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Today a Diocese of Down and Connor (Belfast) parish priest comments on this blog:



(A priest who with no one will associate - Down and Connor)

So this Down and Connor parish priest is saying that there is at least one parish priest in Down and Connor who has fathered a child and who is supporting him with parish funds. Is this WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of the Down and Connor bishop Noel Treanor?

This current PP and "father" is not the only one in the history of Down and Connor to have fathered a child.

I once had to intervene in the case of Father Archie Kelly who was the parish priest of Castwellan in Co. Down, who had fathered a child.

And there was, not long ago,  the curate of Randalstown, Father Gordon McKinstry.

Of course there have been far more prominent cases of priest and bishops having children. Here in Ireland there was the infamous case of Bishop Eamon Casey who produced a son called Peter with Annie Murphy.
Bishop Casey and son Peter

There there was the case of "Father" Michael Cleary who had a son with Phylis Hamilton - whom he always introduced to people as "a homeless unmarried mother I took pity on".
Cleary, Phylis and Son

I also assisted Adriana Allsworth of Birmingham in England who has 3 children for an Irish priest who abandoned her and the kids and ran back to his religious order in Ireland.

Recently in New York, Father Caismir Manyonyi, a newly ordained priest stepped down from ministry having admitted he fathered a child while in the seminary.
Father Manyonyi

In Los Angeles the auxiliary bishop, Bishop Zavala (60) stepped down having admitted he was the father of two children.
Bishop Zavala

In Rome, Father Thomas Williams - of the cult like Legionaries of Christ stepped down after fathering a child there.
Father Williams

There is a long history - even in Ireland, of priests and bishop fathering children. Most of the time the church pays the women large amounts of money to go away and keep silent.

Just look at some common Irish surnames:

McEntaggart - "the son of the priest".

McAnespie - "the son of the bishop".

McNabb - "the son of the abbot".

Many popes have fathered children. Many bishops have fathered children. And many more priests have fathered children.

I would guess that there are HUNDREDS of priests out there in Ireland. I would like to hear from them.

Celibacy is not working. Many priests find it very difficult to keep old Leroy in their trousers, cassocks or religious habits.

I run a group called BETHANY for women who are or have been involved with priests. Two I know of have priests children. Four I know of have aborted priest's babies. In all 4 cases the priests paid for the abortion. In 2 cases the priest travelled with the woman to England for the abortion.

Afterwards priests handle the abortion by simply forgetting about or or by going to priest friends for confession and forgiveness.

Gerry Adams and the IRA have their DISAPPEARED.  But the Catholic Church, in Ireland - and internationally have their "DISAPPEARED" - all the children fathered by priests and bishops.

These children deserve to know and have contact with their fathers. These children and their mothers deserve recognition and support from the church.

Bishop Pat Buckley


  1. Bishop Buckley,

    Thank you for this article on the children of priests - a topic that no one else will touch.

    I am the daughter of an Irish priest. My mother was his long term housekeeper and behind closed doors we were really a very close family. When he was moved from parish to parish we went with him. When he was made a parish priest we did not have to move again.

    He and I were very close. He was the most loving father I could have had. The three of us went on holidays every year together to a house his family owned in Spain. His brothers and sisters knew the situation and were always supportive. Eventually he did tell the bishop about the situation. In fairness the bishop was very understanding and supportive and just asked him to be discreet and not to create a scandal.

    My father supported me through secondary school and university. He paid for accomodation for me when I was a student at university in Dublin.

    When I graduated he bought me a car and set me up in my own small apartment in Dublin. I later married and had two children and he was a great grandfather.

    Sadly we lost him a number of years ago and my mother now lives me me. Before he died he married my mother in a registry office so that she would be his legal wife and be entitled to widow's pension. When he died he left my mother all he had. It was not a fortune but it was the thought that counted.

    I know that my story is unusual. But I was very lucky to have a Dad that was a good Dad and a good priest too.

    I have a male friend who was never acknowledged by his priest father and it has led to a lifetime of suffering, sadness and unfinished business for him.

