Wednesday, 23 April 2014


My Blog about the alleged comments of Bishop Charles Wakami - Diocese of Jinja, Uganda - lauding life sentences for homosexuals has had the biggest response since I started blogging.

The allegations also accuse Bishop Wakami of calling upon the parents of gay people to hand their children over to the authorities - an action for which they would be rewarded in Heaven.

These allegations were extremely serious and before publication I tried to contact Bishop Wakami for a comment.

However that proved impossible as the three telephone numbers on the Jinja Diocesan website proved to be impossible to reach.

And when I clicked on a link to contact the bishop by email I found myself on a Chinese website ofering hair extensions!

However through the good offices of a cleric friend in Rome I managed to get the bishop's private mobile telephone number and telephoned him. He answered straight away.

I told him about the very serious allegations and expressed the view to him that he must be very woried about being accused. To be honest he did not seem overly worried. 

I asked him for his private email address and told him I would send the allegations to him immediately - and I did so within 3 minutes. Bishop Wamaki promised me that he would send me a written response by email and I promised him that I would publish it on my Blog in full - without any changes whatsoever.

But nothing has happened! I have heard nothing from him!

If I was Bishop Wakami I would be very worried about these accusations - especially since they had gone viral on the Internet. I told Bishop Wakami that the accusations had gone viral. 

The accusations originated with Melanie Nathan - a South African attorney (now living in the USA) and a long time campaigner on human rights issues. 
Melanie Nathan

Yesterday I asked Melanie Nathan for clarification as to how she had come across the accusations. She told me that she had 3 separate sources in Uganda for the allegations but that she could not publish their names as these people would be arrested, tortured and imprisoned by the Ugandan authorities. But she is standing by the allegations.

I fully understand that she must protect her vulnerable sources in Uganda. 

But now we are left with a probelm.

If these allegations are untrue why does Bishop Wakami not issue an immediate rebuttal of them and publish in full the text of the alleged offending sermon?

If Bishop Wakami sent me a copy of that sermon I would publish it in full on this Blog - without even censoring a comma or a full stop.

If I were him I would want to set the record straight without any hesitation. What human being - especially if he is a Christian and a priest - would want his name associated with such horrible allegations?

I am worried. Why is the bishop silent? Perhaps he is afraid for his own safety? 

But this issue is far too serious to be left hanging in mid air. 

+Pat Buckley


  1. Pat,

    The bishop's silence is alarming!

    PP D&C

  2. If the Bishop is innocent why does he not say so LOUDLY and CLEARLY????

    Danny - Toronto

    1. If you are not a sheep-shagging child molester, why do you not prove it, LOUD and CLEAR, Danny?

    2. Ruari,

      What are you trying to say to Danny?


      Danny - Toronto

    4. The joint attraction to sheep and children is extremely rare.

      London Psychiatrist

    5. What I am trying to say to Danny is that baseless accusations are offensive and, like all negatives, difficult to disprove.

      The attention-seeker in San Francisco has made allegations without any support at all, as I thought you had realised. Now she - and you, Pat - are demanding of the target that he disproves allegations that have in no way been substantiated. It's ridiculous - but of course it has to be done, as this particular genie is out of the bottle.

      What I was seeking to show Danny was that failure to deny something like an accusation of being a sheep-shagging child molester does not actually mean that he is one. It is an accusation that holds as much water as the Californian rabble-rouser's does. but if it gets picked up and spread about a bit, who knows what damage could ensue.

  3. Pat,

    "These allegations were extremely serious and before publication I tried to contact Bishop Wakami for a comment."

    No, you did not - that is untrue.

    You only sought to contact him after I and a few others repeatedly challenged you to substantiate your allegations.

    Furthermore, it was not originally YOUR blog. As the venomous attention-seeker from California hastened to point out, she made the allegations originally.

    I, too, am waiting for the promised response from His Grace but we at least have an advantage over the original allegations - we have identified ourselves and can prove, quite easily, that we exist. Not so with the supposed 'witnesses'.

    I would suggest you continue to tread carefully. If the Bishop decides to take action against those who have disseminated these distortions and unsupported allegations, you will clearly be in the firing line.

