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The Catholic nun who gave birth without realising she was pregnant will live in sheltered housing with her baby, it was reported today.New mother Roxana Rodriguez will have to leave the order she is part of, known as the Little Disciples of Jesus, and the Italian convent she has lived in since she took her vow of chastity.The 33-year-old remains in hospital near Rome under a security lockdown, amid reports that the nun, from El Salvador, has been overwhelmed by the level of media attention in her case.

Roxana Rodriguez, a nun with the order of the Little Disciples of Jesus, stunned her mother superior and local church chiefs after giving birth last week to a baby boy

She stunned her mother superior and local church chiefs after giving birth last week to a baby boy which she has called Francis, in honour of the current Pope.Sister Roxana initially claimed to have no idea that she was pregnant and thought her labour pains were 'stomach cramps' when an ambulance rushed her to hospital in severe pain after being called by fellow nuns when she collapsed at her nunnery.Her picture was published in the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera, who have carried out an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the birth of 9lb Francis and have spoken to the the social worker in the case.

It shows Sister Roxana, who is currently in the first floor maternity unit at the San Camillo de Lellis hospital in Rieti, 50 miles north of Rome, as she took her vows and became a nun in the order last September.She told her social worker Anna Fontanella: 'I am so happy. I feel more of a mother than a nun, I think that's obvious. I decided to call him Francis in honour of our wonderful south American Pope. I do not feel of guilt. I will be keeping him and bringing him up.'He is a gift from God. I am little worried about all the publicity, not only in Italy but in El Salvador and all over the world. Everyone is talking about this and I don't think I will be able to return to my home country, let alone Rieti.'Sister Roxana has written a letter of apology to the order's mother superior general Elvira Petaraca - the woman who in September she solemnly promised to follow her vows of 'chastity, poverty and obedience', the three main pillars of the Little Disciples of Jesus Order.
The nun stunned her mother superior and local church chiefs after giving birth last week to a baby boy which she has called Francis, in honour of the current Pope
The nun had only arrived in Italy last summer at the nunnery in Rieti and has told officials that the father is a man from her native El Salvador but she has so far not named him.Father Benedetto Falcetti, priest at the nearby St Michael's church in Rieti, said: 'It all happened last spring, around March or April time when she was back in El Salvador to get her passport renewed.'She has not said who the father is but I understand he is an, shall we say, old flame of hers from when she was younger. At some stage I expect she will tell the father that he has a son and they will be reunited but I don't know when that will be.'However, not all sure Father Falcetti's delight at the birth, apart from the anger of her superiors, sister Roxana has also upset her fellow nuns at the convent in Campomoro. One nun who answered the telephone at the convent and who asked not to be named said:'No we must certainly not be going to visit her. What she has done is not right at all. She has betrayed her vows. She will not be coming back here.'Since news of the birth was announced the hospital has been flooded with gifts for the nun and her new baby including nappies, clothes and money.Hospital director Pasquale Carducci said:'We have had to put extra security on the maternity wing because of all the interest. Like any new mum she is delighted but obviously this has created a great deal of clamour because she is a nun.'There have been calls and gifts from dozens of well wishers and she has passed on her thanks to all these people. Medically she and the baby are doing well and I expect them to be discharged by Tuesday at the latest.'Massimo Casciani, spokesman for the local bishop of Rieti, monsignor Delio Lucarelli, said: 'At some point the bishop will visit the nun but at the moment he has not yet seen here.
'We shall be investigating the circumstances behind - the child could be the fruit of a consensual rapport but it could also have been as a result of violence. That's why we need to investigate properly.'

What ever made people think that ALL nuns kept their vows of chastity and never fell in love or never had sex?

In my 38 years in the priesthood I have met nuns who were in love with priests and who had sex with them.

I have even had two nuns who had the "hots" for me and stalked me. 

I knew an Irish nun who had a very passionate affair on the missions with an Irish Christian Brother.

I have met nuns who were lesbians who had sexual affairs with each other in the convent. A few years ago two of them appeared on Gay Byrne's Late Late Show on RTE Television. 

In fact perhaps the better nuns were in touch with their humanity and sexual feelings. The one's that were in denial about their sexuality were the ones who beat us all in school and abused children and the young women in the Magdalen laundries.

Many nuns would preferred to have been priests and married priests at that. They were forced into secondary and inferior roles by a  Church that was anti women and anti sex.

