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Father Joe McGuigan

The story is this and many people in the Lower Falls and beyond KNOW this story! McGuigan had left the priesthood at the time having, as Bishop Pat says, successfully portrayed himself as a 'victim' - quite an incredible feat in itself (Don't Go Fr Joe, candlelight vigils and all, with good people like Loney Granny having been sucked in by the whole charade of Joe McGuigan as the 'Mother Teresa' of the Lower Falls).
Monsignor Tom Toner

A young homeless man went to the now ex-priest McGuigan desperate for accommodation. McGuigan, now being employed in charge of the St Peters homeless centre, told the lad 'if you don't have sex with me, I will see to it that you never get a flat anywhere in Belfast. 

The young man agreed to sleep with him. Later, feeling bad, he went to the police who advised if he pursued it would go public. The young man didn't want his parents and girlfriend to find out. He took his own life. He left a suicide note. 

Father Hugh Kennedy

That note was shown to Hugh Kennedy who turned on his heel and walked away after reading it. 
Bishop Paddy Walsh

McGuigan, an unscrupulous sex pest + a vulnerable, desperate young man = tragedy! There is also the question of Finances and McGuigan blaming it all on a local woman. McGuigan was 'quietly let go. He is now a 'Pizza boy' somewhere up the Road. The whole episode of his 'coming out' was paid for by the bishop to a very expensive PR company here in the North - a fortune was paid to 'manage' Joe's shock-horror 'I'm gay!' announcement as if we didn't already know all about his fun and games


  1. God has already spoken to a Monsignor Thomas Toner about this young man.

    Further extensive interviews are planned with a Bishop Patrick Walsh, A Father John Mc Manus, a Father Hugh Kennedy and a Mr Joseph McGuigan


  2. That story has going around for quite a while now. A nest of vipers.

  3. Pat,

    Yet again a vulnerable person suffers at the hands of a Priest, & the 'best' that +PW & his cohorts could do is move into defence mode, and 'circle the wagons' with the help of a PR company.
    As a Priest of this diocese, I continue to be shocked by the almost daily revelations about members of the clergy; mind you, when you see what is going on at Lisbreen, it is little wonder, that many clergy feel they are immune to any censor. (Château de Noel as one of your contributors refers to it) What a parody of the gospel !
    Our Diocese is in turmoil, and +Noel is doing the "ostrich trick" ; all very sad.

    "Where there is no vision, the people perish".

    Priest of the Diocese.

  4. Sure the young lad was a "nobody" as far as they were concerned. A messed up young guy on the streets that Joe fancied and wanted his fun with. A pity the suicide note wouldn't surface! You'll see some scarpering then! And rember, McGuigan was given a public role when St Peters was reopened after renovtions and he was out of the priests by then.

  5. With the greatest respect to the memory of the young bi guy who took his life, its not the first time in history that sex has been used to obtain favours. I have no doubt that at the time this was a consensual sexual encounter between two adults. It is not as black and white as is portrayed. Perhaps drink was involved, but no coercion and no exploitation. There are a vast number of married, partnered and seemingly straight guys who have sex with men, and who enjoy it. Come away from this black and white ignorance of human emotions, motivation and action. Human sexual relationships are infinite shades of grey. Priest friend of J McG

    1. How ofter have we heard it before:


      Dr. Belfast

    2. Can a "consensual sexual encounter" happen between a vulnerable homeless young man and a member of a caring profession who has the power to end his homelessness?

      I very much doubt it.

      Catholic Psychiatrist

    3. Its all grey areas whrn it suits you and your like, perverted "Priest friend of JMcG"!

    4. Priest friend of Joe McG - do us all a favour and GET OUT OFF THE PRIESTHOOD! You are as sick and twisted as he is! Parishioner.

    5. Parishioner, I understand your justified anger - but I think you are a bit severe. I would ask that priest friend of JMcG to seriously consider his views and be more objective. Think of the sadness of the loss of a young life and his family living with their tragedy forever.


    6. It seems to me that many priests are at the least ammoral and at the worst evil. How can the JMcG ever be justified, rationalised or explained away. Let us see it and call it as IT IS

  6. Noel Treanor and his brainchild LIVING CHURCH is Noel moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Is no one watching for the icebergs?


  7. It is also worth noting that Joe McGuigan used the Gay Community at the time and got them all worked up about him being outed. I remember Joe McGuigan telling a few of us that he was outed by Pat Buckley. But he never told us that Pat tried to get the photo off the Internet - and he certainly never told us that a young man had taken his own life.

    I was taken in by his story - Sorry Pat.

    Community Worker Belfast

  8. The Diocese of Down and Connor should erect a memorial to this young man in the cathedral - and make a generous donation to the Belfast homeless.

