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"Bishop" Charles Wamika



Melanie Nathan

The extreme and un-Christian homophobia of Wamika is truly shocking and he should be immediately sacked as a bishop by Pope Francis who recently said that he himself does not feel in a position to condemne gay people.

Wamika in his so called Easter Message praised the Ugandan Parliament for imprisoning gay people and told the "savage" politicians that God would shower them with a blessing for their actions. 

The crazy Wamika also called upon the parents of gay children in Uganda to hand their children over to the authorities and told them that for doing this they would be rewarded in Heaven!!!

The quote below comes from a young gay man who is in hiding in Uganda:

“The Bishop of Jinja Diocese – Bishop Rt. Rev.Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message  delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for taking a stand to see to it that the Anti-homosexuality bill passed into law, he went ahead and called on the faithful to vote for President Museveni in 2016 general elections for signing the bill into law.

He reminded the Christians that, it has been a law and he sent blessings to all Christians who have been working so hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons. He said throughout human history the catholic church has fought evil and blood has been shed, he called on all the Christians to do whatever they can in their own means to clean this city.
I am surprised that a well educated bishop, well traveled and studied in different western countries uses his position to justify killing. He asked parents with gay suspected children to handle them over to authorities and their reward is in heaven. This is too much hatred.    I wonder if we will hear from the Pope on this. If not, I lose all hope.”

For a number of years now so called "Evangelical" Christians have been urging the Ugandan government to introduce this anti gay bill. The bill is called the Anti Homosexuality Act (2014)

When it was being prepared it was called: "KILL THE GAYS BILL"

The bill was proposed by the Ugandan Evangelical Christian politician David Bahati who also happens to be the Chief Scout of Uganda!!! God help the Ugandan scout movement.

The former Uk footballer player - now turned Evangelical Christian - Paul Shinners - has also been to Uganda to support the anti gay bill
Paul Shinners
In January 2011 the Ugandan Gay Rights campaigner David Kato was bludgeoned to death

The opposition to the Ugandan anti gay bill has been led by Amnesty International.

In 2009 the then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, himself from a Scottish Christian background, protested against the Bill.
Gordon Brown

In 2011 the UK International Development Minister protested and warmed Uganda that the UK would consider withdrawing its aid.
Andrew Mitchell MP
In 2009 the European Parliament threatened to withdraw aid.

In 2009 the Swedish government threatened to withdraw its £ 31 million foreign aid.


The Anglican Church in Canada condemned Uganda.

The Archbishop of Cantebury, Rowan Wlliams condemned the bill
Rowan Williams
In fairness the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Lwanga, said that the Bill was at odds with Christian values.
Archbishop Lwanga

Pope Benedict received the Ugandan ambassador with honours and thanked him for the freedom that Catholics have in Ugansa !!!!!!!!!

And so far Pope francis has said NOTHING; NOTHING; NOTHING.


1. Uganda should be totally isolated in the political and diplomatic world.

2. All foreigh aid to Uganda should be withdrawn.

3. People like Bahati and Wamika should be put on trial for encouraging genocide.

4. Paul Shinners whould be arrested in the UK for incitement to hatred.

5. THE VATICAN should excommunicate Charles Wamika and if necessary put the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda under an interdict. It abortion in Canon Law is a sin punishible by automatic excommunication what kind of sin is genocide and the encouragement of genocide.



  1. I'm sorry, but all I've seen is 3 pages reposting this same "article." Is there a recording or verifiable transcript somewhere to prove that this actually happened, or are we to assume that some "man in hiding" went to Mass on Easter and then went home & wrote a letter to the editor about what was allegedly preached?

    1. I am seriously concerned about this issue as well. But I agree with "Anonymous" above who is simply asking for verification. This is the third article/post I've read on this, each based on Melanie Nathan and this unknown man in hiding. We are not disputing the truth -- we are simply asking for verification.

