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 Hello Pat, I am new on here and was told about your website. Clergy and laity are talking about it which is no harm. I have been reading it, on and off, this last week - haven't read all of it. A few random observations which I hope you won't take offensively on various matters:

1. Catholics do not believe that their fellow Christians won't be in Heaven. The church doesn't teach this - never has. a priest called Feeney was excomm in the 50's for saying Protestants can't go to Heaven. This is in contrast to the 'saved' Protestants who are adamant Catholics are damned unless they 'convert' to their mindset.

2. The infallibility of the Pope is a charism of the Holy Spirit for the good of the church. It does not mean the pope is always right - you should know this. Infallibility has been rarely used - only three times - apart from Church councils. The Pope is as liable to be wrong/ sinful, etc. as all of us are. God promised to guide the Church, however, throu the Holy Spirit.

3. To worship Mary is idolatry and would separate you from the faith of the Church. no true catholic regards her as a 'goddess'.

4. re. euthanasia/abortion - it is not to impose your Christian beliefs to utterly resist these - anymore than it is to resist stealing/murder/abuse. There are things that are wrong of themselves and it is our duty to oppose them by every legitimate means and seek to dissuade others from them. Extreme cases make for bad laws. Deliberate Euthanasia and abortion are acts of murder - never right.

5. The case of bishop Dallat was news to me. I found him the most 'real' of the bishops during the walsh regime (walsh unapproachable, sarcastic and with a shed load of 'baggage'; Farquhar's nickname being 'Coco the clown' among priests). The abolition of celibacy would not alleviate our probs - might add to them and further complicate matters. Whatever about bp Dallat - good luck to him and God rest him.

Bishop Dallat

6. Unfair to blame bp Treanor for D&C probs. He didn't cause them. 

This place was/is totally dysfunctional, dominated by characters who were gravely lacking in basic human/pastoral skills. Treanor may not be personality of the year but he is good-hearted. p.walsh's 'promotion' was a symptom of everything wrong with D&C. C Daly, I once heard accurately described as 'a pompous little fusspot' LOL. 
Cackle Daly
These men had no ability to interact meaningfully with either priests or laity - totally unqualified spiritually, humanly. No 'smell of the sheep' - they kept 'the sheep' at bay and regarded them with contempt. Farquhar was promising very gifted but was suppressed by Daly and always in the shade of Walsh. He hadn't the strength of character to face them down. he resorted to being 'the clown' sad and tragic for him. It has greatly affected his health. gone to seed years ago.
Paddy Walsh

7. Dallat was imposed on Walsh who craved episcopate for his mate Tom Toner. 
Tom Toner
Daly spiked this. Toner, God rest him, would have been another useless tool and clone of Walsh. When poor old Dallat died, Walsh again sought TT. Again denied. donal mckeown was again imposed on Walsh who wasn't informed of the apt by the nuncio but by mckeown (dickie) himself by phone - much to PW's dismay. A brief moment of hope when dickie was apopointed soon evaporated when dmcK jumped into Patty's soutance pocket and became a drone too. sad.
Donal McKeown

8. the donaghy case was horrific.
Father James Donaghy
 I had some limited insight into the suffering of his victims. a friend of mine was present for the entire court case - the evidence of the victims and when JD himself took the stand. The trial had to be halted one day because a juror became physically ill listening to a victim's evidence. JD was a very violent predator. I was told that watching Fr McCafferty give evidence was like watching a crucifixion. Walsh has many unanswered questions which he refuses to answer. The UTV prog in recent months flagged the issues but no one took them up. Very very strange indeed. Thankfully justice was done for all concerned.

9. The Hugh kennedy saga was and is astonishing. 
Hugh Kennedy on left
he has no respect among the people of st peter's - a parish he has destroyed. In any other walk of life, he would be handed his p45 but not in D&C. His open gay affair is shocking to people. He would be forgiven if he was a kind man but he is an arrogant snob - again no smell of the sheep. The diocesan cathedral is a mess. God luck to Ciaran dallat and God bless him! Again, Walsh appointed Kennedy. Walsh seems to have a penchant for disastrous decisions. Kennedy's obvious dysfunctionality should have been addressed with the man for his own good years ago but he was let run amok and even indulged.

10. Lay People are talking about homosexual Down and Connor clergy's exploits in gay bars and cruising areas. Belfast is a village. The dogs on the street know their names and they are going to get caught. Journalists are reading this sight. This is a powder keg. Priests have been seen in gay bars in Belfast openly acting up. Stoopid or what?