Nuns are now a dying breed - Thank God. In future a reformed Catholic Church will allow women to be priests, mothers and wives.


  1. God bless her. If she needs help and practical assistance she will be welcomed with open arms in the Oratory Society!

    God Bless Mum and Child.

    Friend of the Oratory Society

  2. A nun gives birth, and she is treated like a pariah, reprimanded and forced to leave her convent. But a priest can sexually molest 50 small children and it is ignored... or covered up. ....see a double standard there??

    Former Nun & Mother

  3. She is human and the church is doing right by giving her shelter to raise her son. God keep her and her baby safe wrap them in your light. My prayers for her she has a lot heading her way that most of us would not be able to handle. My love for you Sister may the Lord guide you and keep you safe.


  4. Father Falcetti is the father....he seems to know so much about how the child was conceived. It's a cover-up


    1. Did you say Father Felatio...?

    2. OOOOHHHHH, that's foreplay lol!!!


  5. First of all, I'm not saying what she did was right...and the "I can't be pregnant, I'm a nun..." is a bit much (you have sex; you can get pregnant). However, as for going into celibacy with your eyes wide open...I don't know about that. No matter how you twist and turn it...it is not a normal way of life. We think if we add religion and God to it than, Oh, it makes sense. Imagine, if your husband or wife said, "Starting tomorrow, I think we should have a celibate relationship....or the "40 year-old virgin"...we're suspicious of that person. It's like saying, from now on I won't ever eat again. This nun who broke her vows notwithstanding....vows, I don't agree with, but nonetheless are the rules she must abide by....I still think they should be changed so that nuns and priests can marry. Remember, these rules were first put in place due to the laws of inheritance which took money away from the church.


  6. we are all sinners. even those who sought a vocation in religious life. a person's vocation has nothing to do with their humanity. all people in all walks of life are supposed to live by a standard that many humans fall short of. there are examples of cheating bankers, corrupt policeman, seducing school teachers, unqualified doctors, scheming politicians, the list goes on and on, everyone of them are expected to conduct themselves to a certain higher standard and for the most part they do. But not all, and that's because none of us are perfect, but our imperfections aren't always the top story on yahoo, So remember that when you criticize another. Remember you have skeletons in your closet as well, The entire purpose of the Catholic Church is to bolster, comfort, and bring peace to each and everyone of us who by our human nature are prone to weakness or sin. Which for over 1 billion people they do just that. But remember, we can set examples by the great things we accomplish or through our mistakes. It's because of our imperfections we are Christians, not because as Christians we are perfect.


  7. We know the 'da' is not a priest . They look for sausage not clams. LOL



  8. I believe this was a great opportunity for the Catholic church to show its followers how forgiveness works. They missed it.
    I would not be so quick to judge. At least she did not engage in sex with minors. This shows the humanity in any religion/faith. She is assuming her shortcoming, and is moving to her next stage in life with dignity, motherhood. May God help her, and her baby!


  9. It could have been a minor. She doesn't say who the father is! Who was the father and most importantly I ask, was it legal?




  11. I guess Pope Malachys prophecy is on the money! The Catholic religion is done! Pope Petrus romanus has his work cut out! He will lead his flock thru turmoil.


  12. In Shakespeare's time "nunnery" was slang for "brothel". "Get thee to a nunnery" has a double entendre referring to going to a brothel. We speakers of modern English miss a lot of what Shakespeare meant if we don't study in order to be able to interpret it.

    LOL - Marie

  13. "But until the birth she was convinced she was suffering from an ongoing gastric infection and cystitis, a bladder infection, and thought the swelling in her abdomen was related to poor digestion." I would have thought it may be due to having unprotected sex?


  14. Where are the news?

    Such things have happened ever since the days at the Temple of Vesta. The vote of chastity (and of rejection of material desires) is not one easy to fulfill. And yet many still do even in these days of extremist materialism.

    But I suppose that materialistic (ex) protestants and ultra-secularists like to believe that this is good news.

    Pray for each other please.


  15. So old Priests and Nuns have been hypocritically getting it on for centuries, oh let's not forget the Alter Boys! Back in the day they buried their sins under the church! So many bones of little ones have been found under those so called holy churches for centuries! Like the Bible said Christendoms sins are amassed clear up to the heavens! Basically, there's no counting them!