    Proud Mother of a gay son

  9. Has PADDY WALSH anything to say about this???


    The silence is deafening :-(

  10. Is ANYONE really surprised that HUGH KENNEDY did not want to know about this?

    PP D&C

    1. NO - but I a little surprised that +Noel Treanor re-installed Hugh Kennedy in the cathedral - thereby publicly asserting his confidence in him!


    2. Whats happening in the Cathedral is astonishing but I don't think the bishop had any other option from a legal standpoint. Kennedy's acting out was (is?) with an adult. Though I wouldn't let the man within a mile of my teenage sons! I still think though, in any other 'caring' profession, Kennedy would never been allowed back.

    3. When did a Catholic bishop ever care about civil law?

      Morals are supposed to come before law.

      Catholic Solicitor, Belfast.

  11. Would a Good Shepherd put a wolf in charge of his sheep?

    What world do you live in if you think that Hugh Kennedy would have ever sued Noel Treanor?

  12. True, I cant understand how HK was allowed back to st Peters and the situation there with Fr Dallat is bizarre. Fr Dallat does all the the work and Kennedy ponses around with Nigel and all them wee lads.

    1. Why does Father Dallat tolerate it?

      Obedience? To who?

    2. In fairness, Father Dalat is only following his bishop's instructons.


  13. It is all God's will

  14. Self Destruct Buttons.

    As a former seminarian, i would like to add a comment to this post. Priesthood in the sense of Catholicism is an illusion. Most people see their priests vested and reverent on the altar, and if they are lucky encounter priests in their homes when they minister to them during wakes etc... They illusion is for them to be seen as Godly men - above the laity and closer to God than the people they serve.

    Let me please tell you what i discovered. The first month i spent in Maynooth it was a spiritual month for 1st year seminarians. I enjoyed and I got a lot out of it. Then the rest of the students returned and i remembered the first saturday night in the college chapel, We'd gathered for evening prayer and benediction, then there was a holy hour before night prayer in which students had the opportunity to go to confession. The college chapel quickly emptied, and i believed they were all away to confession. Not at all, a large majority of them were in the town pinting away before they had to return for night prayer. I quickly discovered cynicism - towards lectures, prayer and ministry. Students hated visiting schools, hospitals or prisons. They hated attending lectures and often regurgitated essays from former pupils years gone by. Drink played a huge role in the social life, and from what it hear it still does. Grand silence never happened as students were running in out of each other's rooms. Sex did happened with. It was all for show. It was as if a checklist was provided - Turn up for prayer - don't challenge the system - don't get caught etc... tick them off and hay-presto you got ordained. Yet, the one thing they never addressed was celibacy because everyone knows that men need release natural urges either through masturbation or with sex. It's virtually impossible for a young man in his twenties to refrain from sex and masturbation from the moment he enters until the day he dies. We might want to convince ourselves that priests don't play with their willies but they do - masturbating and sex is natural but preaching to restraining such desires is what's unnatural and harmful.

    Once ordained this self deluded believe is carried over into priesthood in which young priests talk about the joys of celibacy and priesthood while the darkness of their decision creeps around them, with loneliness, temptations etc... And with that rise up onto the pedestal comes the immense respected at a very young and vulnerable age in which people place their complete trust, secrets and finances into your hands while you assume great responsibility over schools, hospitals and community halls. Mixed in with this toxic mix is the brotherhood of cynical priests who recite the RC script in public but who in private live very troubled lives, some turn to drink, some turn to power and some turn to sex. Very few, and to be honest i know of none are truly holy men dedicated to a life of prayer and ministry. Your more likely to find a priest obsessed with his Audi, holidays "retreats" (That's a joke) fine furnishings, dressed in lace, fine wining and dinning, financing a gambling addiction, searching for a apartment to get away from it than you are to see them praying. When was the last time you walked into a church and caught a priest praying in his own free time or saw a priest walk the grounds of the church praying the breviary? The whole system is toxic and as such leads to cynical men who don't believe, have no relationship with Jesus slipping into lives that are immorally corrupt and they know the risk but they clearly don't care as long as people continue to believe the illusion - and that is what is killing Catholicism. It's not the gays getting married or women wanting ordained, it's not the remarried divorcees or the sex scandals - IT'S CYNICISM and PRIESTS WITH SELF DESTRUCT BUTTONS.

    SP Galway.

  15. Dear SP,

    Thank you for you very sad but very true blog.

    I recognise everything you say. So will any honest priest.

    I hope life in the "normal world" is being good to you.


    1. +Pat

      "Normal World" lol

      Life is good. I don't subscribe to the illusion anymore - but it took me a long time to free my mind from the conditioning of Roman Catholicism. I'm now in my late 30's, in an loving relationship for over ten years with a wonderful man and i believe i am finding my path in life.

