Sunday, 9 March 2014


Dear Noel,

I found this video of you on You Tube talking about the child sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.
After listening to you talk here I really was asking myself: "What planet is Noel Treanor on"?
Basically you address the sexual abuse of children by by 4 minutes of MEANINGLESS WAFFLE

What has the sexual abuse of children in the Church - and in your own Diocese of Down & Connor got to do with the Donatist heretics and persecution in the Roman Empire. Are you using the tactic of those who are well trained in "handling" the media of ignoring the question you are asked and answering the question you wanted to be asked but were not asked?

Let's keep it to the Down & Connor situation to keep ourselves grounded.

You only became bishop here in 2008 and therefore in a very real way you were not at all involved in the cover up of the abuse that happened here before you came here.

Your predecessor, Cardinal Cahal Daly, when he was Bishop of Down and Connor, knew all about Brendan Smyth and his abuse of children - but yet he allowed him to minister in the diocese! When the shit hit the fan Cahal Daly tried to pass the buck by saying that Father Brendan Smyth was not his responsibility as he was a religious order priest and it was the business of the Abbot of Kilnacrot Monastery in Cavan. I'm sorry Noel - Daly was telling lies and covering up!

Your immediate predecessor was Bishop Paddy Walsh and for many years he knew all about Father James Donaghy and his abuse of minors and did nothing about it - except covering it up. In fact he promoted James Donaghy to being in charge of the diocesan Millenium Celebrations and later again promoted him to being parish priest of Bangor.

I was approached by the family of one of Father Donaghy's victims and I informed Paddy Walsh - by Recorded Delivery Post of Jim Donaghy's abuse. All I received back from Paddy Walsh was waffle and excuses - while Donaghy continued to abuse. I met with Paddy Walsh in Lisbreen with a victim's family and we got no where!

James Donaghy is on record as saying that Bishop Walsh could do nothing about him as he (Donaghy) "had something on Walsh"! We put this to Bishop Walsh and he denied it.

I had major correspondence with Paddy Walsh about James Donaghy over many years. Have you seen this correspondence or was it shredded or did Paddy Walsh take it with him when he retired????
Ian Elliott of the National Safeguarding Board has said that the Board's report into the Donaghy case did not mention the Donaghy case in the way it should have.

There can only be two possibilities - Number One you have seen the complete Donaghy file and have hidden it to protect Walsh and others - or Number Two this file was hidden from you too and you are among the "victims" of this whole affair.

But now that you are the Bishop of Down & Connor you are RESPONSIBLE for the current handling of past and present abuse. That means that one of the things you MUST DO is make available ALL the files and documents in this case.

Otherwise you will be joining the long line of bishops, monsignori, canons and priests who were involved in covering up.

You have been very ill advised to pick a fight with Ian Elliott. This man has huge national and international integrity in the child protection arena. You would be mad to continue your spat with him

You would be even more made to go into court with him.


Your handling of this matter will affect your time as Bishop of Down & Connor and how you are remembered.

More importantly when you stand before The Lord you will have to answer for how you handled the cases of "THESE LITTLE ONES".

For Christ's sake do the right thing and do it NOW.

+Pat Buckley


  1. Pat,

    Thank you for saying what the rest of us are thinking but AFRAID to say :-(

    D&C PP

  2. Did Treanor call the act of paedophilia 'errors of judgement' and obviously referring to this churches handling of the 'inadequacy of practice has occurred': is not the most 'simplistic way'? Here is the simple way- don't lie, tell the truth, stop hiding documents and stop spouting 'company policy'. This absolutely pathetic- this is a complete disgrace of a video: the arrogant of such a mobile phone video and garble is shocking. I hope the media tear this man's 'inadequacies' apart and then we'll see the forgiveness.

    For such a seemingly educated man- he lacks the capacity for merely stating the obvious- if he did hide documents as related in the media- then prosecute.

    what an idiot!

  3. Why are you afraid to say it,? Fucking grow a pair of balls and say it, you coward!!! That's if you actually exist!

    1. Why am I afraid? I'm afraid because of nasty people like you. I'm afraid of being bullied. I'm afraid of being isolated by my fellow priests. I am not a Pat Buckley. I could not cope with being dumped out. I have no qualifications, no home, no family fortune, I'm afraid of the Gay Down and Connor mafia. Its sad I know but thats the truth.

      D&C PP

  4. Sorry, so sorry, man whoever you are. I am not nasty, just sick of them all. If you were to stand up, the good people would back you. I would.

  5. Noel Traenor is emotionally autistic and as such unable to deal with, let alone, face reality. He has led a sheltered life in academe and diplomacy circles with only a passing acquaintance of the daily grind of the men and women of the diocese. The shocking thing about this clip is you can quite clearly see that he believes the bizarre nonsense that he is rambling on about. Noel would have done well to have stayed in Brussels working in that other fairy land devoid of reality, the European Union. The only reason he was appointed to D and C was to keep Donal McKeown out. The appointment of bishops to this day has nothing to do with the cure of souls and everything to do with the political machinations of worldly men.