Tuesday, 5 November 2013



Jesus said that it is very difficult to serve two masters. "You will either love the first and hate the second", He said or "You will love the second and treat the first with contempt".


In that context we can ask if it is possible to be a member and defended of the Roman Catholic institution and be a Christian as well.


The Roman Catholic "Church" is one of the most corrupt organisations this world has ever seen. It is all about power, control, money, abuse of people and hypocrisy.

The power aspect is well shown by the fact that the RC Church continues to dabble in world politics and that dabbling is facilitated by having hundreds of so called "nuncios" in Vatican embassies around the world trying to exercise power and influence world politics.

We see the RC institution trying to control its 1.2 billion members in every way but especially by controlling their sexuality. It campaigns against divorce, remarriage, contraception, condoms (even to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS), same sex partnerships and marriages etc, etc.

Its fascination with money and riches is highlighted by the sacking of the recent Bishop of Limburg in Germany who spent 31 million euros on his bishop's palace - which included a 2.9 million private chapel, a 15,000 euro bath and a 24,000 euro conference table.

In Belfast the current bishop - Noel Treanor - is spending a vast fortune on renovation his bishop's palace on the Antrim Road and filling it with antiques.


The abuse of people by the RC institution is highlighted day by day in the media with the sexual abuse of children by priests, brothers and nuns and by the horrors of the infamous Magdalen Laundries.

People within the church who are good and sincere, who speak up against all this evil and abuse are condemned, vilified and cast aside.

Some people say that Pope Francis is different ? Maybe he is ? He certainly talks and acts differently. But even though he is pope he is still only one man and he is surrounded by a "brood of vipers" in the Vatican. They will do their very best to limit the amount of change he can effect. They might even kill him like they killed Pope John Paul 1?

Jesus was born in a stable. He was brought up in a very simple home in Nazareth. He lived the life of a wandering preacher for 3 years with no where to lay his head. He condemned the religious hierarchy of His day for the same abuses that we now see manifest in the Vatican and the so called Roman Catholic Hierarchy. And they, in their turn saw to it that he was murdered.

Can you be a faithful Roman Catholic follower and supporter on the one hand and a Christian on the other? I think not!

Bishop Pat Buckley



  1. Welcome back to the best most thought provoking blog on the web.The answer to your question is summed up in the very last sentence...I think NOT Mike

  2. Buckley, you have completely lost the plot.

  3. The one word: Desire - okay except when our willingness to succeed is exceed by our greed. The world will only know peace when we stop categorizing each other in one box or another. Acknowledging our common brotherhood and sisterhood in a shared humanity, we will see that we are all children of God and where doing the right thing will replace talking about doing the right thing.


  4. Pat, are you dyslexic? Or just a complete fucktard? Maybe both!

  5. Jaz Pat, You stirred the A hole community with this one! The fact that the question that Roman Catholic can be put in opposition to Christian casts a sad shadow on the Church's history and the RC church in particular who were allegedly the first to hear the Good News. Coming from religiously monochromatic Co Roscommon I am still discovering the richness and diversity that lies within the unity of the Anglican Communion. I wonder how would Paddy the Irish Catholic manage at a Russian Orthodox Mass? Time the RC Church started thinking in Colour-Sean