    2. I have been in touch with Melanie Nathan and asked her to publish her source on this Blog.

      She told me that her source was a young man who attended the Mass

    3. I attended Mass on Sunday in which Ms Nathan was specifically denounced as a lying rabble-rouser. By name. I wrote it down but I appear to have lost the piece of paper.


  2. Dear ANONYMOUS,

    Where are you coming from on this one?

    The Ugandan bishop's comments were reported and written about by MELANIE NATHAN.
    Melanie Nathan is an attorney and a native of South Africa where she opposed aparthied.

    She later imigrated to the USA where she is a highly respected advocate on human rights issues.

    She has worked with US senators and has been invited to address the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    She has been a long time enemy of the REPARATIVE RAPE idelogy in Africa where men rape suspected lesbians to make them "straight".

    Maybe the fact that she is lesbian herself will assist you in writing her off?

    Bishop Pat

    1. Melanie Nathan's background, history and sexual orientation are neither here nor there, Fr Buckley.

      This is an extremely serious accusation and I have not been able to find any corroboration, link to any recording or link to any text to support her allegation. Every single reference I have followed comes back to her blog.

      Please see my comment below for how serious this is and the care with which it should be handled. The old saying 'careless talk costs lives' remains valid today.

    2. Ruarie,

      I disagree. If a person has a background of professionalism and is a highly respected advocate of human rights then they comments and writings have greater weight.

      I agree that she sexual orientation is irrelevant - except to those who want to write her off because of that orientation.

    3. We remain in disagreement - quite fundamental.

      I have put to her directly that, as a lawyer, she should be aware of the importance of corroboration.

      I have read reports of quite a few sermons given on Sunday in Uganda; I have found no corroboration whatsoever. Her background and qualifications are reasonably impressive - but I recall seeing an elderly gentleman on Telly a few years ago talking of his background and the famous people he knew. That was irrelevant to his argument as well - he had to corroborate his accusations or back off. (It was Oswald Mosely, as it happens, but the same applied to jolly old Boothby with his denials of proven connections with the Krays. And even worse)

      Her reply to me was couched in the following terms - I do not quote it verbatim because it would take up too much space and it's somewhat repetitive anyway.

      "Well Duh Ruarijm"

      [Nice start, don't you think?]

      "…. but look at context context context And as to you other question – my late mother had a saying – “If my aunty had balls she would be my uncle”"

      [I have no idea what the relevance is of this to anything at all. It seems to be a knee jerk response to being challenged. All I did was ask for a link or corroboration]

      "I have 3 sources who heard the sermon and one transcribed it. The second confirmed the wording of the transcripts and the third confirmed it via a third party. So I believe my sources as reliable and credible."

      [This, people, is begging the question - "My sources are reliable and credible because I believe them" It's circular and really doesn't substantiate anything]

      "...but dont have a voice or film recording. It would be great if someone did have such and it could be provided unedited."

      [indeed it would. what a shame that none exists.]

      "My point is if you doubt my article then YOU prove it wrong."

      [No, it is incumbent upon the accuser to substantiate their accusations. Any half-decent lawyer knows this]

      "As the BLOGGER delivering the message , I am satisfied my sources are correct."

      [Not sure why 'BLOGGER' has to be in capitals. But this is merely begging the question again. It is essentially "you can trust me, because I'm honest". To which my response is: prove it]

  3. Dear Bishop Patrick,

    I wept today as I read your blog and watched the tape about David Kato. I am a long standing priest serving in Dublin and have been secretly gay all my life and as a result have led a very lonely life. I have never once acted out my homosexuality and I regret that now.

    In my long experience those in the Church who condemn homosexuals are usually secretly homosexual themselves or have other deep rooted personal and psychological problems. I have always strived in my sermons, in Confession and in my dealings with people not to condemn but to uplift and encourage.

    I am aware that the majority of younger priests now are homosexual. In my day the majority were heterosexual and I could tell you many stories about priest's mistresses and children. Father Michael Cleary - a horrible man - was only the tip of the iceberg. I have also known several Irish bishops who were far from being celibate - and I do not only mean poor old Eamonn Casey. You would be surprised to hear some of the stories I could tell.