      Thomas Jefferson, who didn't believe in God edited the bible taking out all the miracles and myths until he ended up with only the teachings of Jesus's principles - to love and be loved. I try to follow those principals i fall and i fail, but i get up and keep trying. I have no faith in organised religion, but i trust in God and believe that Jesus spoke a truth for all humanity and it's a simple truth. i hope that by being honest in my heart an trying my best, by trusting in God and in Jesus the word made flesh that in the end God will see that by being me and living life to the full that i served him well in faith, word and deed.

      I'm delighted every day that i never got ordained. I dread to see what way my life would have turned out - I've no doubt that it wouldn't be as happy as the life i now lead. Plus, i'd hate to be trapped in an establishment where the clerics who run it are clearly out of control with their palaces and sense of self importance and unable to control their desires of the flesh.

      RC has such a hold on people. I think Jesus would agree with many anti-theists that organised religion needs to be destroyed for the good of humanity. From my understanding, Jesus came to set us free from religion - today i am free. Yet, when i read your blog of what's happening up in Belfast and the honesty from priests within the diocese i cannot help feel dismayed that such men, who don't know the gospel but preach it are turning hundreds of thousands of people away from the truth that Jesus came to set them free. Sadly these clerics don't care - but their time is limited.

      By the way, it's not just D&C that has these problems it endemic everywhere.


    2. Dear SP,

      I used "normal world" with a cheeky smile :-)

      I'm thrilled for you that you have found love in a special person. That's one of God's gifts to you.

      From what you say I imagine that the Real God is very happy with you, your humanity, your honesty and openness.

      I firmly believe that the form of Catholicism we have is a serious disease.

      Sadly the clerics are "carriers" of the disease and the people - the "sheep" have the full blown version. And sadly the disease is so mind destroying that these sheep think they are well!

      I have many contacts around the country and know that D&C is not any exception.

      But having spent 36 years here I can tell you that the disease I spoke of is at pandemic levels here just now.

      And no one seems to care :-(


    3. Open minded but Very Disappointed Parishioner6 September 2014 at 18:09

      Very profound and very moving. From what I read on this blog it does seem that the priesthood has been infiltrated by those who love self more than their flock, let alone God and all the pomp and circumstance, the finery, the illusion, and the pedestal. It is like they are putting on a performance at Mass with a couple of weekday matinees for the OAPs the way it is described - a bunch of pantomime dames. If I want a laugh I only have to look at those photos BP posted last month of all the mob in their lacey stuff clutching at each other's robes. It is such a circus it is frankly pathetic.

      Once again I do feel quite disillusioned by the whole Church thing. I really like to give people the benefit of the doubt and hear both sides but it seems there are just two extremes - those that are just making a mockery of it and themselves and those that are so full of damnation or denial. The ones left in the middle, struggling to hold it all together are the ones posting in desperation on this blog. It is so sad - these intelligent, informed, witty, faithful, and honest priests that post on here are just being lumped together with those that are totally without grace or humility. The whole thing is so damaged and diseased. I don't think it can recover. I agree that it needs to start afresh and I think that probably has to be done by the laity of all people. If we walk away the illusion is over.

    4. this is not true

  16. Given that there are probaly over 200 priests in the diocese I am puzzled Pat that you never seem to quantify the numebrs of priests who are either invovled in realtionships with men or women either through personal tetimony ro through third parties who are reliable sources .? What is more troubling is the fact that all these entries convey an impression of the D+C dicoese immersed in a clerical club where there is an inner circle of priests in denial but ambitious or misguided where their schizoid existence must be very depressing for those many humble and good priests who keep their own counsel but struggle with the clerical environment that they live in - for some it must be a solitary exsitence of loneliness , no support and a fear of admitting their demons but not being confident that their is compassion . Look at the fear of your priests submissions where this blog is the only place that they can insecret declare their true feelings . This is shocking and what does the Lost Generation of Catholics think of this .Where is the their true shepherd bot both priests and laity alike . ?

  17. the problem stems from the seminaries where trainee priests should have access to Psychotherapy to cope with the human demands made on them -

    1. Most young men enter the seminary with high ideals and a total lack of cynicism.

      The rot sets in within the seminary and is later componded by becoming members of the cynical clerical club after ordination.

      There are not enough psychotherapists in Ireland to deal with all the cynical priests.

      But we could all make a start with the Holy Spirit


  18. Dear Friend,

    I take your point. But how can we know such statistics.

    I know there are good priests in D&C.

    But I could take you through the alphabetical list of clergy on the web site or in the Diocesan Directory and express various "concerns" about many. I often do that.

    But if I were Noel Treanor and had both the year book and the files of priests beside me I would know what situations need attention.

    That would mean that "good" priests need encouragement and "problem" priests need support and guidance.

    But this is not happening.

    I am not sure that +NT has the skills it would take to what I call "re-evangelise" the diocese.

