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Bishop Michael Dallat
Bishop Michael Dallat was the Auxilliary Bishop of Down and Connor Diocese (Belfast) from 1993 until he died in 2000.
He was consecrated bishop by the Bishop of Down & Connor Bishop Patrick Walsh and the Auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor Bishop Anthony Farquhar.

 Bishop Patrick Walsh
Bishop Dallat was a native of Ballycastle in Co. Antrim - the same town that was the home town to the now disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland who has been exposed for sexually abusing young seminarians and priests.

There is no suggestion that either Bishop Walsh or Bishop Farquhar knew that Bishop Dallat had a long time lover when they consecrated him a bishop in 1993. In fact Bishop Dallat had been appointed by Rome and not by the Diocese of Down and Connor.

Michael Dallat was born in Ballycastle in 1925 into a very prominent Roman Catholic family. He attended St Malachy's College in Belfast from 1938 to 1943. He then studied in Queen's University in Belfast until 1947.
He trained in Rome from 1947 and was ordained in Rome in 1951. He then studied in Louvain in Belgium.
He taught in his alma mater - St Malachy's College from 1963 until 1969 and then went into teacher training for the rest of his career becoming Principal of St Mary's Teacher Training college. He was made a monsignor in 1988 and Vicar General of Down and Connor diocese.
When Cardinal Cahal Daly went from Down and Connor to Armagh in the early 1990's and Bishop Paddy Walsh became Bishop of Down & Connor the then Monsignor Dallat was made Auxiliary Bishop at the age of 68.
It is a well talked about matter among the priests of Down and Connor that Bishop Dallat had a lady lover for a long period in his life.
The D&C contributor to this blog yesterday said:
 Will we ever get a chance to be real? I think of poor Bishop Dallat and his lifetime of lovely partnership, why should it not be acknowledged as a beautiful and good thing.

When Bishop Dallat was dying his long time lover sat by his death bed. Rumour has it that Bishop Paddy Walsh asked her to leave the sick room and to make herself very low key at the funeral - for fear of giving scandal.

I am told that the dear and good lady did not allow Bishop Walsh to bully her into submission.

The Bishop Dallat story is just another sad story caused by the man made rule of obligatory celibacy being imposed on priests and bishops who are not suited to celibacy.

Bishop Dallat's nephew - Father Ciaran Dallat is a priest of Down and Connor diocese working as the curate of St Peter's Cathedral and assisting Father Hugh Kennedy who recently returned to ministry after traumas of his own.

FatherCiaran Dallat - Bishop's nephew
Bishop Pat Buckley




  1. I am delighted to hear that Bishop Dallat was human enough to need the love of a woman in his life.

    Diocesan Priest - Clogher

  2. When will that shower ever learn-Sean

  3. Good for him, I hope he experienced love and warmth.

    Priest d&c

  4. This is clearly a lie, Mr Buckley. There was no sick room and no death bed! Bishop Dallat was found dead at his residence. You are despicable, lying about the dead who cannot defend themselves. THE FACTS ARE THAT BISHOP DALLAT WAS FOUND DEAD IN HIS HOUSE WHEN HE DIDN''T APPEAR AT THE OFFICE! IT WAS A SUDDEN DEATH! Whatever twisted individual in this diocese is adding to dosage to your poison is as sick as you are. And if the homosexual priest who was having affairs, with seminarians and priests, before he was ordained and after - and is wondering if his Ordination was valid, asking your 'advice' is like asking the Devil for comfort! IF HE IS LIVING AS HE CLAIMS HIS IMMORTAL SOUL IS IN GRAVE DANGER UNLESS HE REPENTS!!! You won't publish this, Mr Buckley; but the Truth will always win through and you too will stand before God's Judgement Seat.

  5. Who found him dead?

    With John Paul 1 - it was first said it was Bishop John Magee and that story was changed to a nun?

    In Bishop Dallat's case was he found dead by Bishop Walsh or his common law wife?

    D&C Priest

  6. D&C 'priest', I am a priest of Down and Connor and have never heard of this slander against Bishop Dallat. Buckley talks about a death bed and a sick room. There was none. He was found dead at his home. At least have the guts to back up your disgusting stories with FACTS!

  7. Who drove the car and picked dallat up every night after his walk?? What was Her name?

  8. Now brother, you say my soul is in mortal danger, so, am I valid?? I function, so funny as I recently judged someone Catholic enough in ethos to appoint them to a teaching post, funny and more funny!!!

    I am no more than a robot like yourself.


    1. You are no "brother" of mine, you reprobate. Turn away from your sinful lifestyle and be converted, as the Lord demands/commands. "Function" is right; that is all you do! You probably couldn't hold down a job anywhere else. "Robot"? Speak for yourself!!

  9. FYO, Kennedy has no trauma, He caused trauma. Stupid big eejit having a gay affair - giving scandal to our parish. He has no respect here in St Peter's. Get rid of him and his boyfriend, Bishop Trainor!

    1. So it would be OK if he did not give scandal? This is the Catholic clerical disease, as long as it is not known - no scandal.
      Crazy and more crazy, open up.