Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Recently in the IRISH TIMES newspaper people have been calling the late Fr Michael Cleary of Dublin a "compassionate man" and a "good priest". 

I disagree with this completely and wrote a letter to the IRISH TIMES to express my point of view - which was not published! Censorship! Thank God for Blogger.

Cleary was a life time preacher of Roman Catholic moral codes on such matters as contraception and priestly celibacy. Yet in his private life he had a common law wife - Phylis Hamilton - and at least two children! He was an insincere and obnoxious specimen and also an arch-hypocrite.
Ross (son), Phylis and Cleary
Up until the day he died he used to introduce Phylis - his partner of 26 years - as: "AN UNMARRIED MOTHER I TOOK PITY ON AND TOOK INTO MY HOME".
Ross Hamilton - Cleary
After Cleary died Phylis sent for me and I visited her in her home at Harold's Cross in Dublin. She was a broken woman. Cleary had promised her that when he died he would leave her everything. In the event he left her little - leaving all his goods to the Church - a ticket to Heaven - and on the very day of the funeral members of the Cleary Clan came to the house and removed the family car and many items. 

I am quite sure that these actions led to Phylis' early death from cancer a few years later.


Cleary was commissioned by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church to do all he could to undermine me. He had a nightly radio show in Dublin and a weekly column in the self styled Catholic newspaper THE IRISH CATHOLIC.

Using these media outlets he tried to undermine my marriage ministry to divorced couples by calling me: "a con man doing con jobs". I telephoned him and asked him for the right of reply. He ignorantly chewed his food into the telephone and said: "WHEN JASUS WAS HANGING ON THE CROSS HE HAD NO RIGHT OF REPLY AND NEITHER DO YOU". I was left with no other option but to successfully sue him for libel in the Dublin High Court.


Father Michael Keane was a west of Ireland Catholic priest who was also the founder of the Knock Marriage Bureau introducing bachelors and spinsters with the hope of lessening their lonliness and leading to marriages.
Fr. Michael Keane

Father Keane who was a liberal, eventually fell foul of the hierarchy in the  guise of the archbishops of Tuam in Galwayy and Dublin. The hierarchy used Michael Cleary as a "hit man" against Father Keane and he was evicted from his house by the church and the Irish courts. Luckily he had some family funding and he was able to survive, But he suffered great isolation and sadness for many decades. Cleary was central to his suffering.


In the 1990's the newspapers carried the story of a Dublin priest who had an affiar with a married woman - which involved him having sex with her while she was not fully conscious.

I was assisting the woman as she was up against the full might of the Church and all the power, influence and money of the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Cleary was sent in again as a church "hit man". He convinced the poor woman to go to the USA and told her that the priest was waiting there for her. But in fact without her knowing he had already despatched the priest into hiding in Rome.

He got the confused woman to sign a document for him which he told her was her giving him permission to look after her affairs while she was away. Without knowing it the women had signed a document giving Cleary full power of attorney over all her affairs.

The woman and the priest owned a house in common. When Cleary got the woman away he tried to sell the house from under her. Thankfully he did not succeed.

But what a mind - and total lack of conscience - he must have had to try and shove an already vulnerable women down further.

The priest in question was well looked after by the Church and the poor woman was left in anguish.


Cleary was not only a "company man" but also a long time church hit man. He walked over very many people - and did it all in the name of God and in the name of the Catholic Church.

He was a liar, a cheat, a hypocrite and someone who showed neither compassion or mercy for those who got in his way or his Church's way.

He is now long dead and God has judged him. I hope that the God who protects the widows and the orphans managed somehow to see that justice was done.

The sad thing is that the Catholic Church - and all churches are full of people like this - Pharisees and Whited Sepulchres!

+Pat Buckley



  1. I remember Michael Cleary as RTE and Late Late Show pet priest. Every paper be it Irish Catholic or Irish News of The World (now defunct) have their own hidden agendas. Having experienced national journalism I know you would not put untruths in the public domain be it in print or electronic media. What gets me is why are the Irish People so quiet? Do they go with the flow or not give a shite anymore? I mentioned a "Sunday Strike" on this blog before where people agree not to attend church on a designated Sunday. A variation on this is a silent sunday where people attend church but do not respond to the responses and remain either sitting or standing for the duration. Sean

  2. I remember this sinister clown from the John Paul II papal jamboree to Ireland in 1979 and the mass for young people at Ballybrit racecourse. after trudging through endless fields for what seemed like hours we arrived at the venue four hours before the papa Wojtyla arrived. in the meantime the Church of Rome had selected two "charismatic characters" to "warm up" the freezing youngsters; that buffoon bishop of Galway, Kilfenora and Kilmacdaugh, Eamonn "wear a condom just in" Casey, and Michael Cleary. The Laurel and Hardy of the Irish Catholoc Church. My God is it any wonder the whole thing has virtually collapsed within a generation, and not a moment too soon. Papa Wojtyla was photographed hugging and kissing these two clowns after the Mass, even though it was later revealed that he knew full well that just in Casey had fathered a child. Utter hypocrisy to do this and preach chastity and condemnation to the plebs. Pat Thank you for sharing you experiences of this profoundly sinister and corrupting man.