  16. "How do I feel? More like a mum than a nun," she said. *
    Now isn't that a surprise . . . ? Story should read "former nun gives birth".


  17. Is she called Sister Mary Denial?


  18. A bit difficult for the Church to disprove. All she needs to do is refer to a fundamental part of the story of Jesus. But then, what do you expect from hypocrites.


  19. Hope she has a successful life and doesn't suffer at the hands of some of those (so-called) devout catholics!

    Spare her from the devout.


  20. Sorry, I will go a little further: substitute the word devout for "judgmental and hypocrite"!

    Ann again.

  21. When Royalty have baby they have a 5 gun salute - In this case they'll probably fire the Canon.

    Dublin Catholic

  22. Frankly who gives a damn who the father is. Hopefully the nuns will live up to the christian imperative of forgiveness and support both the the mum and the baby. I can definitely think of worse people to bring up a child.

    English Catholic Priest

  23. Somebody here was talking about the DNA tests. No need to do anything like that. The Holy Father knows everything.


  24. Well, just in case some nuns reading here don't know. Those pains are called labour pains. Apart from Mary. There is not going to be another virgin pregnancy. Instead if you 'sleep' with a man and have used no form of contraception, you could get pregnant. A pregnancy lasts for 9 months and at about six months into it there will be some kicks going on until the major stomach pain comes. Then a Baby will be born. If you want a baby, give up your vows and then step out and see there are great men out there and you will be a great mother and no one will come after you with comments. In fact nowhere is it in the Bible for women to COLLECTIVELY become celibate to serve God. God looks for the truth in the heart and not the so many deeds that Religion requires.You are still gifted with various vocations and talents and you can still become what want and serve God outside a convent. Don't subject yourself to unnatural purnishment

    Welsh Catholic

  25. I have delivered babies to women who had been totally unaware..it does happen. They will have what they think are periods, usually light and sporadic not all movement is vigorous as well, it may just feel like bowl activity..some women experience no labor pain at all. Not all pregnancies run a course of 9 months. You can't now everything from a book or your own experience...but I can agree this was no immaculate conception.


  26. She missed a period for 8-9 months, and carried a LARGE baby.... how did she not realize she was pregnant? Shenanigans!

    R - American Follower

  27. I needed a good laugh today! Francis? Folks, this stuff just writes itself.

    The Catholic Church is a joke, sort yourselves out and perhaps I might even pop my head in to Mass.


  28. When I lived in England for a year in 1973, I hitchhiked all over Great Britain ...

    In this one small town, as an architectural minor, went to two churches ... one being Roman Catholic. There was a gardener and he offered to show me the interior.

    When we were in the basement I remarked how strange it was, to me, that the floor still consisted of dirt. His comment forty years later still gives me the chills.

    "This is where nuns buried their babies. It has been untouched out of respect."

    As I headed to another village, despite being brought up in the Church of England, decided at that moment religion was as corrupt as any other "business."

    I didn't leave religion I simply saw through it ... never went in a church again.

    Alison - a protective mother and grandmother.

  29. I left the church many many years ago. I just could not live up to what the church expected of me. Though I saw many who would sin on Saturday and go the church on Sunday to make sure everyone saw them. They could survive the church by lying. I could not. Could someone remind me where it says Jesus wanted all of his Priests and Nuns celibate? That to serve God, one couldn't have a "fruitful" personal life? I think celibacy is to much to ask of a human.

    Lack of honesty above all!


  30. Its a one day wonder for the media to have something new to chomp on. I thought they had seen it all in relation to church sex and society. To sum it up Christianity is about service and not just physical sexuality. Anyway me and her is off to Egypt in the morning-Sunday to celebrate her 50th I wonder will I have to pray to Allah while Im over there. When in Cairo etc etc. salam to one and all-Sean

  31. Beautiful story, good luck to them both,lets hope Daddy turns up and at least supports his child. Thank God we are now aware that nuns and priests are not angels nor saints simple human beings like the rest of us, with all that entails. Placing priests and nuns on pedestals makes it very hard for them to behave in a normal way, we are to blame for a lot of such nonsense, we look for the ideal in someone else, which is a very selfish and thoughtless placing the burden on someone else, when in fact it is us who should be striving to achieve for that in ourselves.I bet some of the other sisters were thrilled. I hope they were compassionate and kind to this girl.