    Thank you Bishop Pat for being probable the only cleric in Ireland who acknowledges and respects us.

    PP's Daughter and proud of it.

  2. Dear PP's Daughter,

    Thank you for sharing your very touching story. You have every reason to be very proud of yourself, your Mum and your Priest Dad. He was obviously a man of integrity and principle.

    I'm sure his normal, loving home life made him a better man and a far better priest.

    I am sorry to hear of the sad outcome your other friend had. Please feel free to put him in touch with me if you think it would help.

    Every blessing to you, your Mum, your hubbie and kids.

    One day you will all be together in Heaven again with your Dad.


    1. What a lot of rubbish, he should have left long beore he died and made an honest woman out of her, not to mention the deception of the faithful and life of subterfuge both she and her child had to endure.

  3. This priest was an adulterer, a liar, a cheat, a con man.

    He was a disgrace to the clerical collar.

    D&C PP

    1. Dear God PP D&C, you are a typical D&C 'man'!!

      He was human, a sinner and most of all he was a real 'man'. Do you need oxygen up there? Most of us are struggling in some way or another. I admire this man and his complete integrity. If only the atmosphere was as pastoral lower down the moral mountain, perhaps PP's & AP's could get their issues sorted instead of 'despairing' at times. (RIP PP Holy Trinity).

      What an awful situation we have in D&C.

      RIP Priest Father.

      D&C - PP also.

    2. Clerical collar???? Sign and symbol of disgrace, lies and deceit. To say nothing of double standards and hypocrisy!!

      As a married man & Catholic I admire him and I take inspiration from him. Many a married man made such a mistake and ran away from all responsibility.

      A ma of integrity who would restore credibility to the Catholic Priesthood.

      John - Ballycastle

    3. This PP's attitude is the very attitude that drove me away from our inhuman, secretive, anti-woman and child unsafe Church. He is a disgrace to the name Church, it should be removed from them, they are NOT a Church and thank God it has been exposed.

      People need to read this blog. God bless this girl and her mother. It is only a matter of time before the 'great bishop' of Derry is exposed. A joke the whole lot of you. Count your money today PP!! What a life!

      Brid - Derry

    4. Cardinal Brady said in 2011 at Knock that the 'Church' had in effect learnt its lesson and was now more modest and more listening!

      That is not my experience. I have come across experiences that tell me priests, particular parish priests, are as arrogant as ever as ever in their communities? As usual their external and internal lives are so far apart.

      Is this a disease or what?

      Mary - Catholic Mother of 6 children.

    5. Twenty years ago the then parish priest in my parish decided to rebuild the very old church in the parish. The community wasn't consulted as to whether it was needed or what they wanted to see done. He spent £100K at the time on a massive rebuild and re-ordering which in fact the locals hated. But he liked it, and it was entirely his business apparently. (There is a local parish council, but he had a habit of packing it with people who would agree with everything he wanted. Those who disagreed found their nominations to join 'disappearing' or ruled invalid (by him) etc. So of course the parish council, as usual, said "yes Father" to what he wanted.)

      Anne - PP aware.

    6. So the question is simple: why are parish priests in particular so utterly arrogant and why are they incapable of listening to the voice of ordinary people and their own people?

      Anne again!

    7. Dear Bishop Pat, this is the PP's “British Minded” – “Divide & Rule” age old policy, which has brought D&C to the “Dogs”!!!. Why else would a “laughing stock” Puppet Bishop would be brought to add “Fire to the Fuel”. We were promised he would be moving on to Armagh, guess what, we are stuck with this creature.

      Since the diocese lacks the will to solve its problems as it will surely open up a Pandora’s box full of worms, the situation will continue to be as it is. As per your articles and responses.

      Slowly but Surely – “HELL it is”.


    8. He was a disgrace as both a priest and a man to expose his child to a life of deception, what an example.
      You bishops are no better than the ones who's souls you were ordained to protect.
      No wonder sex abuse if rife.....I wonder what your excuse is there.