    1. Dear Ruari,

      I did try to contact Bishop Wakami before I blogged Melanie Nathan's accusations.

      But all 3 numbers on the Jinja Docesan website do not work.

      As I said the email address led to a hair extension website.

      I then Blogged and after challenges from yourself and others (quite justified challenges) I contacted a senior cleric in Rome and through the Archdiocese of Kampala received the bishops mobile number - whih he immediately answered when I rang. It is not the mobile number on the diocesan web site?

      Unlike yourself I did not find the bishop alwrmed. He was quite calm - but he did indeed deny the accusations.

      Within 3 minutes I emailed the accusations to his private email address - which he gave me.

      He promised a written response - which for some reason has not come.

      If I were Bishop Wakami I would counteract these allegations and if people persisted in them I would sue - especially if I had the full resources of the Church behind me.

      Are you not concerned that he has not made a statement?


  4. Update - I have spoken to the Treasurer of Jinja Diocese. I spent a few minutes explaining the situation, checking that the email address I had was correct and seeking to ensure that the the Bishop got my message and would respond. He is currently away from his office at a meeting of an Education committee.

    Strangely, it would appear that he is not at the beck and call of Danny from Toronto or attention-seeking overgrown adolescents from San Francisco.

    Both Pat Buckley and I have spoken to him and can confirm that he did indeed deny the allegations - firmly. As I have said previously, he sounded shocked that they had even been made. As the whole thing is based on unsubstantiated and anonymous hearsay - the provenance of which is open to extreme doubt - the independent reports of me and Pat Buckley should carry greater weight.

    However, there are of course those who will not be convinced unless they can get a time machine and can transport themselves back to the actual event.

    1. Ruari,

      Surely the bishop should have responded yesterday - or if he is very busy have someone in Jinja Diocese make a clarifying statement on his behalf?

      Melanie Nathan says she has THREE witnesses from Uganda. Can you understand that if she named them they could be at risk?

      Really the solution to these allegations is in the bishop's hands.

      He could easily release to you - or me - or publicly a transcript of his homily.

      If I was him that is what I would do


    2. Ruari,

      Why don't you ask the Treasurer of Jinja Diocese to issue a written statement on behalf of the bishop and sign it.

      Rual - Mexico

    3. Pat, neither you nor I really knows how many 'witnesses' she has. first it was one, then it was two. I pointed out that you and I had received denials from the Bishop, which made it even. That was deliberate mischief, on my part, and got the reaction I expected - a third magically appeared. Or rather, didn't - it was merely alleged - but she claimed she now had the advantage.

      Who knows?

      I have made clear to the Treasurer that this issue seems to be spinning out of control and gaining momentum as it goes. As the old saying has it, a lie will be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.

      Anyway, I hope I have made clear the gravity of the situation and that a reply will be forthcoming soon. But as I said, it would appear that the Bishop is not sitting around waiting for stuff to deal with from San Francisco, Northern Ireland or even the shadow of the beautiful, ancient and very tall Salisbury Cathedral.

      If you give me a route to PM you I will let you have the landline number I called, Pat.

    4. Ruari,

      As always you make some very good points.

      If I was accused of what Bishop Wakami has been accused of I would issue a brief statement denying it completely - and then get an attorney in California to sue Melanie Nathan.

      The good name of the Church in Uganda is also at stake.

      The Catholic Church is quite entitled to its moral traditional teachings and to insist that its adherents abide by them.

      But in justice and charity all churchmen and Christians in Uganda should be condemning the torture and imprisonment of anybody who is innocent of a reputable civil crime. Homosexuality between consenting adults cannot be considered as a reputable crime in the 21st century.

      I know there are reputations at stake here - but more sadly there are LIVES at stake.

      My email address in

      Warm wishes,


    5. Dear Pat

      I have sent you an email but in case you missed it:

      Bishop Wamika has replied to me, with some interesting information.

      Ms Nathan’s ‘witnesses’ must have been sitting in an empty field, because there is no St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church in Jinja Diocese.

