Sunday, 12 January 2014



This morning before my 12 Noon Mass I had the message below from a senior English priest which a network of connections in Rome and The Vatican:

Dear Pat

New Year Greetings. You have been much in my mind recently and I hope you keep well and that things are settling after your recent sufferings. I hope that 2014 brings you renewed strength and joy.

All is well here and we are busy looking after the rich and famous, the poor and not so famous and everyone in between. It is our busiest time of the year.

Thank you for reproducing the piece on Mary Mac Alese"s challenge to Keith Patrick to redeem himself and share his story as a gay man who tried to live in dysfunctional holy mother church.

Unlike Mary I have no hope that the church is capable of redeeming itself, and am growing deeply disillusioned by the current pope, not that i was ever really illusion-ed by the superstar performance if i'm honest. Too much self will and Jesuit pride.

This past week Francis has:

got his jesuit spokesman (Lombabrdi) to publicly trash the story of the swiss guard who revealed that he had been propositioned on numerous occasions by cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors, including a close clerical collaborator of JPII.

refused to extradite the polish papal nuncio and his gay priest secretary from the Vatican to Poland for criminal trial for numerous charges of child molestation.

given an audience to the Papal Gentlemen and Throne Bearers telling them how vital they are to his ministry - "they" are notoriously full of old italian queens who touch up anything in trousers, providing he is good looking.

just said a major public mass ad orientem, with his back to the people, as he doesn't wish to upset his queenly precious MC Marini.

That's just in one week. No change here then. Just spin, smoke and mirrors, a more dangerous pontificate even that JPII's as this man can do what he likes, and will. It is all centered on him.

Maybe you could post a blog on this? I have all this from a dear friend in the Vatican where Francis is far from loved, in fact he is feared.

Much love,



Thank you for your email. I am putting it on the Blog as you requested.

I had been reserving judgement on Francis - hoping against hope :-(

It is beginning to look like there is no hope.

On the Jesuit thing - a deceased Jesuit friend of mine used to quote the following verse to me:

"The join the Jesuits without knowing each other;
They live together without loving each other.
They die together without mourning each other"

It looks as if we must all now understand that the CHURCH OF ROME is beyond redemption.



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  2. You have absolutely NO credibility, Mr Buckley, nor your disgruntled, lying, amigos.

    1. Happy new year (REV? SIR? MR? MS?) Bollix. The paper never refuses ink. Sean

  3. What can I say Roma Roma sempre lo stesso. Niente cambia mai. Nothing ever changes except the price of spaghetti & after shave in Rome. Paul got it right. The I am for Apollos & I am for Paul is a sad ongoing reality. Denominationalism has fecked the church up. It is hard to think outside the context of denomination coming from southern Ireland and I believe equaly difficult to appreciate denominational diversity in Northern Ireland. I now am learning that the Christian message is bigger than any denomination. I find this truth to be extremely liberating. The Word of God is alive and active. It cuts more deeply than a double edged sword. Sean

  4. I am not surprised by any of it to be honest, that is why you are my Bishop and not them - what you see is what you get! Perhaps I am a little annoyed at myself as I actually do NOT care what they are up to. They can not reform, they are beyond reform. God love ordinary Caholics who accept these people into their homes and hearts.

    Priest of the Oratory Society

    1. Why should you care? Fekem. They have sealed their own fate. Sean

  5. To hell with that stupid bollox from Roscommon who left the priesthood for a woman with a shedload of kids and now has left her and is shacked up with Clarice. And that 'priest' of the 'orifice' society. You are not a priest, bud, if Buckley 'ordained' you; because Buckley is not a bishop and cannot ordain anyone.

    Paul in Mayo