Anyhow, this was a disjointed response to issues on your site Pat. I wish you well. A brother priest "Sagart, Dun agus Conaire"


  1. Dear Dun agus Conaire,

    1. Absolutely no offence taken. All rational and non-abusive criticism WELCOME.

    2, The Christian Brothers taught me in Dublin that it was a "mortal sin" to go into a Protestant Church and that Protestants would not be in Heaven - OUTSIDE THE CHURCH (CATHOLIC) NO REDEMPTION>

    3. I know that formal infabbibility has only been used twice. But what about CREEPING INFALLIBILITY?

    4. Maybe Bishop Dallat was real to you because he had been HUMANISED by a good woman?

    5. I know that WALSH wanted TONER to be a bishop. Toner was seen shopping in Rome for pectoral crosses.

    6. I spent 10 years working with DONAGHY victim before the court and justice came :-)

    7. Maybe Hugh Kennedy should go back to BAKING and not BREAKING bread :-)


  2. Sex lies and thuribles. Add some ecclesiastical politics and you could get a modern version of I Claudius. The poor old sheep are like Pablov's dogs without a shepherd-Sean

  3. Well that's another thing the unChristian Brudders were wrong about then, bishop. The church never taught that Protestants can't go to heaven. In those days, Prods and Caths mutually excluded each other 'on the ground'. Thank God, most Christians have wised up. Unlike the Prod unFUN(ny)da MENTALists, who still are stuck in the 16/17th centuries and believe all Papists will burn forever. Creeping infallibility? Come on! That is not part of the meaning of the doctrine and never will be. Yeah, the Pope is going to get up some day and say 'right guys and gals, my every thought is infallible. So if I say 'black is white then so it is'. Nah.

  4. I've just tripped over this blog by pure chance (or maybe fate). Loving it. Very informative. As a life long inhabitant of D&C I find it very informative - it certainly fills in the gaps.
    Reads with interest....keep it up +Pat.

  5. Kilian,

    Glad you are liking the blog.

    Please feel free to make a comment or even submit something of your own for publication on the blog


  6. How do I submit a comment not under this heading?

    1. Killian,

      Submit your comment to and a suggested heading you would like for it and I will publish it.


  7. My 1951 Catechism:
    Q 148 - Must everyone belong to the Catholic Church?
    A - Everyone must belong to the Catholic Church and no one can be saved who, through his own fault, remains outside it.

    For those of us who have stepped off the religious carousel, it is tedious to hear Church defenders try to hoodwink us by now claiming that they never said: 'Outside the Church there is no salvation'.
    It was beaten into us!

    ...'through his own fault'......what a convenient get-out.

    Paddy McEvoy

    1. Paddy,

      You hit the nail on the head.


  8. It is not the "fault" of anyone who remains outside the Catholic Church if he/she believes in his/her heart that the catholic church is NOT the true church. God will hold them to account for sincerely following their consciences. Forget about your 1951 Catechism and read the definite teaching of the Church as regards other Christians in the teaching of Vatican II - Unitatis redintegratio

  9. My Friend,

    How many ordinary catholics read the teachings of Vatican 11?

    How many ordinary catholics even read the Bible or are encouraged to.

    Most catholics over a certain age got their beliefs from the catechism.


  10. Lame, Pat. How many Catholics in this day and age believe that their Protestant fellow Christians won't be in Heaven??? The Church teaches no such thing - period! Plenty of Catholics read the Bible and many parishes have Scripture study/sharing groups.

  11. 'The Church teaches no such thing' - NOW. I would have more respect for the Church had it stuck to its old teachings, dogmatic and arrogant though they were. At least people knew where they stood. But the slithering and greasy sophistry that passes for theological orthodoxy in our time is satisfying nobody, hence the mass evacuation. When was the 1951 Catechism declared 'inoperative', by the way, Mr/Ms Anonymous?
    So the Catholics and the Protestants are going to be communally 'saved', are they? And what about the Muslims and the Hindus and the pagans and the rest? Will they also be welcomed on Cloud 9? What utter nonsense!

    Paddy McEvoy

  12. im 54 year old male and I think priest should be aloud to marry I wish I was lucky enough to meet a priest about sixty I would not turn him down if he ask me to suck him of id be very happy to do that as these men have needs like all the rest of us