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I had gotten to the point where I thought that nothing else the Roman Catholic Church could do could shock me.

But today I stand stunned, shocked and thoroughly sickened by the news that IRISH CATHOLIC NUNS buried nearly 800 little babies in a SEPTIC TANK between 1925 and 1961.

I can hardly take this news in! Is this not the kind of behaviour the world condemned ADOLPH HITLER for in the late 1930 and early 1940s?

If this was done by a power crazed dictator from South America I might be able to take it in. If this was done In Afghanistan, Syria, Iran or Iraq I might be able to understand it.

If this was done by mentally ill and psycotic foster parents in some remote country on the earth I might be able to get my head around it.

But it was done by NUNS - women who had given their lives to Jesus Christ and their church!

It was done by women that not only took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience - but were also regarded as shining examples of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus Christ!



These nuns - these so called "consecrated virgins" not only tortured unmarried mothers in their concentration camp like institutions - but they then took the babies of these women and threw them into a septic tank - a tank for human waste - and they did not even put the innocent little bodies in as much as a cardboard shoe box!

And after doing that they went back to their holy cells - to their prayer books - to their Masses and received the BODY OF CHRIST into their mouths after behaving like some crazed black magic witches!

Could they not see the crucified Christ in the mothers and babies they were supposed to be caring for? Could they not see the corpse of Christ in the little corpses of the dead babies?

And they thought after a lifetime of being a Bride of Christ - torturing unmarried mothers and burying babies in the way you would not bury a dead puppy or budgie - that they were actually going to Heaven to be in the presence of God for all eternity!

Today the Roman Archbishop of Tuam, Galway in Ireland, Michael Neary, said that the archdiocese had no responsibility for what the nuns did! Nonsense!

The Archbishops of Tuam were the lords and masters of these nuns. These nuns kissed these archbishops rings with the smell of dead babies and septic tanks on their own fingers and religious habits.

And in spite of all this  stupid and blind faith men and women will go to Mass in Tuam archdiocese and all over Ireland and not challenge the............yes let us say it.........the SATANIC practices and policies of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

People and bishops and priests and nuns will wring their hands and make the lamest of excuses for what has happened.

And the Irish Government will still keep its diplomatic relations open with the HQ of these institutions at The Vatican in Rome.

Do we in Ireland need another FRENCH REVOLUTION to put things right?

I am not surprised that when I wear my clerical collar in the street - which I do all the time - I get dirty looks of disgust and have people spit at me and threaten me.

I am ashamed when people think that I belong to the Roman Catholic institution.

Thank God they threw me out of it 30 years ago. I hope I would have had the wisdom and courage to go myself had they not dumped me out for challenging their abuses and power.

When I told people 30 years ago what was going on they did not believe me.

I hope they believe me today as the news of the baby mass graves emerges. There are more graves to be found. The Roman Catholic Church's capacity for historic, current and future evil leaves me lost for words.

+Pat Buckley


  1. What sort of church do I belong to? As a mother of 3 children and another with the Lord I am horrified, terrified and numbed by this news. Firstly for the wee souls, oh dear - how did they die? Where was their dignity as children of God? Secondly, how powerless were these mother's? My little boy, if I thought that his body was treated in such a manner would haunt me, put me into a mental hospital.

    I've cried so much for these wee ones. You a martyrs and safe in the hands of the Lord.


  2. Eve,

    You belong to a Church that is more EVIL than it is good!


  3. What septic tank Where is it now and what of the contents. Those babies deserve a propper burial & memorial. Are there any records. Maybe some artist could turn the tank into a positive memorial that decries the past (a bit like the barbed wire and candle in amnesty international) Is it an accident that Bishop Neary looks a bit Nial Toibin who played the Parish Priest in Ballykissangel-ie is Neary an actor bishop? Sean

    1. The septic tank was in the convent grounds. It measures 20 feet by 20 fet by 9 feet deep. Babies bodies buried with no coffin. Septic tank full of baby bones and rags.