      I have found a St Charles Lwanga Catholic Church - it is in Zambia, more than 2500km from Kampala, Uganda. Not even an immediate neighbour of Uganda.

      They may have taken some kind of recreational chemicals, which led them to believe they were hearing Bp Wamika say that stuff. However, they were - at best - hallucinating. Bishop Wamika was not the chief celebrant at the Easter Sunday Mass and nor did he deliver the sermon.

      So - no such church.
      No such sermon.
      One suggests - no such witnesses; merely mendacity, malice and evil abroad.

      I trust you will remove those blogs of yours and issue a retraction. I hope you will also challenge the person in San Francisco to do the same. Just because she is in a same-sex relationship does not make her a good person.

      Exodus 20:16.

  5. Is the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda supporting the government there - just as it has supported all corrupt regimes whether in Germany or South America.

    Sr Helena - Washington DC

  6. What about the other Catholic Bishops...

    In Tororo District, Uganda, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo: “PUT THEM TO DEATH and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.”

    The Bishop of Mbale Diocese, the Rt Rev Patrick Gidudu, said President Museveni made Ugandans proud by defying international pressure, including from several donors.“His courage gives us hope against the forces of resistance. We know that this legislation will protect society and the youth from homosexuality which is abominable in Africa,” Bishop Gidudu said.

    In Kapchorwa District, the Rt Rev Augustine Salimo, the Bishop of Sebei, in reference to the Anti-Homosexual Act, urged the government not to back down but to continue the right path pursued to protect values of Ugandans.

    1. Daniel -

      I have posted a message to you but in case you missed it, see my post to Pat above.

      In summary, I have heard from Bp Wamika.

      There is no St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church in Jinja Diocese. Nearest one is over 2500km away, in another country.

      Bishop Wamika was not the chief celebrant at the Easter Sunday Mass and he did not deliver the sermon.

      Exodus 20:16.

  7. The Catholic Church should accept that they are a faith organisation, and should not attempt to influence legislation to further their dysfunctional version of morality. The laws must be written broadly enough to encompas all viewpoints, so long as those viewpoints do not intersect. My interpretation of scripture sactifies homosexuality and the practice within a committed, married couple. Sin comes not from whom one sleeps with, but why (Mark 7:21). If a couple approaches one another in loving compassion and a commitment to serve one another, there is no sin. You have a right to disagree with me, but I have a right to uphold my beliefs and to marry my same sex partner.


  8. It is very much time to get these homos out of the Church of Christ. They have destroyed the priesthood and our lovely church. Priesthood is for straight men only.


    1. Well Mary, I'm probably your Parish Priest and I'm a "Homo" as are most of my brother priests in Down And Connor. Not all of us are seeking constant sexual encounters, most of us are hard working and faithful to The Lord. I find your choice of words very hurtful... One day on your death bed you might grateful for a homo priest to give you the last rites, that's if your lucky because if you had it your way all the homos will be cast away to God knows where and you be struggling to find a good str8 priest as they'll be few and far between & probably tied up in their own hidden family matters.
      Hard working D&C priest!

  9. The Church has to walk a very fine line here. It's teaching that homosexual attraction/orientation is not a sin, but that homosexual acts are puts it into conflict with the secular world at both extremes. It comes into conflict when it defends the basic right human rights of homosexuals in those countries where they are being actively persecuted, and it finds itself under attack/persecution from homosexual activist groups and their supporters in the West when it sticks to its teaching about marriage and homosexual sex. Finding a middle way through all this and remaining faithful to church teaching while being compassionate is a great challenge, but I think it is one we are called to do.



  10. The Church teaches that all sex outside marriage is morally wrong.
    Homosexual acts are described a intrinsically wrong. But the person themselves has value.
    Homosexual persons should have all the same HRs as anyone else.
    But marriage is between man and woman.
    From a darwinian viewpoint homosexuality is harmful for the organism as the organism cannot replicate - so it would seems that both faith and darwinism is united on the the Act in anycase.


    1. Cliff,

      The majority of people are heterosexual and many (most) of them will reproduce.

      Already we have to many people on the globe.

      Is it not a good thing that some people do not reproduce?