    It is the primary duty of the Bishop to oversee all of this - and with help - keep the good things going and make what's not so good better.

    But +NT seems to have given up and taken to the bunker.

    Thais effectively leaves priests and laity leaderless. The boat is without engine or rudder.

    What can those of us who care - both within the boat - and floating along outside it do?

    Have you any suggestions.

    I published my suggestions last week in my Blog - HOW TO SAVE THE DIOCESE OF DOWN & CONNOR


  19. Sad to read of the ex seminarian's experiences. But it confirms the overwhelming impression currently given by the RC church and its clergy.
    As an ex seminarian myself I have to say that my experience in the 60's were very different. If I recall it correctly, our motto of "Caritas Christi urget nos",correctly summed up the prevailing ethos in the college, with a genuine spirit of care and sincerety.
    Having said that, I would now criticise the then absence of any 'preparation or training' for the celibate life, and I'm aware of a number of former ordained colleagues who subsequently sexually offended morally, canonically and criminally, and others who left the priesthood to have normal human relationships.
    For my part, I'm forever grateful I left and am a contented humanist bemused, but certainly not in the least surprised at the revelations concerning the RC church. Even if I had remained a deist, on the abundant evidence available, it's quite clear to me that in promoting the core christian message the RC church organisation is certainly 'not fit for purpose' despite that there remain some good spiritual caring pastors within it.

    1. The truth of all of this is that Pat Buckley wants to be bishop of down and connor. That will never happen and so all we get are his allegations about the bishop and priests of the diocese. Allegations that are based on hearsay and conjecture. Trace this progress of recent weeks. We started with the necessary renovation of the bishops house and now we are alleging that the bishops are indirectly involved in the suicide of a vulnerable adult! This is bonkers. I would hasten to suggest that Pat Buckley is in regular contact with no more than a dozen priests in down and connor, and maybe even less than that. Out of 200 that is a negligible figure and I would suggest that it is only the dysfunctional and disaffected ones who would seek Pat Buckley out. There is no one in the hierarchy, let alone any priest who wishes to serve the diocese or the wider Church at a future date who would be seen with 10 miles of Pat Buckley. As that old addage so rightly puts it: "You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps." Senior Down and Connor Priest.

    2. The bishops are not responsible for the suicide of that lad. Joey McGuigan IS!

    3. Not one of us when we enter into a relationship, even a brief sexual fling, can know how it will turn out. While this is undoubtedly a terrible tragedy for all involved (I wonder has anyone thought for one moment how J McG feels about his role in this young mans life and death?) it is the case that emotionally unbalanced and vulnerable people have sex and are allowed to have sex with other adults. (I am not including here "Vulnerable Adults" in the UK legal definition of this term). A young man with a girlfriend who has sex with a man may well have all sorts of reactions following this, even if the man is the kindness, sweetest, most tender, non exploitative of gays. He may well see that he is really gay, end the relationship with the woman and then embark on a life as a gay man, or he may well be wracked with guilt and remorse and turn all that toxic shame in on himself and do harm to himself. I am asking your contributors - and don't get me wrong Pat, they are entitled to have a say - to look at this who scenario in a more balanced and ultimately compassionate way. For some reason J McG has become a hate figure for many on here, most of whom have never met the man, let alone walked in his shoes. You have. I urge you to urge them to think again and ask themselves "let the one without sin cast the first stone." Psychologist Supporter

  20. Dear Pat,

    A few years ago I said to some fellow D&C clergy, that the end was near for the Catholic church in Ireland as we know it; they responded by suggesting I was both pessimistic & melodramatic in my assertion. I wonder what they would say now, given what we know of the state of the Diocese ?

    The end is near and I welcome it. Why ? Because the beautiful life giving message of Jesus, can no longer be validly heard or transmitted in the present structures. Everyone is suffering because we are refusing as a church to acknowledge that ' the system' is irreparable. As the scriptures remind us, we cannot put new wine in old wineskins: the crisis we face today is because we refuse to recognise that.

    If we continue along this visionless path, we will most assuredly have been the author of our own demise.
    The "sausage machine method" of making Bishops, has left us largely with a hierarchy who are incapable of innovative thinking 'outside the box". They are programmed for the existing system, and do not possess a 'reset button'.
    RESULT - " Death by a thousand cuts ".


  21. Dear fellow D&C priest,

    You speak the truth. It's no longer a case of, if the 'Berlin Wall' in the diocese will fall, but rather when. I think it could be sooner than we think, despite all the vested interests afoot.
    The "Chateau de Noel" syndrome will also pass away, because ultimately God's plan will win out.
    Despite all our understandable disappointments, we can still each of us, clergy & lay faithful, rejoice that Jesus has risen, and place our hope in him.

    Pax. Priest of D&C.