D&C (Noel) is a very obedient soul to Navan House.

    Tony & Brian are 'poles' apart in their 'intellect power', capacity and approach. For a true 'teacher' and 'theologian' silence actually means that the ortho-theological world NO longer reads or considers all works and research as relevant or orthodox etc.

    A truly deadly and cowardly act by the hounds of Benedict - as for Brian, polar opposite, I suppose love of Joe Dolan is 'systematic', sorry 'symptomatic'.

    West of Ireland Theologian

  4. You forgot to mention Pat his public, platform sharing with the 'Quinn' empire!

    Fermanagh Resident

    1. Yes I did forget that. It was the POPULIST thing to do in Fermanagh.

      It did not matter that Quinn & Co robbed the Irish people.


  5. This is the first (and probably last) time I agree with you on something.

  6. Thank Fuck I can finally come out and find a point to disagree with you, young Pat. And I do. Disagree with you on Darcy. AS a former catholic, I have went to a few masses, baptisms, weddings and funderals. Fuck it I am going to leave that spelling. Freudian intervention, peut etre. But, seriously? Brian Darcy had the balls to stand up to that viper, Daly. (That was a full stop, by the way.) Course he was under pressure. Course he regretted it next day, in part at least. He is only human after all. Like that guy they call Jesus. Interesting guy himself. My kids are young, but do not buy the whole - right his mother a 15 year old virgin, cheated on Jo, her husband, with some beardy guy called God, who just happens to be the creator of the universe (When was that, given the whole immortality, eternity crap), then Mary - leap of faith, bereft of intellect, becomes the mother of God, the grandmother and mother of Jesus and if it wasn't bad enough, owl ghostie balls, the holy spirit comes levitating down (was this Northern or Southern Hemisphere?) jumps Mary's bones, blames big G and holyfuck, God, Jesus and the ghost have a holyfuckery comtogether, become one. And we are supposed to swallow this. How to give my kids a reason to go to mass tomorrow? Not easy. In fact the two lads, 9 and 10, came out tonight because neither wanted to serve mass tomorrow. Much to my failure perhaps, but my view is - you said you would, so cannot let down the priest to whom you promised. Not the night before. Quit tomorrow - they won't - after mass. But not before. Never let someone down. Or as a friend once said, my word is my bond. Good enough for me. As for Brian Darcy. Fuck it, I like the man, respect him. Will defend him. So glad to be able to say this Pat and know - hope - you will respect my view. I would and do defend you equally and with equal vigour. And me a heathen!

  7. Sean,

    Thank you for another well thought out and rational comment. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. Unlike others - I know I'm not infallible :-)

    Lots of people do things for their kids that they would not do for anyone else. Nothing wrong with that. It makes you a loving Dad rather than a dictator Dad.

    My problem with Darcy is that he is all talk and no action - "all cackle and no egg"

    If you talk the talk then you must walk the walk. He does not !

    If you are that much a thorn in the side they will get rid of you - like they did me 27 years ago.

    He is still very much "in". That can only be achieved by compromise and sitting on the fence until you get sore balls - or have no balls in the beginning.

    Darcy is all "foreplay" and no "consummation" - if you know what I mean.

    I think the Church use him for some credibility.

    But I can agree to differ with you and respect you.


  8. I never met Brian Darcy but have corrosponded with him via the odd email and Christmas Card. I found him to be supportive of me on my journey. Perhaps he has a bit of the butter wouldn't melt in your mouth factor. As my mother would say in this I believe he is keeping the fair side out. I do know he was taken aback by the silencing episode. It is my opinion Brian jumped when the vatican brothers said how high. It is also my opinion that Brian believes he can achieve more on the inside than the outside. Just a few thoughts-Sean