Friday, 7 February 2014



How sad when a priest uses "science and psychology" to make a moral argument, instead of Scriptures, tradition, and the Church's teaching. Glad you're not my priest. If I wanted to know what the secular modern's believed I would go to Wikipedia. I want to know the wisdom of the Church. And it isn't difficult to see why masterbation would be a sin. I DON'T CARE IF EVERYBODY DOES IT. Since when did everyone doing it make it okay? Everyone lies at sometime too, and covets, and dishonors their parents. Are you going to tell us how these things are acceptable? 

It's simple: when someone masterbates, they are lusting in their heart. Now it sounds to me like you haven't read the Bible for some time so let me remind you what Jesus said: "If a man looks at another woman and LUSTS AFTER HER IN HIS HEART, he has committed adultery." I got news for you, "father", most people who masterbate aren't thinking about a white wall. The wisdom of the church is to fight the temptation of lust not just to give in.
French masturbation prevention c 1880

I would take your old stern Irish priests that you mock any day over you. I want the religion of Christ and his church, not some modern materialist, progressive. And yes, I'm angry. I'll go confess that to the priest. Hopefully he doesn't tell me its okay.

Isaac Chavez


Dear Isaac,

You have very little to "worry" about it seems to me. Do you really think that God is sitting up there in Heaven concerned about masturbation? Is He not more concerned about natural disasters, the dying, the sick, the hungry, the thirsty..........

Christianity in general and Roman Catholicism in particular has an unhealthy preoccupation with sex. 

The OLD STERN IRISH PRIESTS you like were the ones who were sexually abusing children for decades and centuries and their old stern Irish bishops were the ones who were covering it up.

Those same priests, while preaching ABSTINENCE you you were AT IT with women, men, children and even animals. 

Thats why we have names in Ireland like MacAnespie - THE SON OF THE BISHOP; MacEntaggart - THE SON OF THE PRIEST and MacNabb - THE SON OF THE ABBOT.

When the old stern nuns and priests were keeping pregnant young women in concentration camps (Magdalen Laundries) priests, police men and doctors were going into the convent to have sex with them.

If you want to drive yourself around the bend running to confession about your "dirty thoughts" that is your right, Please do not try and impose your denial and frustrations on the rest of us.

Get a life, Isaac.

Bishop Pat


  1. I thought w*anking as a sin went out with the flood. Many a bolloking I got in confession in the old days over said same activity. Did you know that primates have been seen to engage in the same activity. If excess sperm is not ejected the body will do it automatically during sleep. Sin and sexuality are not intrinsically linked. Human nature is to be explored and revered not feared. Heres one for ya! Did Jesus ever release sperm while asleep? He was truly human and all parts worked properly I presume-Sean

  2. I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone with a touch of wisdom believes that these postings are genuine ... The roman rent boy, the masturbation issue ...these are all fake to allow pat to have a soap box.
    Pat we met in 1981, and you have not changed. You are still a crusader for your own image of what humanity should be. To me that lacks humility.

    1. Dear Brendan The human mind is a strange place especially when one introduces the concept of religion. Sometimes the rediculous outshines the sublime. Bishop Pat may not be humble in the stereotypical understanding of the term but at least he is being true to himself. This I believe is what keeps the man sane-Sean

  3. Dear Brendan,

    Is your comment genuine or did I write that myself too?

    1981 is 33 years ago. I was a very different person in a very different place.

    A Blog is precisely for expressing one's views. I do not think I have ever claimed to be humble ?

    I have met many Brendans and cannot remember you or the context in which we met.