Sunday, 20 July 2014


Are you RC Postive - RC+

Do you suffer from the life desroying disease called CATHOLIC GUILT?

Its hard to believe it but in 2014 I am still coming across people whose lives are being destroyed by the deadly disease called Catholic Guilt.

Only this week I came across someone suffering from this disease to the point where their lives are been totally destroyed.

This person I cam across is a young man in his 30's from the West of Ireland. He happens to be gay. But he also happens to to go to Mass and Holy Communion several times a week and he has a strong Catholic faith.

He has not been able to tell anyone that he is gay. His mother and father are devout Mass goers and he feels that if he tells them who he really is that they will disown him and accuse him of bringing shame on the family and it's "good" name. In fact they will probably expel him from the house and he will be homeless.

He feels that he cannot tell his brothers and sisters is gay because they are all "straight" and married with kids and very involved with parish activities in the rural area in which he lives.

He feels that he cannot talk to his priest because he is quite sure the parish priest will throw him out of confession and maybe ban him from going to Communion.

He cannot tell his friends because he is afraid they will tell his "secret" to others on the locality.

He is afraid to go to Dublin to gay bars in case he meets anyone there that might know him.

He is afraid to meet another man because his Catholic brainwashing has him convinced that an encounter with another man will be a mortal sin.

If he has thoughts about another man he is riddled with guilt for having "impure thoughts".

If he relieves himself sexually he convinced that he is committing the serious sin of "self abuse"!

This young man is riddled with anxiety and is more and more prone to depression. 

In my view some one like him is in very serious danger of harming or killing himself.

He is already afraid that he will have a nervous breakdown and end up committed to a psychaitric unit.

His attidude to his sexuality is a product of the "moral" (or indeed immoral) religious education he had in his Catholic primary and secondary svhools.

His guilt has been further enforced by attendng Catholic retreats and by listening to sermons in Catholic churches. 

He is a prisoner of his guilt. It is gradually choking him - killing him.

He is alone and feels that he has no one to talk to.

He rang me in sheer desperation because he has heard and read things I have said over the years. But its very hard for me to help him sufficiently by telephone.

I will try and find someone in his own area that he can talk to - to see if we can rescue him from the irrational and mad guilt that is gradually sucking the life and happiness out of him.  

Thankfully people like this are becoming scarcer in our country since the Catholic Church has been exposed for the scandelous nonsense it has been filling Irish heads with for hundreds of years.

Young men like I describe are victims of the Catholic Church's mental, emotional, moral and sexual abuse.

And many of the men - the clerics - who have kept people like this young man in a Hell of Guilt have been off flying their own kites for decades or centuries - haveing sex with women, men and children - and covering it all up.

And they have come back with the smell of sex and abuse upon them and entered confession boxes and mounted pulpits and did everything in their power to condemn everybody else into miserable prisons of shame, of guilt, of despair, of Magdalen laundries, oh children's homes - and into early graves! 

The whole thing is a terrible and cynical con job.

The whole thing is an exercise of mind control and population control.

In fact it is nothing short of a work of evil!

Do you suffer from the disease called Catholic Guilt? Are you RC Positive?   Do you know people who are?  

Get help before its too late.

+Pat Buckley



  1. Pat,

    Delighted to see that you are blogging again about such relevant topics.

    What you have written about in this blog piece is of great significance and importance. It is important for people to realise that RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY are fundamentally two different things.

    Religion is about control. Humans for millennia have used it to control the thoughts, minds, souls, bodies, sexual organs, bedrooms, sexualities and most of all the wallets and purses of its believers.

    Spirituality is about freedom. Humans, until they invented religion as an institution were seeking into the depths of wonder, living life to the full, experiencing everything that is good, experiencing mistakes without guilt ridden regrets and finding love, happiness and contentment along this journey of ours.

    Now, Jesus came not to form religion but to set us free from it and to encourage us to find our spiritual roots and to dig deep into the journey of life.

    I have been cured from RC+ and i consider myself to be free from middle men who believe they control Jesus. I am a liberal Pat, a Christian Liberal, and i believe that You as a bishop or the Pope of Rome are no different to me nor do you possess some secret power that controls Jesus. jesus, was a revolutionary in the sense that he set us free to live life to the full, and when we experienced the falls we trust his hand will be there to reach down and raise us up on high.

    Tonight i sat outside with a wee dram watching the stars over the Firth of Lorn, Bessie my Labrador sat next to me. As i looked up into the stars above, i felt the stillness. I felt Awe. I felt Wonder. I felt the smallness and yet my importance in my place in the world. Then, i recalled your blog and that poor trapped young man. I took a sip of the dram and felt the closeness to my pet Bessie, who sat beside in complete stillness and silence, not even a breath, while her eyes looked down the Glen and out across Oban and onto the Firth. I'd no idea what she was thinking but i didn't need to know either. Because in that that moment i knew her soul, her spirit just like mine was free and full a deep emotion that words couldn't describe. In that moment, i knew that Religion would be like confining Bessie to a travelling Kennel and depriving her of that moment and life of freedom, which at best she would only glimpse through the angle of metal grills.

    If the young man is reading this blog ... open the windows of your life and breath in the air of true Spiritual freedom. You will look back, smile and never give religion a second thought.

    Edmund, Oban.

  2. Good Man Oban. It is great to see a real pewrson who is not afraid to put their name where their pen or mouth is. As for guilt growing up in the west of Ireland I can identify with that and relate that I suffered from the infection even though I had no reason to be guilty for anything. I was brought up by my Mother and two Aunts. Shal we say that their experience of relationships with the opposite sex were in the most part negative. Logic has nothing to do with it but I grew up with a sense of inferiority and believing I was not good enough (& perhaps not physicaly capable) of having a meaningful relationship with a woman. Guilt like Faith is for the most part caught and not taught in my belief. I wish I had some concrete advice for the man from the west but talking to somebody like yourself is a good start. Sometimes the blogs can be dressed with irony or indeed sarcasm but I know that face to face this man will get a caring ear from yourself. The West's awake was the old warcry. I wish this man well and God Speed on his journey. Sean