Thursday, 4 September 2014



4th September 2014 – Embargo 5pm

Bishop Noel Treanor and the Diocese of Down and Connor are delighted to announce the completion of the renovations to the bishop’s palace at Somerton Road at a date earlier than expected and at a figure that comes in way under the foreseen budget of Euro 6 million.
To celebrate this historic occasion His Lordship is sponsoring a gourmet dinner and gala concert for the priests of the diocese in the palace newly appointed Versailles Suite on Sunday 14th September 2014 – the solemn feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross at 5pm.


Foie Gras Tyholland with White Truffle Gnocchi
(Wine: Chateau de Pape Francois, 1er Cru 2013)
Soupe a l’oignon with Beluga Caviar Brioche
(Wine: Chateau Maciel Marciel, 1er Cru)
Fillet of Dover Sole Brendan Smyth with Sauce Norbertine
(Wine: Chateau l’Enfants – Haut Medoc)

Fillet of Holy Water fed Veal with miniature Brussels Sprouts,
Sauce Ratzinger and Potato Tieve Tara.
(Wine: Chateau Petrus, Pomerol – 2003)

Tart Tatin with Crème Anglaise and a Parisian wallpaper volute.
(Wine: Scharzofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese)
Selection of European cheeses with biscuits and Ballinderry Wild Bramble Chutney
(Wine: Lisbreen late bottled Vintage Port – 1984)
Cigars and Cognac
PadrOn Serie cigars 1962
Remy Martin Louis X111 Black Pearl Limited edition cognac.
(Smoking in Games Room and Japanese Garden only)

After dinner guests will gather in the Luxemburg Suite for entertainment.

ACT 1:  Bishop Treanor on Fiddle: Playing “The Ballinderry Air” and a selection of HANDLES.

ACT 11: Card Sean Brady reads from his 1970’s critically acclaimed poem: THE NOTE-TAKER.

ACT 111: Rev Gerard McCloskey singing I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO.

ACT 1V: Rev Hugh Kennedy singing Maurice Chevalier’s THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS.

ACT V: Rev Aidan Brankin singing Foster & Allen’s THE FIELDS OF OLD DUNLOY.

ACT V1: Rev Brian Waters reading G A Studdert Kennedy’s poem: WOODBINE WILLY.

ACT V: Bishop Paddy Walsh singing HERE’S A MAN OF JOLLITY from Gilbert and Sullivan.

ACT V1: Rev James Donaghy PE reading the poem: AT THE FEET OF AN ANGEL.

ACT V11: Rev Rory Sheehan with a medley from DIRE STRAIGHTS.

ACT V11: Rev David Delargey singing: MY LADY OF KNOCK.

ACT V111: Bishop Eamon Casey singing John Denver’s ANNIE’S SONG.

ACT 1X: Revds Anthony and Paddy Devlin singing a duet of Andrew Lloyd Webbers THE 39 LASHES.

ACT X: Rev Timothy Bartlett singing: I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING from The  Lion King.

ACT X1: Rev Paul Flemming singing: YOU’RE THE TOP from: Anything Goes.

ACT X11: Rev Stephen McBrearty singing Bob Dylan’s DEAR LANDLORD.

ACT X111: Rev John Mc Manus Chancellor Haud Ad Interm, sings DISAPPEAR by Dream Theatre from their album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.
Bishop Treanor would like to thank other clergy who submitted acts and these will be included in the 2015 event.

PS: Apologies to readers not in tune with the D&C inner circle humour.



  1. Is it true that the BBC have contacted the Diocese, with a view to broadcasting an 'Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special' from 'Château de Noel' ( formerly known as 'Lisbreen') ?
    The Bishop has a tenuous link with the Christmas story, as he was born on December 25th. ( hence his name ) But let's move on from that - what has Jesus to do with any of this ?
    Back to the 'Antiques Roadshow' - could I suggest the 'Chancellor ad interim' sing a few Carols and then +Noel could lend some gravitas by giving a short address. I love a bit of Latin, it adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to proceedings.
    When +Noel speaks to us at the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday morning, he 'sprinkles'' inter alias & quo vadis' terms like gentle rose petals falling on an autumn morning.
    All I can I say in response is "Deo Gratias, Deo Deo Gratias !


  2. I wish to say, as a priest of Down and Connor, that our bishop has my total support and prayers, I am certain the expenditure on Lisbreen is fully justified long-term and that Bishop Treanor has been appropriately advised on all this.

