Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Suspended priest - Terry Brady

On Sunday 29th June 2014 I suspended Terry Brady as a priest of The Oratory Society for three reasons:

1. His lack of committment to the Society and to the congregation at Larne.

2. Serious concerns I had about his psychological stability.

3. The continued making of unsubstantiated - and unreported - claims of sexual abuse / harrassment against a wide number of Catholic bishops, priests and seminarians.

In keeping with natural justice I gave Terry 10 days to appeal my decision to the chairperson of The Oratory Society - a lay person - who has also been a loyal friend and supporter to Terry.

Those 10 days ended last night and Terry made no contact with the chair person and made no effort to lodge an appeal.

I had assured Terry in writing that our chair person had full authority to overturn my decision and that if she did so I would accept her decision without hesitation and that as far as I was concerned there would be absolutely no tension between him and I. 

However, during the past week Terry contacted me on a number of occasions.

Through a mutual friend he asked if it would be okay for him to telephone me. I agreed immediately. In fact That was on last Tuesday 1st July 2014 and I was travelling all day in the North of England. I texted him at 6.54 pm to tell him I was free to take his call.   

Five hours later - at 11.21 pm I received a text from him which read: "Apols Pat, I'm a little drunk and broken. Can I speak when sober"?

I immediately replied: "Absolutely".

For 24 hours I heard nothing and at 10.42 pm on July 2nd I texted him to say: "Thought you were gonna ring me today"?

That was the last I heard from Terry.

These texts in themselves show the problems I have been having with Terry for years. He makes arrangements and never keeps them. 

It is very difficult to have a working relationship with someone who says one thing and does another. 

Somehow I have come to believe that Terry lives in his own world - a world that does not always have connections with the real world.

But I am more concerned that he continues to make claims about people that are serious.

He has been saying recently that a retired bishop had him to dinner one evening and spent the whole meal talking about the male genitalia!

He claims that the same bishop has invited him to another dinner in the coming weeks. I do not know if the proposed meeting with this bishop is a reality - but I think that the bishop should show caution in arranging such a meeting.

Terry also claims that currently two priests of  an Irish diocese are trying to seduce him. If there are priests in touch with him then they need to know what is being said.

We all know that there is abuse, sexual harrassment etc alive and well in the Catholic Church. All such instances should be reported to the church authorities - and if a crime has been committed - or is going to be committed - then these matters should be reported to the police and/or social services.

However we all need to be very careful also about making accusations - because if innocent people are accused - then even if they are found to be untrue - in the current climate mud sticks.

+Pat Buckley


  1. Terry Brady is a fantasy "priest". He is a "priest" who has never left home and lives with his daddy and mammy; draws a large salary from teaching RE in a Roman Catholic school in which he is supposed to uphold the Catholic ethos; was deemed unworthy of ordination by the authorities of the Irish College in Rome; proclaims he is doing a doctorate in theology for the past God knows how many years; and according to reports thinks that every second Catholic cleric wants to take him to bed!

    Pat, you are an intelligent man. Why did you not catch on to this man when he came to you first five years ago?

    PP D&C

  2. PP D&C,

    Thats a very good question. I am now sorry that I ordained him and allowed him to be part of The Oratory Society.

    But what bishop has not been let down by a priest he ordained?


    1. Pat you have Nothing to be sorry for. You did what you believed to be right. Life is a progression and the Church is a community who put discerning the Will of God at the centre of what they do. I recall a phrase from scripture. "like gold in the furnace He tested them" Terry appears to have a few cracks. The Oratory appears to be more humane than what I perceived Elphin to be in 1999. That being said when one's head is in a strange place ones perception of reality and choices is often flawed. The Oratory can only act in Best Interest and show Duty of Care. As for Terry, I hope he finds the God who believes in him and that anyone hurt as a result of his journey will find healing. Sean

  3. I do not think that Bishop Pat is to blame for responding with his typical "yes" to all those who have come to him after being rejcted by the official church.

    So many of us have experienced his "yes" after a lot of "no's" and having presbytery - church and palace doors slammed on our faces.

    The sad thing is that many have come to him over the years, got what they wanted, and then headed off with thoughtlessness and ingratitude.

    Terry is only one of many. But some of us expected more from Terry. How very wrong we were and how hurt and disappointed he leaves us. Sadly he does not seem to care?

    Oratory Member

  4. From reading this Blog the impression could go out that every priest in Ferns Diocese (Wexford) thinks that Terry Brady is a wonderful man and God's gift.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Those of us who got to know him here in the Sunny South East have grave reservations about him and would not in fact want to be in his company.

    There may be one or two of our colleagues who feel sorry for him. But the main thrust of opinion here is "hands off".

    CC Ferns

  5. As one member of the clergy whose friendship and kindness was misconstrued I am very grateful to have been made aware of my vulnerability to misinterpretation and possible accusation. I feel I can now take steps to protect myself in the future