      I don't know if Neary is an actor. But he is certainly an empty vessel without compassion - washing his hands like Pontius Pilate.

      There may be many other convents in Ireland with hundreds of dead babies buried in unmarked graves.

      The Roman Catholic Church sayes it wants to protect UNBORN CHILDREN.

      When they are born and die they throw their bodies into toilet tanks !!!!


  4. This is the last Straw... I'm not going back to mass in the Roman Catholic Chruch.
    I am sickened... Disgusted .... Emotional and have listened to their excuses too often.
    This is not the church that proclaims Jesus... This is not the Kingdom Jesus intended. It's like a scene from Dantes' Inferno!
    Where did this all go wrong?

    I'm going to say something I've never said before but it's been burning recently in my heart - Tomight I renounce my membership of the RC institution.
    No doubt on prime-time tonight we'll hear some pathetic excuse from a cleric in black with white trimmed collar. What more needs to happen before people wake up and demand the Irish government and the northern Assembly throw this organisation out and prevent them from controlling schools, nursing homes, adoption agencies, hospitals, children's care homes, detention centres and every other board they are on. The RC church in Ireland is on its way out fast... People aren't attending, the priesthood is dwindling away, it's hypocritical and it's causing scandal to the loving message of Jesus Christ."By their fruits you shall know them!"

    Christ said: "My kingdom is not of this world." Popes conquered cities by force.
    Christ had a crown of thorns. The Pope wears a triple diadem.
    Christ washed the feet of his disciples. The Pope has his kissed by kings.
    Christ paid tribute. The Pope takes it.
    Christ fed the sheep. The Pope shears them for his own profit.
    Christ was poor. The Pope wishes to be master of the world.
    Christ carried on His shoulders the cross. The Pope is carried on the shoulders of his servants in liveries of gold.
    Christ despised riches. The Pope lives in a palace.
    Christ drove out the merchants from the temple. The Pope welcomes them.
    Christ preached peace. The Popes have caused wars.
    Christ was meekness. The Pope is pride personified.
    Christ promulgated laws that the Pope tramples underfoot.

    Where the priests are free, the people are slaves!
    Where the priests are rich, the people are poor!
    Where the priests teach, the people are ignorant!
    Where the priests prosper, progress is paralysed!
    Where the priests lead, they lead into misery, bondage, poverty, superstition, persecution and ruin!

    John, Dublin

    1. I herd somewhere of somebody who excomunicated themselves by writing a formal letter to the church. Could be a pin pushing exercise or could create a storm in a teacup if you did it in an open letter to the local press. The important thing is what do you put in its place? Good luck on your journey. Sean

  5. Horrific news. So sad. I wonder did Archbishop Neary shed tears when he first heard the news?

  6. Welcome "to the club" Dublin John. I refer here to those who've abandoned cradle catholicism and all its stultifying guilt inducing practices, many years ago for some, and in my own case 40+ years.

  7. 2 hours ago

    I think people are missing a bigger story here. While everyone is busy slamming the church as usual the significance is lost. The conspiracy theorists are claiming 800 murders but seem to forget there are 800 death certificates. There should be a Garda investigation, I'm sure if they found 800 bodies buried in the woods they would immediately seal off the area. Given the contempt that these babies were buried with, and given that many died of malnutrition, the question of murder by Neglect is a valid one.

    The girls in most cases were sent there by their families, many of them for the "Sin" of being raped. You have to wonder why they were not stoned to death or have acid thrown in their faces to restore "Family Honour" as they currently do in other religions and cultures.

    People are trying to distract from a bigger issue here. The fact that according to the Catholic Church, that babies of unmarried parents, even though baptised, are not allowed into heaven????? From a church that supposedly values life from conception and preaches against the "Sin" of abortion, how can they not allow these babies, who have not committed any sins to not be buried on consecrated grounds?