    I do not have a clue who all these discontented clergy are. In my experience, Bishop Noel is a kind and decent man who is very approachable. The atmosphere in the diocese is totally different to what it was in the past.

    Those clergy who are committing grave sins with either men or women - yes - GRAVE SINS - I make no apology for saying it and you can call me 'judgemental' all you like, need to either repent and recommit themselves to Christ; or leave the priesthood.

    Do you believe in what you are doing at the Altar each day? Do you even offer Holy Mass faithfully everyday? Do you pray at all? Or are you like that cleric who smiled at that man when giving him Hoy Communion, a man with whom he had committed a mortal sin? What a sacrilege!

    Rest assured, whoever you are: "God is not mocked. You will reap what you sow" (Galatians 6:7). Priest of D&C.

    1. Dear Rev Fr Mass/Eucharist is celebrated not offered if my theology serves me right. Please concentrate on the sinner and not the sins and I believe Jesus said something somewhere about living stones and not verseilles suites SSean

    2. In your own words sir, you "do not have a clue!"
      You have consistenty come across in your comments, as the type of person nobody would confide in, trust, or open up to. I recall one lady commentator saying as much. So it's little wonder you don't havea clue..
      You are most likely deluded in believing the opposite because no doubt there remain sufficient compliant cradle catholics "sucking up to you" to allow you to remain in your ivory tower of belief in your righteousness.
      Just get real!
      And by the way, despite my asking you previously for an answer, and positive suggestions for a way forward, and Pat inviting anyone with concrete evidence/information on Lisbeen's costs, nothing such has come forward: just the same tired boring old codswallop from you, reliant on generalisations and the typical RC clerical threats of hellfire and brimstone

    3. Your theology does not serve you right, Sean. The Mass is a sacrifice and a celebration. It is BOTH offered AND celebrated.

    4. Maybe the proddies are getting to me! I see mass as a communion with and celebration of the victory Christ has won by his death and Resurrection Not a re-enactment. However I totally acknowledge what you say. Wars of words damaged the Christian message and many a good soul. I try and keep it simple by asking Does it (mass/eucharist) work? A yes answer is good enough for me. Sean

  3. Could I recommend Rev Ciaran Dallet to sing I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM

    PP D&C

  4. I have a number of recommendations for the 2015 event:

    1. Rev Eddie O'Donnell to sing SECRETARY'S SECRETS by Angelo Badalmenti.

    2. Rev Eddis McGee to sing a tribute to +PW - WHY PADDY'S NOT IN WORK TODAY by Celtic Music.

    3. Rev Brian Daly to sing ME AND MY UNCLE by the Mamas and Papas.


  5. "Naming and Shaming" worthy of The Sun and the other gutter press. My God what has become of this blog. Pat you have lost all credibility by posting this rubbish. Apart from your ardent group of followers, you have had a fair few serious minded contributors here, both lay and clerical. I can only speak for myself when I say that this shameful posting has opened my eyes and I will be following your blog no longer. I would hazard a guess that many like minded people will do the same. This blog has been an utter disgrace. Former follower.

    1. I think you have seriously misread the Blog ad missed the whole point.

      When we are faced with BRICK WALLS the sane answer must always be satire.

      Have you no sense of humour?

      Or maybe you have a song to sing?


    2. You'll be back mate!
      I've seen similar "threats" before, but it's easy to recognise when they return. Addictive: isn't it?

  6. Dear former follower,

    I as a D&C priest regard so much of what goes on presently in our Diocese as 'pseudo religious', ie actions and statements that outwardly appear to be sourced in the life giving grace of the resurrection, but have in fact a more earthly source, when closer inspection takes place.
    The nonsense going on at Lisbreen, represents outwardly, the spiritual malaise which is seeping slowly into almost every corner of our diocese.
    What is the 'raison d'etre of Holy Mother Church (HMC) & its actions ?
    Answer : "realised union with God" - we already have this wonderful union, and the sacraments and the word of God are a means to DEEPEN this awareness of our closeness to God, his boundless love for us, and his desire that we channel his love to others.
    If the church at the macro & micro levels either misses, or deliberately chooses to avoid focusing on this primary reason for its existence and mission, we expend our energies in ways and places, that bear little or no fruit in the 'vineyard of the Lord'.
    Being busy is not the same as being effective.

