Sunday, 30 March 2014


Today - Mothers Day - is one of the best days there is to remind ourselves that GOD is as much our MOTHER and he is our FATHER.

God thought me this lesson personally a number of years ago. I was in Scotland and during a Spirit filled moment I had a mental vision:

I saw the lifeless and bloodless body of Christ leaving the Cross and travelling through space and time and approaching God in Heaven. As the dead Christ approached the GODHEAD it opened its blouse/shirt and produced a breast, placed the dead Christ on its breast and fed the blood and milk of life into Christ in preparation for his resurrection.
When I returned from Scotland the vision was firmly planted in my mind and it kept nagging to to have the image painted. I am no artist so I asked a friend of mind to paint the image and he did.

He hung the painting on his wall and people reacted in either of two ways - some people laughed helplessly. Others became extremely angry and accused my friend of blasphemy.

I wanted to have the painting but my friend never got around to giving it to me. Sadly he died and his mother in law who is a SUICIDE BOMBER CATHOLIC removed the paining, wrapped it in brown paper and put it under her bed. To this day it remains there gathering dust :-(

It was Jewish and Christian churchmen - and not God - who decided that God was and is a man. This male image of God has been used by male sexist religious leaders for thousands of years to support patriarchy and to demean and dis-empower women. As far as they are concerned God is a male superior figure and that makes all males superior to females. Women are inferior - taken from the rib of a man - and unclean and unworthy. They are only good for making the tea and the buns while the men get on with the serious business of running the world.

Catholic Christian leaders were more clever. They realised that you could not leave women out of the picture completely. So they took Mary, the mother of Christ and turned her into an inferior goddess - a goddess that was a subservient, obedient, silent and obedient virgin. 

Christian Church fathers designated women as evil temptresses and the vagina as "THE GATEWAY TO HELL!

However the very Bible itself declares the femaleness of the Divine God:

In Isaiah 49: 15 and Numbers 11:12 we see God spoken of as "the nursing mother".
In   Psalm 22 we see God praised as a midwife.

In Isaiah 42 we are presented with the image of God giving birth.

In Hosea 13 we see God as a Mother Bear protecting her cubs from attack.

Great Christian saints and mystics have spoken too of God as Mother:

JULIAN OF NORWICH says: "As truly as God is our father; so truly God is our mother.

SAINT AUGUSTINE says: "Just as a mothers body transforms ordinary food into breast milk for the baby so God converts wisdom into milk for our limited understanding".

SAINT CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA says: Christ's blood becomes mother's milk and that nourishment flows from the Father breast".

SAINT JOHN CHRYSTOM says: "Christ as a loving mother does not hand the children over to wet nurses but feeds them personally and tenderly".

SAINT CATHERINE OF SIENNA says: "Christ on the cross is like a mother who takes bitter medicine so that her nursing baby can get well".

SAINT THERESA OF AVILA says: "The quiet prayer of contemplation is God breastfeeding the soul".

POPE JOHN PAUL 1 says: "We are the objects of undying love. God is our father. Even more God is our mother".

If any of us have had a harsh, cruel and unloving father we find it hard to picture God as our loving father.

If any of us have had a cold, difficult mother we find it hard to imagine God as our loving mother.

God help anyone who has had a bad father and mother - or no father and mother present at all. Such people find it hard to see God as a loving parent.

It is our own fathers who teach us what God the father is like.

It is our own mothers who teach us what God the mother is like.


+ Pat Buckley
Mothering Sunday.


  1. God is neither male nor female as we understand it. Male and female for us mean limited and need to procreate. God is eternal. So Father or Mother Or Creator or Parent are equaly usable depending on one's point ov view. Our sad reality means that some people may have had a bad Mother or Father relationship which leads them to choose other words when thinking of God. Irish spirituality has always had a strong female content which is not a bad thing. This being said Happy Day to all Parents and Primary Carers especially those who look after aged Parent/s Sean

  2. Dear Bishop Buckley thank you for this most beautiful and thought-provoking treatise of the Motherhood that is God, that is at the heart of the Divine. I now how close you were to your own beloved mother and that has enabled you to see the realities of the Mother in God (not of, if you see what I mean).
    I am so glad that you draw attention to what the short-lived Pope John Paul I said. He was a prophetic pope, so prophetic that they killed him in the end. When he spoke of God as a Mother, curial officials and Cardinals sniggered into their sleeves and accused him of "Readers Digest Theology." He was right, they were wrong. Thank you, dear Bishop, for all you are doing to build up God's Kingdom.
    Former Vatican Minutante

    1. Dear Friend,

      Thank you for your nice comment.

      I do thank my mother, Jo, for introducing me to the Divine Motherhood of God. She was no theologian - but I found God in her.

      Better to have Reader's Digest Theology than the theology that comes from International Federation of Cynics.

      Thank God you survived your Vatican time with your heart and soul intact


    2. Please consider:

      "Equality" is the basis of liberty and human rights. Without equal right's we are enslaved to the extent of our lack of equal respect!
      The unequal, unbalanced patriarchal control of inequality, has kept us in one war after another, for hundreds, thousands of years, by those who tend to promote a male/only god.

      Jesus has led me to see God is our Mother as well as Father!
      Most Pastors and Theologians agree The Creator of All, has both a female, as well as a male nature. Also found in Scriptures and unabridged Webster College Dictionaries, but not in some of the shortened ones.
      The word “Father” used for God actually means our “Heavenly Parent” or "ABBA", the word Jesus used. "Ab" for Dad and "Ba" for Mom, in the language of the people there.
      Easily misunderstood now when only "Father" or male pronouns are used instead of our "Heavenly Parent"!

      We need clarification especially at this time, by influential Christian Groups and moral representatives, such as yours and the good Pope Francis represent.
      To put an end to the discrimination of the female half, according to both the Spirit of Vatican II and spelled out in Article 29 + of the Pastoral Constitution since 1965:
      “to end discrimination for race or sex…within The Church, as not the Will of God".

      We also need the use of an inclusive non-sexist language otherwise, the patriarchal male words for God will continue to be misunderstood and misused.

      Knowing how to help depends on your being willing to confirm with God’s Holy Spirit who wants to live within you, and guide us to the fullness of truth.

      For more information of how God gave me the word of "Equality".
      See my free e-book "Equal Rights From God"

      Peace Be With You,

      Betty C. Dudney