    If I was the Pope or a Bishop, I would be trying to do some damage control and be on my way to Tuam with my crucifix and holy water to consecrate the ground, but they wont do that because these little "Illegitimate" Children are not fit for heaven. This also applies to Stillborn children who were often buried at night in the margins of catholic cemeteries or placed in secret plots. Many "Angels Plots" are in non-denominational places like Glasnevin, 50.000 at last count.

    In the 5th century, St Augustine said that babies of unwed mothers go to Hell, so in recent centuries they invented Limbo, a place not mentioned in any scriptures.

    I have no interest in religion, I have other forms of entertainment. Any religion which treats babies with such contempt is not deserving of any praise. Any religion or culture which causes family to splash acid in the faces of their daughters, murder their offspring by stoning or any method is not worth following. I respect the right of anyone to believe in what they want as long as they don't harm others, which the parents of these young mothers, the church and the State obviously did in this case.

    The attention should now turn to the Pope to answer the question; "Shouldn't ALL babies go to Heaven?"

    Joe Buns

  8. A true insight into the lies and hypocrisy of the Catholic Church in Ireland..lies and hypocrisy that still exist to this day and go's right up to the central table in the Vatican ... shameful... I am against all forms of Bigotry, Racism, Sectarianism , Hate and Violence in Ireland today, but this pales everything else into dare these people still apply for acceptance in our society today.

    JJ - Belfast

  9. Read my novel ‘Druid’ by Michael Conneely, for more about the horror of the Catholic Church’s treatment of orphans and their mothers.

    I myself was placed in a Bons Seccours Convent Orphanage at Sheringham in Norfolk, in England where my mother had left her family of 14 children to work on a farm.

    The Reverend Mother then blackmailed my mother to agree to place me for adoption.

    When she then asked to change her mind, a further Blackmail was made on her by the Parish Priest of The Church of Christ the King, at Tully Cross, Co Galway,

    Tully Cross is in the Arch Diocese of Tuam, it’s very close to where the sad bodies of the 796 orphans have now been discovered.

    The Parish Priest told my mother that if she made any attempt to return to England to keep me, he would be ‘reluctantly compelled to inform her mother of her lapse from Virtue’.

    I have the copies of all the blackmail documents.

    As a penance he then made her climb the near-by Croagh Patrick Mountain, barefoot.

    In my novel, I look at the terrible consequences of Saint Patrick’s conversion of Ireland after his forty days’ fast on near-by Croagh Patrick: Ireland’s Holy Mountain. After Saint Patrick converted Ireland, the Irish then lost their language, their forests and their sovereignty.

    The consequences for the mothers and the children of the Catholic Church’s treatment are huge: and they last for generations.

    I also record my own and my mother’s story in the novel.

    I now ask for Croagh Patrick Mountain to be renamed - and actions taken to undo the damage Saint Patrick did to the Irish People.

    If you would like to read it, my novel, Druid, by Michael Conneely, is available on Amazon as paperback or kindle.

    Pat - Galway

  10. 4 million pounds being spent on the palace in Lisbreen! Septic tank for the poor unwanted children. The whole thing is unGodly!

    People wake up!

    1. £4 million ... Is that true?

    2. Very very true - its is like a five star hotel. A complete transformation from a victorian palace to a modern day millionaire glass fronted, open plan palace complete with antique furniture!

      Take a drive up, ask the neighbours or builders! The antiques, well they are in cold storage!

      Check the facts out yourself, don't take my word for it! The next bill will be the weekly window cleaner/s bill!

  11. To say these folks were absolute monsters is an understatement to be honest. At least Hitler killed his victims effectively and burned the remains...

    These whack jobs starved their victims all babies for their entire life, the survivors became more than the church could make a profit from when the state payment dried up at the age of 7 and so they were dispensed with at that point.

    Those that didn't survive (in the case of this one orphanage roughly 2 per month) were thrown into the trash!

    Why would anyone expect anything less from the Catholic Church to be honest.... If I found out tomorrow that they supplied Zyclon B to Nazi Germany during the war and wrote the user manual it wouldn't surprise me.