  4. Comparing the grief of families of the Disappeared to people alive and living their lives, albeit sons and daughters of priests, is dubious indeed, Mr Buckley. but then nothing ever stops you in your nasty and vindictive drivenness, does it?

    1. As a researcher for the State in Dublin I would advise you to research and read the already existing evidence of the unmarked graves of religious houses up and down Ireland !! Some of them possible murder cases!!

      The comparison is actually spot on - do you research! Pat has.

      Civil Servant - Dublin.

  5. The IRA "Disappeared" are in Heaven - where nothing can disturb their eternal happiness.

    It is the families of the IRA "Disappeared" who are still living in a very painful Limbo - a Limbo that members or former members of the IRA can put them out of by letting their families have the bodies back for Christian burial and some sort of closure.

    Likewise the living sons and daughters of priests and bishops are in a Limbo too - created by their abandoning priest and bishop fathers and the Church who continues to cover up for them.

    These sons and daughters of priests and bishops need recognition and closeure too.

    But obviously their plight does not touch your cold heart.

    Bshop Pat

    1. Why don't you tell that to pope Francis; mothers and grandmothers of Argentina have begged him as archbishop, cardinal and now as pope to release information on the fate of theirs.

  6. It is not the Church's responsibility - or our responsibility as faithful Catholics - to pay for priests bastards.

    If their whore mothers had not tempted good priests into falling these children would not exist.

    Let them and their fathers rot in hell.

    Daily Communicant - Belfast.

    1. Daily Communicant,

      I am so happy to read you comments as they reflect the truth of so-called 'orthodox thinking' within the body of Catholic Ireland.

      Keep paying up and keep them court cases coming, the truth will NOT stop, the reality will not cease and you dream-world will not come to be! I see Lisbreen is getting a few million of your good money, the PP above love people like you and to be honest you deserve each other.

      Don't tell me - you are head of some parish council somewhere or you are a good catholic principal somewhere appointed to your post on true merit.

      We see through ya!!!!!!!


    2. G.K. Chesterton once said that the best argument against Christianity is Christians. That is certainly true of Catholicism.

      Pope John Paul II, wrote that, “The Catholic Church does not forget that many among her members cause God’s plan to be discernible only with difficulty.” (Ut Unum Sint, 11). Do you PP & Communion taker see God's plan in the story above, is God telling us through the pain of others that celibacy needs looked at. Thank God Francis I is a thinker and most importantly a 'listener' to pain and suffering.

      Is this the case here, I am really attempting to make sense of the lack of Christian values I am experiencing from the PP and Daily Communion taker.

      Oratory Society Priest.

    3. Let me tell you not all are women whores, the church has a long history of allowing priest's to live a double life, if the woman is willing.
      Not all are and refuse their dirty lucre secretly preferring to have the laws of the land register support according to the fathers income, usually very little unless on an aged pension which is more due to the vow of poverty.
      There's the other end of the spectrum when the relevant superior has refused or not supported a rescript of their vow, "due the the element of scandal".

  7. Dear "Daily Communicant",

    I can tell immediately that you are a worthy recipient of the Body and Blood of Christ.

    I can also tell that most of the sermons you hear in the church (s) you attend are about charity, love, understanding and forgiveness.

    Your comment leaves me wishing I was as good living and virtuous as you are.

    Keep swallowing the Bread and the Good Sermons.

    Bishop Pat

  8. Thank God he didn't play with the little children....


  9. This is a personal matter and shouldn't be news. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Although, I give £30 a week to my parish, I really need to look for a worthy charity instead.


    1. Kathleen,

      There are plenty of worthy charities and causes to give your £30 to.

      Bishop Pat

    2. If more did that Kathleen, it may send a message: to leave and take care of their own.

  10. This is not a minor transgression. It's not about what you "think"of the law of celibacy.
    It's a way of life and until it is repealed or changed it should be followed.

    Good reporting though Bishop Pat


  11. This RCC *policy* of celibacy has been a disaster. St. Peter (the first 'pope', according to RCC doctrine) had a mother-in-law (Mark 1:30) which indicates he had a wife. Priests who wish to marry should be allowed to do so. To deny them that ability (right?) is tantamount to enslavement.

