Tuesday, 13 May 2014


One of the great dangers facing modern society and civilisation is the spread of dangerous right wing ideologies.

Among the most dangerous of these right wing ideologies are the ideologies and pronouncements that emanate from the religious right wingers in the USA who are predominantly "Protestant" fundamentalists.

However the Protestants do not have a monopoly on theological and social extremism. Roman Catholic extremism is, unfortunately alive and well, spreading and doing great harm in RC dioceses and parishes.

One of these extreme RC ideologies is a pseudo theology invented by John Paul 11 called the THEOLOGY OF THE BODY - for short: TOB.

TOB consists of the 129 lecturers given by John Paul 11 during his wednesday audiences in Rome between 1979 and 1984 added to some of his encyclicals, letters and exortations.

Theology of the Body seeks to present an authoritative synthesis of RC teaching on the human body and human sexuality - a teaching that the world MUST follow it if wants to be MORAL and SAVED!

Theology of the Body emphasises that sex must take place exclusively in the context of the marriage between one man and one woman and that outside that all others are called to virginity, celibacy and "chastity". "Chastity" is interchangable with "abstinence" - for those living outside marriage.

This of course means that masturbation, sex outside marriage and the poor homosexuals are in deep, deep trouble - both in this life and especially in the life to come.

The Theology of the Body is anti body; anti sex; anti pleasure; anti freedom; anti conscience; etc.

Prominent Catholic theologians have been highly critical of John Paul 11's theology of the body.

They say that the Theology of the Body is "incapable of serving as a theology for all persons and all bodies".

That: "the nuptual meaning of the body is not appropriate for single people, the widowed, the elderly and homosexuals".

That: "John Paul's theology is a highly romantised and unrealistic view of sexuality".

That: "This theology has a lack of connection to real people".

That: "The Theology of the body is based on a selective use of Scripture - ignoring Matthew 5:32 in which Jesus makes an exception for divorce in the case of infidelity - ignoring the fact that the Patriarchs permitted polygamy and that the Church itself practices both the Pauline and Petrine Privileges".

 Add to this John Paul 11's abysmal failure to address the whole area of child sex abuse by clergy during his time in Rome and his prolonged protection for the infamous paedophile priest, Marciel Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ, nothing he ever did or said about human sexuality has the least grain of credability.


And talking about FRUITS - this Theology of the Body is being promoted world wide by a young generation of priests - the vast majority of whom are secretly actively gay - while calling the rest of Catholics to things like chastity and abstinence.

Whenever you find a priest promoting John Paul 11's Theology of the Body you can be 90% certain that the priest is living a sexually active double life and is suffering from theological, moral and sexual schitzophrenia.

When these priests take off their clerical collars and leave down their John Paul 11 essays - you will find them in gay saunas and bars: on sex driven Spanish holidays with other gay priests; visiting gay seminarians with gifts and fast food takeaways - on gay cruising websites; cruising gay pick up areas or public toilets; or in gourmet resaurants wining and dining and having each other for desert.

When not doing that they are in their rooms and presbyteries pressing their expensive Rome tailored cassocks and ironing their multi pleated Roman lace surplices in preparation for their appearance at parish Masses where they will mince around the church sanctuary being much admired by old age pensioners who see them as the next generation of "God's Holy Annointed".

It it wasn't so f****** sad it would make you laugh!

+Pat Buckley

PS: You can see what I mean by THEOLOGY OF THE BODY by watching the videos on the FAITH DEVELOPMENT PAGE of the website of the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen's University, Belfast - www.qubcc.org

I have emailed the chaplain - Father Gary Toman - and asked him to remove this unnecessary and dangerous material.

Thankfully Ligoniel Parish, Belfast, removed its similiar material last night. Thank you who ever is responsible,


  1. Is the chaplaincy at Queens University subsidised by the Univeristy? Maybe you should email the new vice-cancellor. As a medical professional i'm sure he could see the harm in this material. This stuff is crazy!

  2. Check out Fr Gary's Catholic Chaplaincy website at queens. Used to call into the chaplaincy for mass, tea and lunch. used to be very relaxed and informal but it's all changed in recent years. A student priest found out i was a member of LGBT union alliance and next thing i know is three of them had be cornered one sunday evening ramming church teaching down my throat about chastity and homosexuality. now they cross the street when they see me. Is this sort of teaching becoming the norm and is it being taught in training colleges for priests? Any way i'm a recovering Roman Catholic, attending the open and inclusive St George's Anglican in High Street, where i am welcomed and affirmed.

    John - County Armagh

    1. Hard to believe such shit can happen in modern Ireland. People do not deserve to be bullied abused or browbeaten least of all by those who claim to be ambassadors of the Christian message. As for JP 11 Saint he may be but perfect he aint. Sean

  3. Bishop Buckley,

    I had a good look through your blog and these websites.

    You appear to be mistaken. Paddy Devlin has not removed all this offensive material from his website. Go into the section called 'Catholicipod'

    In this section you will find all the information that you want on theology of the body and Homosexuality. You will find the following titles...
    The politics of homosexuality.
    Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and his treatments for homosexuality.
    The non-negotiable topic of homosexual marriage.
    Does sin make us stupid?
    Scientism and homosexuality - under the umbrella of Theology of the Body.
    Under the Occult - The normalisation of Taboos.
    Under marriage and family - the role of the father to establish masculinity in his children.
    Under Education and schools - Sexual pressure and homosexual political agenda.
    Demonic Warfare in Sexuality.

    Then there's some whacky stuff like ... The three levels of hell and degrees of Glory in heaven, and Comically he has a section on Does Oprah have the last work and Does Sin Make you stupid.

    This is the most dangerous and right winged Catholic website I have personally encountered.
    It is hurtful, in places Hate filled and ridden with homophobia.
    I'm surprised gay activists are picketing this church.

    I am shocked!!!

    Surely, this is unacceptable and something should be done!

  4. Has this hate filled material been removed. If not I am complaining to QUB and its governing body.