    A plaque... to commemorate what? the victims of mass murder now?... Is child abuse based utterly incomprehensible dogma, torture and other crimes not enough already?

    Ex-Catholic and Professor of Social Studies

  12. It would be preferable that the Irish Taoiseach set up an independent judicial inquiry into the running of the Tuam Mother and Child Home. The records are in the HSE, the Council, maybe the dioceses offices of Tuam and the government. It should be a relative straight forward procedure to pull all the documents together and interview witnesses, religious, lay and civil service - those that are still alive. There should be no interdepartmental reports or meetings on the matter. There should be no fumbling civil servant evidence as we have seen lately. Justice needs to be seen to be done - or else we will have a repeat performance. A certain Father Flanagan of Chicago in the United States issued an independent report on Irish orphanages in the 1930s and he was told by the Irish government minister Boland that it could not be true. He was proved right at the end of the day.


  13. I'm a Catholic and I feel it was totally appropriate that the Irish Government closed its embassy to the Vatican in 2011 and that the Taoiseach put on the Dail record a stinging rebuke of the Catholic Church. The only leader of the Western world to ever do so.

    I also feel sure these instances were not exclusive to Ireland nearly 100 years ago. Its good the can of worms that was the Catholic Church in Ireland has been stripped away and revealed for what it was. Other countries need to do the same for the abuses of all organised religions. I personally don't have much faith in any organised religion.


  14. And now the church wants to put up a plaque and say a few prayers and leave these bodies in the septic tank. Even 50+ years on these children are to be denied a decent burial.

    Why? Are they afraid of what we'll find? Crushed skulls and ligatures, perhaps?

    I will reiterate what Ruari Phelan said: The Catholic Church is an insult to human dignity


  15. Nothing surprises me any more about the RC church and its activity any more except that so many intelligent people still believe in it. On holiday in Ecuador once I commented on a particularly grand church building and our guide quipped "oh that's closed down now" and went on "its just like the Roman Catholic church, very grand on the outside but completely empty and lifeless on the inside"


  16. The headline to this story really is scandalous. No bodies have been found - in a septic tank or elsewhere as no excavation works have taken place and none were lost. All deaths were recorded properly in accordance with the law. The graves were not marked, that was never and is not now a crime. Some boys uncovered some bones back in 1995. The bones were surprise, surprise in a graveyard attached to the home in Tuam, which also in the past had a water tank situated in it. Now ask yourself, how big would a tank have to be for 796 bodies to be buried in it? Not just babies as children and adults of all ages lived there and succombed to contagious diseases as well as malnutrition and everyother malaise that was thrown at them. By the way the Galway County archive records such deaths and malnutrition as happening in their hospitals too, so there must have been some far reaching conspiracy going here for you to investigate Pat?

    Carry on Sherlock, awaiting your next report!

    D&C - PP

    1. From the report I heard on RTe, the two boys, now men, spoke themselves about jumping off a wall and landing on a concrete slab that cracked. They opened it and discovered Skelton remains piled on top of one another. DC PP - pls don't make excuses for the horrors of ur institution - ur institution is on life support and people are starting to see it for what it is. There are no graves near by these children are nowhere else but inside that tank. It is sickening and repulsive and I find ur defence of it totally shocking. Getting back to my point... The two boys, now men , believe they discovered the tank back in 1975 and a self righteous PP in Tuam convinced the local community it was a famine grave... Then it was a baby grave... The full horror was covered up and not doubt many in ur institution would love it to remain so. I hope one day that you realise that if Jesus came back tomorrow he'd wipe the dust and the lot of you from the soles of his feet!
      Paul, Falls Road

  17. The State has the majority blame in my view.

    Read my post above and this one from the Galway County Archives:

    "In 1927 the Committee passed the following resolution, ‘That considering the prevalence of sexual immorality, as evidenced by the number of illegitimate births at the Maternity Hospital in Galway, this Committee deplore the departure from the old Gaelic traditions of purity, caused, in our opinion by the lessening of parental control, and the lack of proper supervision on the occasion of dances and other entertainments of a similar nature, and we therefore most respectfully suggest to the Hierarchy of this County, to appeal to the people, through the Clergy, for a return to the old Gaelic customs, under which such scandals were practically unknown" (GC6/6, 15 June 1927, pp5-6). This doesn't look to me like the Church was leading rather the opposite. Neither did the nuns want a maternity unit until it looks like they were forced to have one!