    I am not very hopeful about Francis. I'm afraid it will be all window dressing.

    Thank God I have persevered in my prayers and faith. If it was again I would not have been a priest.

    Keep up your good work and your honesty. They can say what they like about you - but at least you are open and honest.

    Father K

    1. Dear Father K,

      Thank you for your very open and interesting comment.

      I am sad for you that you have been so lonely. But I admire you for your integrity and perseverance.

      With your expressed attitude I am sure that you have done a great deal of good and helped a great number of people. I hope that brings you consolation.

      I am "worried" about Francis too.

      Warmest thoughts and respect


  4. I too would want to read or listen to his actual sermon. While i have no specific reason to doubt what Melanie says, there doesn't seem to be any independent verification of her story. We need to be sure of the facts in order to avoid the trap of trial by media. A petition to the church can only hope to be effective if all the accusations are true in every detail.

    1. I have asked Melanie Nathan to back up her source on this Blog.

      Maybe there is not a writen or taped transcript. Not every priest and bishop preaches from notes?

    2. It was extremely irresponsible of you to post this "article" written by someone who likely has an agenda against the Church and which is not corroborated. She wasn't at the mass so this is hearsay at best. Also, the person who reported the alleged comments way very well not have a perfect grasp of the language.

      The "article" contains almost none of the actual words spoken by the bishop and the supposed "call to genocide" comes from these words:

      "...lay down greed, corruption and put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance."

      This was evidence of a call to genocide?! The bishop is calling the congregation to put to death their feelings of greed and corruption. As you are no doubt aware, this is typical Christian language (dying to self, etc).

  5. I wrote the originating article and acquired the quote you use from my source directly yet you fail to cite my article- an exclusive- as the originating source?

  6. In Tororo District, Uganda, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo, the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, urged every citizen who supported the anti-homosexuality law to lay down greed, corruption and “PUT THEM TO DEATH and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.”

    1. Bishop Obbo is quite clearly referring to greed and corruption, Daniel Law. Those two ills plague Uganda and other countries in E Africa.

      I don't see any call to genocide or the murder of gays there, do you?

  7. I have kept reading the same article on yahoo and now has been recycled here. First and foremost, the author calling the whole leader of the Roman Catholic church crazy, shows that the author is the one crazy and needs some help to instill what is called respect. You are advocating for respect and your rights, Right? So how can you say so and yet you are a very disrespectful human being yourself. Please, if you are calling for respect, do not show disrespect in order to earn respect. Do not misrepresent the good gays out here. Again, mind what is in your house, do not mind about another person's house. First clean you r house before going thousands of miles and across oceans when there are alot of problems here in USA. A lot of black people do not have the same opportunities like their counterparts. There are a lot of people being killed in Ukraine and last but not least, there are alot of homeless people in the streets of New York, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta. First start the charity and home before poking your noses to the other people's homes.

  8. Bishop Buckley:

    I'm not sure why the question of where one stands on homosexuality has any bearing on the question that Anonymous asked.

    Either there is a transcript verifying what Melanie Nathan reported, or there isn't. Her own sexuality is not important to whether she is accurately reporting the events. Nor is her record as an attorney or human rights advocate.

    Either it really did happen and there is actual evidence, or there is not.

    1. I have emailed Bishop Wamaki to ask his response on his reported statements. I will print his reply - IN FULL - if I get one

    2. I look forward to reading it and thank you for pursuing the matter.

      As gently as I can...

      Would it not have been better to have done that in the first place, before disseminating this hugely serious but so-far unsupported accusation?

    3. Ruari,

      Since we wrote I have spoken by telephone to Bishop Wakami. See my new BLOG of today.

      I did try and contact Bishop Wakami - no luck.