    Dr. Sardonicus

    1. Support them by encouraging them to leave with dignity in tact.

  12. Would the haters and judger's be so strong to come out and admit the things they have done? I doubt it. 'Bastard Children'? you have committed adultery with her in your heart. I bet you have done that a hundred times a day without even thinking. We all sin, big or small and only God has the final say. I prefer the term 'innocent child'!


    1. Susan, it's a wise child who knows their father........and only a mother really knows doesn't she.
      I often look at some of these clerics and smile to myself, especially those who appear to take the high moral ground.

  13. Never agreed with the celibacy rule. That is why this RCC is dysfunctional. Let them marry and have children. It does not take anything away from their effectiveness as clergy.


  14. Father (Padre) Alberto CutiƩ, a very popular priest back in Miami, went through a similar situation (he didn't father a child out of wedlock, but did fall in love). He left the Catholic church and is now a priest with the Episcopal church. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it allowed him to continue his work as a clergyman and be a loving husband and father.

    Just my view.

    Mark USA

  15. Happy for this priest, and give him props for taking responsibility. The celibacy law is plain DUMB and sets priests up for failure. Millions of Catholics are sick of it and call on the Pope to retract it. I love this story and the fact that he remained a priest. Great men like him are what the priesthood is lacking .

    Altar boy - Age 16

  16. "Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass". What is the point of confession if there will be no forgiveness?


  17. Good for him; it sounds like he'll be a great father. CONGRATS!


  18. God bless this priest and he had a beautiful life and family.

    Some day the Catholic faith will realise how wrong they have been and change it. The present pope is a glimmer of hope.


  19. In 1850, American author Nathaniel Hawthorne penned his classic novel, “The Scarlet Letter”. The Scarlet Letter depicts a fictional clandestine love affair between a Reverend, Father Arthur Dimmesdale and his lover, Hester Prynne who is a married woman whose husband is thought by the community to be away in Europe on business. The result of the forbidden and torrid love affair is Hester’s birth of a baby girl, a child whose biological father is the Reverend Dimmesdale.

    Great read - Dan

  20. The catholic church did not start off with the requirement of celibacy for their priests. As stated in the biblical books of Timothy,1st Timothy chapter 3 verses 1-13 (the husband of one wife)is part of the qualifications of bishop. The catholic church as well as the rest of our Christian churches should not not be pulled into false doctrines such as celibacy for parish priests.

    In the case of Pedo's and hiders of pedo's this is just wrong and evil, dead beats and evil people hiding behind the cloth of a priest because the bible does not support his actions or the church's. For those who chose celibacy the church has a place for them, wouldn't the males become monks and the females nuns?

    The RCC Church is messed up - crazy immature men!

    Craig - Philosophy Student

  21. The PP and daily communicant highlight the continued moral collapse of the catholic church.

    Lutheran Student Priest

  22. I don't think it's natural to think that just because a man is a priest he will no longer desire a woman and it's the same with the nuns. The system is set up to fail. That's why this is such a problem in the catholic church. Men and women weren't meant to alone - unless this is what they want for themselves. It's a problem and will always be a problem unless they change their way of thinking. Where does it say in the Bible that they MUST remain alone. As I said it's set up for failure.

    Mercy Sister - I cannot record my name, the PP above will have me whipped!!!

  23. I guess the Roman church will pay any amount to keep clergy violations secret.

    Really, what is wrong with your leaders! We have clear policies and processes for such violations. We deal with them openly and with justice for all, sanctions are clearly stated and clear! There can be a little scandal of course, but the fact that it is NOT hidden avoids large scale scandal. We are by NO means perfect and have our own reforms needed.

    Joe - Methodist

  24. just wow. the catholic church is unbelievable...ok, here is the difference..The Old Testament is about law (sins of the flesh) The New Testament is about sins of the heart...Jesus came to help people understand that the law was important but not near as important as what came from the heart.