  11. It is interesting to note the following extract:

    "8.Q. Which are the sins that are said to cry to God
    for vengeance?

    A.The sins that are said to cry to God for vengeance are
    these four:

    i)Willful murder

    ii)The sin of homosexuality

    iii)Opression of the poor

    iv)Defrauding labourers of their wages."

    This is point 8 in the section, "Vices and other very
    grievous sins", taken from the once popular Catechism of a recent Pope and
    a revered Saint of the Church - Saint Pius X.

    Is this Ugandan Bishop not just telling it as the Catholic Church really feels? This week-end John Paul II with be made a 'saint' - he promoted the greatest fraud & pedo in recent Church history, the mexican founder of the Legionaires of Christ!

    The Catholic Church is is a very poor moral state - EVIL!!


  12. It is an unmitigated disgrace that you defend these laws. Criminalization of homosexuality marks a grotesque overreach of the State, which is completely foreign to Catholicism. It was Thomas Cromwell and his cronies who introduced it to our own beloved country during the English Reformation in the 1533 Buggery Act (which was revoked by 'bloody' Mary, only to be reinstated by Elizabeth I) where it was used to kill Catholic clergy at a whim in response to the likes of Luther blaming the entire phenomenon of homosexuality on the RCC, so it's no surprise to see a Catholic priest in the Ugandan tabloids list of top 100 homosexuals (not a desirable recognition over there), given that it is a Protestant majority country, after all. And despite any current obfuscation our Church made itself clear about where it stands on this issue when the Vatican, unlike the US and UK, attended a UN delegation on the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, in which it condemned criminalization of homosexual conduct, saying that it 'opposes all forms of violence and unjust discrimination against homosexual persons, including discriminatory penal legislation which undermines the inherent dignity of the human person...The murder and abuse of homosexual persons are to be confronted on all levels, especially when such violence is perpetrated by the State.' And recently the Papal Nuncio to Uganda said that he'd been working with the Secretary General to stop the bill from passing and noted that the Ugandan Bishops Conference had already said that the 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill does not pass a test of a Christian caring approach to this issue' because 'the imprisonment for homosexual acts targets people rather than seeking to counsel and to reach out in compassion to those who need conversion, repentance, support, and hope', along with a quotation of Luke 6:36-37, which says 'Be merciful just as your Father is merciful. Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.'


    1. Bloody Mary preceded Cromwell by over 100 years.

  13. WOW! This sure brings out the hate in people towards other human beings. Amazing.

    1. Indeed so. The truth does not appear to be a consideration when there is an agenda to push.

      He didn't say it, there is no such church in Uganda. See my posts above.

      Exodus 20:16.

  14. Amazing the hate towards other humans! Whatever became of "judge not"?

    1. You tell me. You seem to have been eager to rush to judgement.

      Exodus 20:16.

  15. I have had a reply from the Bishop, Pat. Have you?

    Tip: you should take down the previous posts. There is no truth in them.

    And all those who have been so keen to rush to judgement and post their fact-free conclusions and condemnations on your blog should retract with alacrity. They will look extremely stupid in the very near future - to say the least. Bigotry and prejudice might well become apparent in some cases as well.

  16. Pat, I am enormously disappointed that you have not 'authorised' the posts I made earlier today. I am also greatly saddened to see that these blogs are still up, despite the fact that you know they are untrue and disseminating malicious lies.

    Exodus 20:16 is a clear nstruction against bearing false witness or giving false testimony. Is that no longer part of your creed?

    Quick summary:

    The church where this is alleged to have happened does not exist.
    Bishop Wakami did not give the sermon on Sunday so he could not have said what he is accused of.
    There was not even any reference to the anti-gay law in the sermon that was given.

    Ms Nathan is either a fool or a knave, deluded or a deliberate, wicked liar. She and her imaginary friends are simply seeking to spread old-fashioned anti-Catholic bigotry and poison. Any attempt to justify is clutching at straws and should not be entertained for a second.

    You really should take these mendacious posts down.

    1. RUARI,



  17. Ok. I saw the other post first. By all means refuse my most recent post.