  18. P.S.

    The Archives also record this:

    Up until the mid-1930s the Matron usually reported on the number of unmarried mothers admitted each month, followed by details relating to attempts to recoup the costs from the putative fathers. "In 1937 the Board passed a resolution ordering that ‘Unmarried mothers are not, in future, to be admitted" (GC6/16, 20 March 1937, p20).

    No problem they can all go down the road to those nuns who had doubts in the first place whether they could cope, at least they are off our nice clean premises. Jake this isn't the Church doing this, whatever faults they have and they have many, this was done by the State and their agencies.

  19. i have ceased being a member of the catholic church because of the cover ups, cardinal brady, and the total filth inflicted on innocent children.i have read the murphy and ryan reports.totally sickening.god only knows what else will be revealed.

    Sean - Donegal

  20. Glad I left the RC Church 15 years ago and joined a Christian Church. However there are great people in the RC Church who would be horrified by this.


  21. This act of great humanity by the Christian Church shows how superior it is to the Islam faith. I would certainly trust a member of staff from this home and those in the church hierarchy who oversaw it to go down to the shops for me.

    Thank God I'm a practising atheist!!


  22. The Catholic church in Ireland for much of its history was anything but christian in its attitude to women and children - a thundering disgrace.

    The arch-conservative nature of wider Irish society until the 1960/ 70's was equally to blame allowing the church to run riot and destroy many innocent lives.


  23. This is simply atrocious! the very people who bleat on about the supposed 'right to life' of the unborn discarding the bodies of these babies as though they were pieces of rubbish with not even a decent funeral or burial.


  24. Anybody involved with any of the "so called" Christian churches should hang their heads in shame.You can be assured that there are a lot of skeletons in all of their cupboards but are well hidden by some and will be discovered in time when the offensive against the RC,s is burnt out and focus is re-directed..


  25. More evidence of the disgusting institution that is the catholic church. How anyone can claim to be a part of this without hanging their head in abject shame is beyond me. As ever the phrase suffer the little children to come on to me comes to mind - and suffer they did and continue to do so at the hands of rapists and torturers protected within this sickening body of men who claim to be our moral guarantors. No doubt the apologists within and without the catholic church will find their reasons and excuses for this genocide of innocent children in order for the church to maintain some semblance of relevance in society. But your days are numbered and rightly so. Just get out of our society.

    East Belfast

  26. If I were to take a defenceless human being -- a terminally ill little girl say -- and place her alone in a room, without medication, without food, and out of reach of medical intervention that could save her life, I'd be guilty of premeditated murder.
    If I were to, say, withhold food from that same little girl, in the mistaken belief that starvation might cure her, I'd be guilty of manslaughter.

    I believe that the first scenario applies to the twisted sisters of the Bon Secours order based in Tuam. In other words: they knew what they were doing.


  27. It defies imagination the circumstances under which those poor babies and young children lived and died, the mothers forced into a catholic-run gulag by their own parents and the bodies of those babies and children thrown away as if they had never existed. All very 'pro-life' to me...bleating on about the sanctity of the unborn's right to life but callous disregard once it is born. Sickening.


  28. 1975 Boys playing saw skulls and bones through a crack in the concrete. They told their parents who told the priest who had it covered up. No reporting a crime to the police. The government knew last year and did nothing. Thank goodness for the diligence of Catherine Corless. We need the UN to investigate this.