      The 3 telephone numbers on the diocesan website have ne response

    4. I also spoke to His Grace, a few minutes ago, on his mobile phone. He sounded surprised but the connection wasn't that great - he might just have been surprised to hear from me!

      I have emailed him with an extract of the core of Ms Nathan's accusations and hope to hear back from him.

      Mean while, Ms Nathan's most recent responses to me on her blogsite don't even reach the heights of structure displayed in the extracts I reproduced above. the kindest description is incoherent rambling, I fear.

  9. Pat,
    The whole thing is shocking. Even the Reich Church did not request parents to hand over their gay children! Why is such evil seen as being justified good christian teaching founded on love? Has this Bishop not thought of the consequences of and young gay man being reported to the authorities by his parents because he outs himself as gay? Enough is enough!! As Mary McAleese herself reports, good Christians should challenge these teaching and priests and ministers who preach such damaging views that they lead to young GLBT people self harming or worse putting a length of rope around their necks!
    Yet, what really annoys me, and I say this as a happily functioning Gay man in a committed and loving relationship, is that a gay run church like the Catholic Church can preach such views of hatred and discrimination against Gays like myself who are simply trying to live life openly and honestly - in a healthy way. Last year i had had to walk out of my parish Church in Bristol after a priest, who i know to be gay and actively so as ive been to dinner with him and his 'partner' actually stood up and read out the bishops letter to his congregations on the disordered relationship that would exist in Gay marriage and the harm it would cause to the moral fibre of society... if the content wasn't so serious it would have been a comedy routine as this priest is as camp as Alan Carr!
    The ming boggles! Since last year I not longer feel comfortable worshiping as a gay man in an evil run gay led Church where the thinking of these men is so warped it could never be undone!
    People shouldn't be fooled... Gay priests are having sex with other men! Very few are celibate.. and they often joke if you ask them are they celibate... they'll reply with something smart like 'Of course, I sell a bit here and i sell a bit there!!!'
    That's why i've turned "A Prod" because in my Church of England Parish my minster is openly gay and his partner is teacher and they have two teenage sons who are the most rounded and healthiest and open minded lads any two parents could wish for. Further more, the parish is literally bursting at the seems because people can see that God blesses the honest and the open and rewards them. By their fruits you shall know them!
    Mark, Bristol - West Belfast, Andersontown

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with all you say.

      You are not a Prod. The Church of England is catholic (with a small c)

      Nice to hear from you.


  10. Allow me to add my voice to those asking for verification.

    This blog is spreading like wildfire. I have been looking and looking for verification, for a recording or for a link to text, or even for another report of this alleged sermon and I have been able to find nothing, nothing at all. It keeps coming back to Melanie Nathan; all roads lead back, in a circle, to Melanie Nathan.

    What she says may be true but no other news source is reporting it. None - not one.

    Seriously, until there is verification, this should be treated with the greatest possible caution. This area has a history of armed conflict, where disagreements escalate into exchange of gunfire - see the Lord's Resistance Army, the civil war in the Congo and the real genocide in Ruanda. All of these conflicts either involved or spilled over into Uganda.

    Talk is cheap and it can cost lives. Please, please be very, very cautious; if this is false and someone takes it up and starts to act on it - maybe quoting YOU, Fr, Buckley - there will be real victims, real blood on real streets, not just an unnamed, anonymous source for a story written thousands of miles away.

    1. I have asked Bishop Wamaki for his comments and will let you have them totally UNCENSORED

    2. I have received comment from Bishop Warmika (no inverted commas necessary as he is duly ordained - unlike some I can think of) and I was under the impression you had, as well, Pat. So why not publish them, as you promised? At the time of writing, it has been four months.

      Just to clarify - Bishop Wamika did not preach a sermon anywhere on easter Sunday. If he had done, it would not have been at St Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, because no such church exists in Uganda - anywhere.

      So - no sermon, no church. where do you think those who reported the supposed sermon heard these voices in their heads?