    In order to get to a destination we need to know where it is. So much of church activity in D&C, is like a motorist driving around hour after hour without either knowing where they are going or why; both unproductive and frustrating. This situation represents the lives of many D&C clergy.
    Sometimes one has to use humour in order to cope with the almost unbearable sadness, of watching, some fellow priests (incl Bishops) engage in this 'pseudo religious' activity. I use humour not to offend, but rather as a means of survival.
    As the poet T S ELIOT once remarked, "humans can only cope with so much reality".

    D&C cleric.

    1. As a D&C priest I agree with the comment above.

      If we did not laugh we would cry.

      PAT B is doing all of us a favour even though we have all collectively treated him as a leper for years.


  7. Is this Press Release actually from the diocese, and as its says "embargoed" how did you get hold of it Pat? Confused

  8. Yes its for real. I have a mole in the palace.


    1. What a scintillating line-up. I do hope my invite is in the post. That nice little off the shoulder number by Chanel in the closet should look well and my Parisienne Bleu Feather Boa.

  9. Dear brother priest,
    thank you for your comment.
    I live on the 'edge of despair', not because I doubt the love of God, but rather because I see too clearly. The people come to us for bread and we offer them stones.
    I live a very isolated clerical life, because I don't fit in to the various clerical camps to be found in our diocese.
    From a human perspective my life is challenging, but in ministry I'm still clinging on to the Christian project which I could sum up best in the words of the American author, J D Salinger who said "See Christ and you are a Christian, all else is talk".

    Pat Buckley was sent as the spiritual scapegoat into the desert; it's easier that way; we don't have to address our own arrogance, mendacity and sinfulness. But guess what-the discarded one is now holding a mirror in front of us. Will we turn away our gaze and go on with business as usual or is the hope for something greater ?

    The people of D & C have not rejected God, but they have in many cases rejected the pretence, the religious masquerade, that we their Fathers in faith have offered them. Who can blame them ? We have failed them very badly, and become fanatics in the real sense of the word. A religious fanatic is one who having forgotten the end (realised union with God), must then multiply the means in order to look good, & to save face. The religious activities in this scenario are 'fig leaves' covering an empty heart and soul.

    D&C cleric.

    1. I'd like to ask D&C cleric a question. What percentage of priests in his diocese would he say are genuinely true to the followings of Christ before canon law and dogmas etc...?
      Belfast, Blog Reader

  10. Hardly Last Supper fare! I don't see the point of spending all that money on a building that is not accessible to the general public. Whats all this shite about a Luxembourg suite. Whats that got to do with Christian development in D & C. I have been off the air because we switched internet provider and it took them ages to sort it out. I also managed to banjax my computer charger so I am off to the shop tomorrow to see if I can get one that fits Sean

  11. I'd like to ask D&C cleric a question, what percentage of priests in his diocese, in his opinion, genuinely live the gospel teachings of Jesus above institutional dogmas and canon laws.

  12. Bishop, congratulations on todays clever Blog

    "Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless agant the powerful".

    Anglican Bishop

  13. Dear contributor at 21:56,

    By its nature that is a very difficult question to answer, in a numbers way. I would say that many D&C clergy, and I do not exclude myself, are struggling in a spiritual sense because we gave too much allegiance to the church institution, and not enough to Jesus himself. The institution has been found to be seriously flawed, and Pope Francis is in no doubt of its urgent need of reform.

    The '3 Act Faustian farce' presently on stage at 73 Somerton Road, B'fast, is a stark up to date reminder, as are many other ongoing situations such as serial womanising clergy, that D&C also requires URGENT reform.
    The question troubling many D&C clergy is : Who will lead the reform ? " Noel Treanor as Bishop should be an obvious choice for the role, but sadly I think he's in the 'fanatic' category I spoke of earlier; busy but ineffective, and 'bunkering down' in comfort for the long haul. It could be very different for him if he risked listening to new voices.

    D&C cleric.

  14. Pat, more lyrical suggestions for the soirée at the VERSAILLES SUITE in 'Chateau de Noel' on Sep 14th 2014 :

    Fr Conleth Byrne singing 'San Quentin' by Johnny Cash.

    Fr Ciaran Feeney singing "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed.

    The 3 Tenners based in 'Lisbreen' +Noel, Eugene & Joe, singing "Send in the Clowns" by Stephen Sondheim.

    + Noel singing " You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys" from Fagin's role in Oliver Twist.

    Also could I suggest some theatre for the evening :

    "WAITING FOR GODOT" by Samuel Beckett.


  15. Remember this episode???



  17. Bishop Christy Jones (retired Elphin) Gypsies Tramps and Thieves. This is a comment rather than a put down. Christy is a known champion of the Travelling People. Sean