    We need to end Rome Rule. Sign & Share


  29. The very fact this has not been a criminal investigation from day one regarding this situation, is beyond my comprehension.

    This should be referrred to the International Criminal Court, as this criminal act is clearly within their remit.

    As for the people of Ireland.

    The people of Ireland turned a blind eye while those vermin did this to those children.

    The relevant authorities such as Garda, Courts, Prosecutors, TDs, Senators, etc in Ireland turned a blind eye to what was done to those children.

    As for the perpetrators. They clearly are the enemies of not only children but the human race. Only an organisation soaked in pathological hatred of children could have sat quietly by saying nothing about what was clearly heineous crimes.

    In a normal society, there would be major demonstrations by now calling not only for justice but most likely blood. Instead there is silence, hand ringing and heads bowed. People are still showing reverence to those who did this and the organisation they come from. On top of that people still find it acceptable to allow people from that same organisation to teach children.

    Have none of you realised how insane it is to allow those from that organisation to be anywhere near children, let alone teaching them and running hospitals after finding out about this?


  30. If this didn't involve the catholic church this would be a crime scene.


  31. Any excuse to climb on the " Hate the Catholic Church" express! Please keep your hateful, bigoted comments to yourself. You don't know what you are talking about. This story is sleazy, sensationalized and hurtful. the truth seems to point to something very different than what is being portrayed here. It seems they just like a shark like feeding frenzy of postings. So bad.

  32. We must not pretend that what happened at this institution is an isolated horror that we can all feel better about after determining who is to blame. The truth is far more horrific than anything yet suggested here. Church, state, and ordinary christians (Church of Ireland too) conspired to completely detroy the lives of women and children in a network of institutions that flourished without question or complaint. This isn't ancient history being discussed, but abuses that took place in living memory still harming families scattered throughout the world. Blaming individuals or one specific order of nuns does not cleanse the stain of a culture that encouraged shame, secrecy, cruelty and utter obedience within an infallible hierarchy (all of which allow abuse to flourish).


  33. ”Hildegarde Naughton, a Fine Gael Senator from Galway, claimed in the Irish Senate that what had occurred at the mothers and babies home was in fact criminal.


  34. For the past two hundred years, tens of thousands of sisters gave their working lives for the Irish poor: educating them, nursing them, loving them. Irish missionaries sisters did likewise for the poor of Africa and America. What Ireland, Africa, and America owe them is beyond calculation. They have not asked for thanks or compensation. Nor do they today.

    At the very least, before the full facts are established in this case, nobody should fly off into tirades of judgment about the circumstances that surround the site.

    It is appalling to see the tides of hate speech that flow through these comments.

    Have any of their authors contributed an hour, a day, or a week--never mind a lifetime--to nursing unwanted, ill, or handicapped children?

    If not, they have no authority to condemn out of hand the shortcomings of those who did so.

    Many of the commentators show no understanding of the moral vision that carried these women through lives of thankless service.


    1. Colin... A moal vision?? Please!! I would let these women board my Dog in a kennel for a weekend!

  35. Seriously?! How many priests have been caught with their pants down? Do you seriously think the nuns are above reproach? They are just as vulnerable as their male counterparts, but nobody seems to hold them accountable! What is the Catholic problem here?! Give up the tainted, and bring in the" pure" !


  36. New addition to Crusades and
    Inquisition, to Magdalene laundries, and world–wide net of pedophiles. Does
    such church have the right to cover its buildings with the Cross or by any
    other means to associate itself with Christianity?


  37. New addition to Crusades and
    Inquisition, to Magdalene laundries, and world–wide net of pedophiles. Does
    such church have the right to cover its buildings with the Cross or by any
    other means to associate itself with Christianity?


  38. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse ... they do. We could hold individuals accountable for a few deaths of babies & mothers here & there. But when eight hundred are discovered on the grounds of one so called 'home,' that is another matter entirely. How did the mothers superior blush when complimented on the way they kept costs down? How many times did they hear how wonderful they were, that so many infants were adopted out. And all the time, they were eliminating those babies, little soul by little soul.