      BTW - Melanie NAthan not only lies about this, she even - shall we say - embellishes her own family history. Her mother worked for a Bantustan government that turned part of South Africa into a bordello for fat perverts from Pretoria and Johannesburg. About as far from human rights advocacy as you can get.

    3. Small apology - you have of course published Bishop Wamika's reply, in another thread/blog/whatever you want to call it.

      If I may respectfully make a suggestion: it would help people who stumble across this particular thread if you referred them to your full post with Bp Wamika's response from late April.

      People like jafrako (below) would not then find themselves so misled and so angry at something that did not happen.

    4. Ruari, you are clearly a liar. You are an anti-gay activist trying to throw mud at good decent people as some sort of bizarre vendetta. You won't even use your real name, just multiple fake accounts. There is a church in Kampala by that name. Do some real research. If you have a statement from him then post it.

    5. Daniel, you know perfectly well that I use my own name, and only my own name. If I did not, you would have been unable to block me from your Twitter board.

      You also know that I am not an anti-gay activist. I hold dirt-spreaders, gossip-mongers, bullies and liars to account, including the disingenuous - some would go so far as mendacious - Peter Tatchell. I also seek to hold to account those who encourage, promote or champion abuse of children.

      I despise lies. Melanie Nathan is a liar. You know what the UK's libel laws are like. Tell her to sue me - if she dares.

      She is a proven liar, about this and about her mother's alleged role in S Africa. The details of Ms Nathan senior's role in Bophuthatswana are steadily accumulating. I can assure you that there are some pretty strong feelings around - even now, after all these years.

      As for Bp Mawinka's statement, I refer you to Pat's post on 24 April. He reproduced it in full, to his credit. The link is entitled BISHOP MAWINKA DENIES MELANIE NATHAN'S ALLEGATIONS and can be found towards the top right of this page. It has been up for a while.

      You continue to obstinately confuse a social club with a church, despite your error being pointed out to you, clearly and unequivocally.

      Tenaciously clinging to proven untruths and errors and throwing out foolish and easily-disprovable allegations like the above make you look like nothing more than a very silly, petulant, spiteful little boy.

    6. Just because someone denies doing something, it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Why are you so willing to believe someone who has a vested interest in denying that he made those comments over all the witnesses who heard what he said.

  11. ALL people here, first clean the mess in USA before jumping thousands of miles away. Please start here in USA with advocating for all people's rights, and not just a few selfish ones like melanie. Melanie is just looking for attention by spreading propaganda that is not helpful to any body.

    1. I agree with your analysis that Ms Nathan is little more than an attention-seeker, Respect.

      The problem is, this poisonous post has spread and is still spreading across the Web. It could end up causing huge damage.

  12. Uganda should be isolated from civilization as long as this awful law is active. Wamika, Bahati, Shinners and all these other homofobic preachers from America who spread like a pesticide over Africa to teach the people there hatred and murder should be trialed before some international tribunal for attempted murder. Wamika should be excommunicated by the Pope. It's a bloody shame we don't hear from the Vatican.

    1. People who spread poisonous lies and slander should be isolated from civilisation.

      Also those who cant spell homophobia. they should be cast into the outer darkness.

    2. Ruari, you are the only one spreading lies and slander. Why are you so petty to pick someone up on their spelling. English may be their second language. Your pettiness and immaturity speak volumes about your motives and character.

    3. And you are unencumbered by anything resembling a sense of humour.

      Poor, pathetic boy.

    4. Well, there are loads of witnesses - a cathedral full - who saw Bishop Mawinka somewhere else. He was at St Joseph's Cathedral.

      He was certainly not at St Charles Lwanga Church. He could not be, for two reasons:

      one, he was at St Joseph's Cathedral.
      two, St Charles Lwanga Church does not exist.

      That's the proven truth and the only person who would persist in denying it is a fool, a besotted acolyte or someone so lost in mendacity that they see the truth as merely an instrument to be deployed if useful and ignored if not.