    The priest and his lover -guilty of sin of flesh....the catholic church-sin of the heart...We'll pay you to keep your mouth shut, hide the existence of a child of God ....not our responsibility not our problem?

    We're not talking about corporate business we're talking a religious organisation serving God? A child fathered by one of your you have to think more than 2 seconds about what to do?

    I really wonder if the RCC is Christian at all? Does the PP and his follower NOT see it??

    Christian Barrister Belfast

  25. Yeah the Church tried to cover it up, what else is new? Same old same old!

    By their fruits you shall know them......


  26. my humble opinion in regard to the Catholic Church's monetary obligation to the mother and the child...once they hid the Priest's role as biological father and his role as provider to the child, they, meaning the Catholic Church became liable for the well being of the child as would any responsible parent. The priest should have been released from his obligation to the church in order to be a parent.

    But I am sure the Bishop had the 'humans' involved in the story at heart and not 'money' or anything ....... NO sorry I do not believe that!!

    Cowardly men the lot - the PP above is a real follower of Jesus, what did Jesus say about the 'Law' - Sabbath - Man - Man - Sabbath !!!!!!!


  27. People think they can do things that are not of God and still call themselves Christians.

    PP - you are exposed. I will pray for your conversion.


  28. At least he didn't molest any kids. I think priest should be able to marry, it's hard to be celibate. Sounds like the PP would find it more acceptable if he did molest children.


  29. Many years ago Catholic Priests and Nuns were allowed to marry. Then the Catholic Church realised how much money these Priests and Nuns were bequeathing to their relatives when they died. So, they simply disallowed this perfectly natural practice, and became one of the riches organisations on the planet.

    Its the economy stupid!!!

    Kathy - Parish Secretary.

  30. In my view, he has done nothing wrong.two consenting adults are allowed to do as they please. Fathering a child is a blessing and unbelievable experience... Keep ur head up to his daughter.

    Catholic Father

  31. Our Priest Was Married for 7 years and his wife and son would sit in the front row at Church in the last months of his Priesthood. Pacifica California, 1971 Resignation or Fr. Robert Duryea.


  32. I've never really understood why Priests can't marry. I find it inspiring to see my CoI minister happily married with kids and grand-kids. I'm sure the church has it's reasons but it must be really hard to make that huge of a commitment for the Priests.


  33. I must offer my apologies beforehand to any whom I offend. I have never felt it is healthy that the Catholic Church requires Priests and Nuns remain celibate and unmarried. It has been scientifically/medically proven that celibacy can be physically harmful, especially for men. It goes completely against our genetic make-up.

    Christian Medic

  34. Sounds like the 'father' really wanted to be a father - he had a taste of real life.


  35. "Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity."
    - Pope Innocent III

    Not very good bedtime reading here:

    My advice is to stay away from these people.


  36. When all of these Pedos die off, hopefully the issue will die with them. There are very few new cases of abuse in the church as the physiological evaluations are extremely rigid since the problem came to light. As any position of power however, there will be people abusing it. Hopefully we can begin to hold the church to a higher standard again.

    Catholic on the brink!!

  37. 1) 500 Irish priests 'having regular sex with women'

    By Tom Peterkin, Ireland Correspondent for the news.telegraph

    An excellent read!!

    1. Jazs are these priests Normal! 500 my posterior It's got to be more! Sean

  38. Two that I became aware of through my Social Work Contacts:

    James Kennedy
    Formerly a Columban priest from Dublin, Kennedy had an affair with a Filipina nun while working in southeast Asia in the 1970s. The two moved back to Ireland in 1977 where they now live with two children.
    Roderick Wright
    The Bishop of Argyll and the Isles in Scotland ran away with Kathleen MacPhee, a divorcee, in 1996. It later emerged that Wright had a son by another parishioner.


  39. Sooo a D & C Priest is supporting a child with parish funds. I know loads of C of E priests who support children with church earnings. Let the philosophers think of Occult Compensation. It is just for a parent to support their offspring. Other than that take the lid off the bullshit and make the whole thing openly recognised and legal-Sean