Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Fr Matthew Despard
I HATE CENSORSHIP - And for that reason I was very frustrated that I was not allowed to read Father Matthew Despard's book: PRIESTHOOD IN CRISIS which has been dropped by Amazon Kindle where he published it.

So of course I did what people who hate censorship do - I searched until I found the book and have just finished reading it.

Matthew Despard is an incardinated priest of the Diocese of Motherwell in Scotland. He started his priestly training as an Alexian Brother (nursing) and eventually was ordained a priest.

From reading the book - and from enquiries I have made - he is a good man, a spiritual man and a man who wants to be a good priest to the people he serves. He appears to pray, to love celebrating the Mass and to love ministering to the People of God.

But he has fallen foul of the immensely powerful and cynical CLERICAL CLUB that exists in the Roman Catholic priesthood. 

Furthermore he has fallen foul of the equally immensely powerful, cynical and wicked HOMOSEXUAL CLIQUE that is running the Roman Catholic Church all over the world today.

When he says that he has no problem with priests who have a homosexual orientation I believe him.

When he says that he has a problem with priests, whether heterosexual or homosexual, acting out their sexual feelings I also believe him and I think he is entitled to his view. His view is in fact basic Roman Catholic teaching on the need for universal celibacy for every Catholic priest.

The problem is that COMPULSORY CELIBACY is not working and never has. In the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church there have always been popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, monks and nuns who have not been able to - or want - to live out the promise to be celibate and sexually inactive. 

We have seen this especially in recent decades with all the scandals that have made their way into the media about "bonking" bishops and priests and about priests abusing children and bishops covering up for them.  

The clear message is that CELIBACY should be OPTIONAL and not COMPULSORY. Then you will have happily married priests and happy celibate priests. 

Of course there is the further major question of promiscuity among the clergy - straight, bisexual and gay.

Is it ever ok for a priest to be whoring around - whether with women or men or indeed both?

And its this whoring around that Father Despard is complaining of - and the fact that the whoring around priests, especially the gay one, have taken over the Catholic Church and are bullying and torturing other priests who want to be celibate and virginal.  

The Christian ideal is that our sexual powers should be used in the context of married, committed love - but at least in the context of love. Its hard to see how even the most liberal interpretation of Christianity allows from orgy like sexuality?

Father Despard - himself fully heterosexual - was the victim of unwanted sexual advances from gay priests - who when he spurned their advances decided to wage a vicious and spiteful battle against him - making his life unbearable. On one occasion a fellow priest used his credit card to have Father Despard sent a parcel full of ladies underwear. 

The gay cabal in Motherwell Diocese were also out of control and the Bishop Devine seemed to be the cabal's either willing or unwilling prisoner.   
Bishop Devine, now retired to a plush retirement home, had suspended Father Despard and he has been waiting to go on trial at a Church Court - accused of what - we do not know!

Reading Father Despard's book I got a strong feeling that he is indeed the victim of a great injustice.

Of course I also got the strong feeling that he is a very determined, shoot-from-the-hip guy himself and maybe, at times he might have done better by being a bit more diplomatic. But then again, as I know myself, how can diplomacy work in an organisation that is riddled with sexual corruption and every other form of corruption known to mankind. 

Father Despard in one sense has committed the greatest sin in Roman Catholicism - he has challenged the authority and power of those in command. That may be an "unforgivable sin" in Roman Catholicism. 

But what a waste of a good priest like Matthew Despard - who has been more sinned against that sinning. Is there a way back for him? With the CLERICAL CLUB in Motherwell all against him could he be at peace in Motherwell? Would they even leave him in peace?

I do not know what Father Despard himself wants. Would he go to another diocese and even if he did would the CLERICAL CLUB's power reach and effect him there?

Would he fancy being a priest in a conservative organisation like the breakaway Society of St Pius X?

How would he do in America?

The problem is that the GAY MAFIA is running the priesthood all over the world now. 

I wish him well. I will be praying for him.

+Pat Buckley


  1. As usual, there is always another side to a story. Perhaps Fr Despard might like to enlighten us about his behaviour which resulted in his departure from the Army as a chaplain.

    Andrew Young

  2. My understanding from reading Father Despards book is that the GAY CLIQUE among Catholic priests is very strong in the army chaplaincy and that is why he left?

    I recently wrote to the Bishop of Lancaster about Father Tom Butler - an army chaplain who pestered me in the seminary.

    The bishop removed him from the army and gave him a parish in Cumbria.

