Thursday, 28 November 2013



I have been trying very hard to keep an open mind on Pope Francis. I had no time for his predecessors John Paul 11 and Benedict.

I was impressed with Francis's decision to live simply in St Martha's Hostel and not in the Papal Palace.

I was impressed with his decision to call himself simply "The Bishop of Rome" and not Supreme Pontiff.

I like the fact that he celebrates Mass daily for the Vatican workers.

I liked his refusal to condemn gay people.

I like the fact that last week he ordered 30 priests out of the curia and back to their diocese to serve the people in parishes. Most of the work in the curia can be done by good and well trained lay men and women.

He is in his late 70s and I suppose one old man can only do so much. The necessary reform of the Roman Catholic Institution will take many generations and many Bishops of Rome. At least Francis has set the ball rolling.


I was disappointed this week that Francis said that the issue of the ordination of women could not even be discussed. As far as Francis is concerned the "church" in the form of horrible Pope John Paul 11 had settled the question for ever.

I hope that Francis is not forgetting the JESUS IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH.

I hope he is not forgetting that THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE ONE WHO MAKES THE FINAL DECISION on all matters concerning the church.

I believe that the Holy Spirit has made it crystal clear to all thinking and prayerful Catholics that it is only a matter of time before we have OPTIONAL CELIBACY and WOMEN PRIESTS in the Catholic Church.

The Holy Spirit has made this clear through:

1. The falling numbers offering themselves for the priesthood.

2. The fact that OBLIGATORY CELIBACY is not working and is a cause of great scandal, corruption and confusion in the Catholic Church.

3. The fact of the typhoon of sexual abuse cases and criminal convictions that follow them.

4.   The fact that churches all over the world are becoming emptier and emptier.

5. The fact that our sister Christian churches are ordaining women to the diaconate, priesthood and episcopate - this week the Church of Ireland selected the first woman bishop as the Bishop of Meath in Ireland.
The Most Reverend Pat Story - Bishop of Meath

6. The fact that all over the world there are Catholic women being ordained in Catholic free church organisations.

It is only a matter of time before we have the first Roman Catholic women deacons, priests and bishops.

The HOLY SPIRIT is already shouting this GOOD NEWS from the rooftops.

Bishop Pat Buckley


  1. We have many discussions about Francis,I stand by my assertion that we are merely seeing the "cult of Personality" and some rather wonderful PR.Those who think Francis will make substantive changes to teaching and doctrine are in for a shock..he is a conservative..all be it with a heart.Mike

  2. I can see your point.

    But.......Rome was not built in a day.

    It will not be dismantled in a day.

    At 78 Francis may only break the ground up a little - for someone else in the future to plough?

    In the end the Holy Spirit will be the decider.


    1. The Holy Spirit versus The roman Curia....wonder what odds Paddy Power would give on that!!!! Mike

    2. Mike,

      I would unhesitatingly put my faith in the Holy Spirit. He / She will either renew Rome or destroy it.


  3. Dear Pat, in the R C Church there is a species called Bishop which sometimes evolves into a sub species called cardinal. Cardinals congregate in a hive called Rome and huddle together for a psychosexual ritual called decision making. The cardinal is distictive by his powerful red plumage. A band of gold is visible on a digit of the right hand and the odour of expensive scent is often noted when observing this species. This species does not need a female to procreate and some say the species presents with a strange abhorance of the female. This may well be linked to a genetic defect. The cardinal is aware of an entity called the Holy Spirit but would file such a being in the same cabinet as the tooth fairy or perhaps the santa claus. The hive cackles and observes society from the safety of the Vatican and puts self preservation above all other needs. Being an introverted species they tend to dissappear up each others arses like a dog trying to swallow its tail. I fear if the species condenses much further they will create the first holey black hole. I fear the Grace of God will fall upon the proddies where the gifts and charisms of the female will be discerned and celebrated to become a source of edification to all who are open to the workings of the Holy Spirit. Sean

    1. Sean,

      You make very valid points.

      But the Holy Spirit has some very difficult Prods to deal with too - see Northern Ireland :-)

      I have NO FAITH in Rome - either in itself - or in renewing itself.

      But as a fool I have retained every hope in the Holy Spirit.


  4. Sean,

    Meant to say what you wrote reminded me of the Armadillo bird who liked to chase its own tail.

    It eventually disappeared up its own hole :-)


  5. Fair comment Pat. Northern Ireland/Southern Ireland and what is Catholic and what is Protestant is unique. The Holy Spirit is doing his bit for the Word of God never fails. You and I cooperate in the process as best we can. I can never say I know the eventual outcome nor can I claim ownership on any part of it-Sean