Friday, 11 April 2014


We in the Christian churches are supposed to be people who bring the world GOOD NEWS.

This week there is very good news emanating from Ireland in the form of FATHER RAY KELLY who is the parish priest of Oldcastle, County Meath, in the Diocese of Meath.

Father Kelly has been viewed ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSANDS TIMES singing on You Tube.

Father Ray was a late vocation having worked in the civil service in Dublin for ten years before entering the seminary. After ordination he worked as a missionary in South Africa and after that spent some time in the USA.

He then returned to Ireland and worked in Navan, County Meath, then outside Tullamore in Co Offaly (my own home town) and finally became parish priest of Oldcastle.

He regularly sings at weddings.

He has also produced some albums which he sells for charity.

I think that its great to see a good news story about a priest going viral.

I also think that Father Ray has been given a great gift by God and of course he is using that gift to do great good and give people an uplifting experience.

Congratulations Father Ray - and may you have many years of ministry and singing left in you.

+Pat Buckley

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  1. Good man Ray! What about the O Hagans 2 and young Delargey fella? They were in college with me and hail from the princaplity of D & C? The nunnies in rome loved them. Bless their cotton little cassocks! if I had a tallent it was that my mouth was too big and to the point. Sean