    By the way Cumbria is the place that Cardinal Keith O'Brien is also at present in hiding.

    Any connections ????

  3. Let me assure you that Father Despard's behaviour - whatever that might be as suggested by Andrew Young - would pale in to insignificance in comparison to the outrageous active gay antics of a considerable number - the majority, I would say - of Army RC Chaplains at the time he was serving ! I witnessed it at close hand. Your hair would curl ! Father Despard, for all his faults, was not liked by the majority of his colleagues, and was forced out as 'not fitting it', which didn't mean he was doing anything wrong, just that he didn't fit in with the gay culture of the time. That culture was all pervasive, vindictive, nasty and exclusive. Oh, and highly active as well ! I could say a great deal more ! And, if you were an Army RC Chaplain and not gay and active, it meant that you were straight but were probably in the Army because you had a child out of wedlock and it was a way of supporting that child, which was most certainly the truth in at least two cases.

    Now, Father Despard may be no saint, he may be uncomfortable to have around, he may lack the diplomatic niceities which enable us all to get on, and he may have been ill advised to have published his 'tell all' book. But, he has been abominably treated by the Army RC Chaplaincy, his Bishops and his Diocese because of his inconvenience, and because he has raised the lid on the bullying gay culture that pervades in, for example, the Army RC Chaplaincy, and in the Church in Scotland (see Cardinal O'Brien for a prime example of that ilk).

    Father Tom Butler, I believe, came to the end of his time in the Army, namely the end of his commission or age 55 when you are retired (I would remind you on a nice pension, no doubt in his case after 20 odd years of service at well over £20,000 per annum indexed linked for life which he will receive immediately at 55), but his particular problem I would suggest is the bottle, which exacerbates an underlying predilection. I'm sure, Bishop Pat, that would have been the case when he accosted you, he would have been the worse for wear and emboldened to make the approach. Other than that, he is actually a rather nice chap. Perhaps even a good priest. Damaged, yes, but then are we not all damaged in some way ?

    What really gets my goat in all this stuff is the existence of a nasty, bullying, muscular and invariably gay culture in the Church and amongst clergy (you see it in the Vatican prissiness of monsignor as well as in rather more mundane dioceses). Clergy suffer because they are 'not in' and lives are made miserable. Power plays a big part of it. It is very evident in Scotland, as described by Father Despard, and witnessed by the behaviour of Cardinal O'Brien. Howe the f**k did that man manage to get where he got ? Surely somebody knew what he was up to ? And surely his hubris cannot have been so massive that he allowed himself to take on serious leadership roles knowing his predilections and behaviour ? I can forgive him his weaknesses. I find it hard to forgive him his idiotic pride and hubris, thinking he could lead a double life and get away with it at such a senior level. And, at the same time, come out so stridently against orientations which he himself was living out !! it is one thing to have inconsistencies in one's own life, but to go public in criticising those very weaknesses you have is ....well, hypocritical and just plain dishonest. i think that is what did for him in the end. Those who had been damaged by him could not take his public hypocrisy any more.

    Enough said !

  4. I have experienced the nasty sexual behaviour in seminary. Evil evil people.


    1. I went to both junior seminary and then senior seminary in Rome. (did not go on to the priesthood) Other than the occasional incident that teenage, hormone laden boys might occasionally engage in, I never experienced ANYTHING that is close to what books like Fr. Despard's book indicate. We were also taught quite regularly to observe decent and respectful behavior and to respect the privacy of others. All these reports are utterly alien to the seminary life I experienced.

    2. Thinking about my last post, I would add however, that I am not convinced that a seminary environment was a sexually healthy environment for young men growing through puberty to adulthood. I am fairly sure, although I can't prove it, that many young men developed various forms of sexual dysfunction/addiction in the isolated and restrictive environment and of course this may have resulted in homosexual activity between students. This may also have got worse as alcohol entered the picture as students progressed through senior seminary. However, I stress again that I never saw ANY of the overt and crass homosexual gang culture and aggressive gay cliques that Fr. Despard talks about. In fact as my memories are triggered re. my time there I actually remember an incident where a young man who was somewhat effeminate in his behavior (he's not gay since I know he is now married with children) was picked on rather cruelly for that by some of the students. However, that was reported to the priests in charge and was quickly and effectively dealt with using the normal disciplinary procedures. So again...occasional sexual dysfunction and misbehavior by individuals...certainly....the systemic and organized gay mafia referred to Despard.....I certainly never saw it.