  39. While you are all demonizing the nuns and the Church for allegedly throwing away babies and children, I would hope you would reflect on the fact that these children's families had already thrown them away, society had already thrown them away. Reflect upon the fact that gravestones and cemeteries are for mourning families. THERE WERE NONE!!!! The nuns did the best they could with the resources available. They knew these children's souls went to God. They had no need to worry about the flesh left behind. We should all be so practical on the matter of death


  40. The two Archbishops in Dublin and Tuam, two archdicks - Another two clowns trying to cover up for the evil scum.


  41. And there you have the mentality of a lot of people in Ireland,always defend the Irish Catholic church to the last!look 800 kids bodies were thrown in a septic tank!wake up out of your brain washed state of mind,,The childrens families did either throw them away or forced their daughters to condemn them to the "home"because of the "shame"it brought on the family and by intimidation from priests,nuns etc..Many people in Ireland do not want to face the facts that something terrible has been done by members of the catholic clergy


  42. If they did die of a legit disease as did many children in the early 1900s then do we throw them all in a big hole with no markings, no respect for a human being? Why didn't they have a proper burial ground on the site, bury them properly and put some kind of marking if even just first names if the problem was privacy. Something...Were any ever seen by a Dr? Are there any birth or death records other than this list? Had they been well fed and cared for maybe many more could have been properly and legally adopted. Where did they go before this septic tank was removed? There could not have been a large cement slab over it while they were using it. Did the children of the home ever see this? An investigation is definitely needed.


  43. There is nobody who can tell me that the politicians, Priests and the Bishops did not know about the massacre of the Holy Innocents that took place in Galway and if it be known, this is only the tip of the iceberg. What we are going to see now is the big cover up coming from the politicians, Bishops and Priests. The number of people who died in the Troubles of the North is just a miniscule number compared to this slaughter. All these Bishops in Ireland should step down and confess their guilt and mortal sins. They should parade around their Diocese in sack clothes and ashes. We cannot allow Kenny and his buddies to cover this up. We owe a great thank you to Mrs. Corles for exposing this atrocity.


  44. I can see a witch hunt underway! The facts are , in fact , very informative! I suggest you all look at them. The health board was the responsible party, the nuns cared for the children in the nasty conditions given them. The community sent these mothers and children to the place! The nuns, like any religious order, do not profit. They serve. They offer their lives caring for the poor,the unwanted, which these were. Please inform yourselves. I am really sick of the Catholic bashing. It is very sick.


  45. I am Catholic, but for years I could not call the Church in Ireland 'Catholic.' I called it 'The Irish Church.' Yes, there were kind religious who suffered silently, but kept the light of charity in their heart, but top down from McQuaid, it was cold, unresponsive, intimidating, oozing an ethos of guilt, shame and fear, rather than Love. Jansenism permeated thought and deed and despite Irish priests going to the US and experiencing a welcome and outpouring of affection, they did not return that to their people. This bothers me, because they did experience a better way.


  46. Did you hear the story of the young teen girl. unmarried, who found herself pregnant? An older man, not the father, married her and the child was named Jesus. This happened about 2000 years ago in the middle east, but if it had happened in Ireland, Jesus might have been dumped in a septic tank in Galway.
    Did any of the mothers die at the home? Where are they buried, or is it a very big septic tank?
    And since it is not probable that any of these babies were conceived by immaculate conception, congrads to the boys and men who deserted the women and children and left them to this fate. Hope there is a corner of hell reserved for you guys.



  48. Let's read the FACTS, straight from the woman who did the research:
    Surprise, surprise...the media has misreported. There was no mention of dumping children's bodies into septic tank. I'm sure Pat would not like to contribute to the spread of misinformation

  49. Believe me, pat has never been shy about passing misinformation.

    1. Including your information on his blog!!!!!!!!

  50. I have never posted information here, but gave been proud to sign my name!