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Roman Catholicism - as it is today - and as it has been for a long time is not a genuine form of Christianity! - even though occasionally you find good individuals in it. 

It is a serious abberation of Christianity - and in many respects it is anti-Christian!

For instance "Archbishop" Eamon Martin's claim to be the 116th sucessor of Saint Patrick is absolute nonsense. 

St Patrick was NOT a Roman Catholic, was not sent by any pope to Ireland and was really a practioner / believer of Celtic Christianity. 

Rome had little or no interest in what it saw as the "barbarians" of Ireland until the 7th Century - when it made a decision to "Romanise" the Irish Christian church. At that time it was Rome's policy only to send a bishop to an established group of leaders. Rome did not have "missionary bishops". 

Even today Rome does not send missionary bishops to any place it wants to "evangelise". The first missionaries are always priests and nuns and when a Christian community is established - and there is something already in existence to control - and make money out of - Rome will appoint a bishop. 

The true Christian church has to be the church that existed during Jesus' lifetime and the time immediately after Jesus's departure. That church is what we call the "Apostolic Church" - the church that existed during the lifetime of the Apostles and for the first 300 years of Chriatianity.

It is abundantly clear from the New Testament that during Jesus' time with his disciples they worshipped in the Jewish synagogues and in the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus also prayed alone and with his disciples. He taught them to pray the Our Father.

Jesus and his disciples were Jews. They never renounced their Judaism. Jesus did not come to abolish Judaism but rather to bring it to completion.

After Jesus' death the disciples continued to go everyday to the Jewish temple to pray. They also met in each other's homes - especially on the Sabbath - for the Breaking of the Bread - Eucharist / Mass.

We Christians are really the new Jews - the Jews who have accepted Jesus as the Messiah, as God and as the Son of God.

In the early Christian "church" - 30 ad - 300 ad the church consisted of all the believers gathering together for prayer, worship and dialogue. The Apostles - including Paul - were regarded as special - not because they were superhuman - but rather because they had been Jesus' disciples. They had met the Lord.

The early Christian churches were "democracies". For instance when Peter and Paul had a dispute about whether or not circumcision was necessary to become a Christian - the community voted for Paul and against Peter!

The early Christian communities organised themselves roughly on the synagogue model. Eventually, like in all groups leaders appeared. These leaders became known as "elders" or "presbyters". The church was governed lightly and loosely by these committee of elders. Eventally the role of "senior elder" appeared. This person became known as the "episcopus", overseer or bishop. The Apostles were not generally seen as a bishop. They were Apostles Founders of Churches, travelling evangelisers etc. With one or two exceptions the apostles never became the bishop of one church. They were there for all the churches. Contrary to what Roman Catholicism teaches, Peter was never the "bishop" of Rome. There were no popes! Only later were there popes and only later still did those popes call themselves the successors of Peter.

Like in all situations when the Church was small it stayed pure. But when Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire the church began to deteriorate into the institutional empire that is recognisable today. The current Roman Catholic Church is really the Roman Empire Mk 11. It is more corrupt that the first Roman Empire ever was.

Jesus never meant his community to be about Vatican Soverign States, popes, mind control, wealth, abuse of power, man made laws about sexuality, the covering up of scandal and abuse, marriage of church and state, the spread of religious bias, racism, homophobia, papal nuncios, etc.

The challenge for true Christians today is to rediscover and re-invent the church of Jesus' time and the church of Apostolic times.

Most of the Protestant churches are corrupt, man made churches too.

If Jesus came back today he would castigate many Catholics and Protestants the way he castigated the Pharisees of his own day.

And if Jesus came back today - he would be crucified all over again - not in Jerusalem but in St Peter's Square in Rome - where the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, right wing Christians and blind Catholic lay people would be baying for his blood"

+Pat Buckley


  1. Pure nonsense! Pure ignorance and bile from a bitter person who excluded him from his Church and from society through criminal behaviour.

    I am a proud Catholic priest in good standing. Pat you have no credibility to discuss or debate local bin collections never mind Church history.

    1. History knows Patrick never went to Rome. Furthest he made across Europe was Brittany as volcanic eruptions in Iceland prevented flights across Europe for many years.

      He was ordained a bishop by a French farmer bishop who worked the lands of his local community.

      Secondly, succession is really irrelevant - no Apostles ordained anyone that's a fact and well documented by historical testimonies. Apostolic succession came into being in the second century. So, technically - no priest or bishop can trace a lineage back to the apostles - only a lineage back to early church communities.

      Episcopacy was formally established by Constantine as magistrates throughout Roman Empire (magisterium) and they adopted the mitre of Roman magistrates and surrounded themselves with a court (Curia).

      So is Jesus really present in the structures of Roman Catholicism - I think not. "you call me Master but truly I say to you on that day I will say I do not know you"

      And as to you are Peter and upon this Rock I will build this church - he was talking about the faith in a flawed human being - Faith not power. By the way - there's no evidence Peter ever went to Rome!! *Fact

      Priest - Diocese of Rockerville Centre (a contradiction of terms within itself)

  2. Well said! Here we have yet another "infallible" pronouncement from Pope Buckley of Larne. Says it all really. I doubt if the Successor of St Patrick is trembling in his shoes.

    1. As I do not believe in any man being infallible - I certainly know I'm not.

      There is no such thing as "the successor of Saint Patrick" - just as there is no such a thing as the "successor of St Peter".

      Even Pope Francis - God bless his honesty - simply refers to himself plainly as the Bishop of Rome. More accurately he is the "Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome".

      It is not me - but Jesus - who will have people trembling in their shoes.

      Would that many Romans had the grace to begin their "trembling" now!


  3. Oh Dear Father,

    I think I have touched a very raw nerve.

    I am not excluded from church - church as the Body of Christ that is - which is the only true church.

    With gratitude to God - I am certainly not part of the Roman Catholic denomination - which is typified by 1. Abuse of power; 2. Amassing wealth on the backs of the poor; 3. Turning God's beautiful gift of sexuality into something "dirty"; 4. World wide scandal; 4. Sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse of children, women, men, vulnerable adults etc.

    I think St Paul condemns those who go around boasting about things of which they should be ashamed.

    I cannot see your reason for "pride" and who wants to be in "good standing" with an institution of such horrors?

    I do admit that there are good people in the RC Institution. But I do not think that they are "proud" of it.


  4. Yet you hold onto every semblance of the RC Church! You even live in one of her properties! Get real Pat.

    You did exclude yourself via attempting consecration with papal mandate and you have excluded yourself from society via your criminal conviction.

    As for pride, I love my church, I obey my Bishop and I don't tell lies and destroy good reputations.

    Let's be honest, you do. You may justify it on the basis of service etc, but the world sees your bitter agenda. How dare you quote scripture, St Paul praises slavery, is that right? You are a typical bitter ex Catholic, quote what you like and make the rest up.

    Catholic priest in good standing - and by the way, that means in the eyes of the ordinary people whom you accuse of having a disease!!

  5. Father,

    My Catholic Christian faith and my priestly vocation are both extremely important to me. I'm sure you remember enough theology to know that one can be catholic without being Roman Catholic?

    I agree that according to your canon law (which is a contradiction of natural justice and modern judicial standards) I was automatically "excommunicated" in the eyes of Rome. But I regard that as an achievement - how wonderful it is to be expelled and considered unsuitable by one of the world's most corrupt organisation.

    You refer to my criminal record. I have one. I will do my next Blog about that. Jesus was a criminal and a convict in the eyes of the political and religious establishments of his day. I am no Jesus. He was innocent. I am a sinner.

    However I still live in society and I am still a solemniser of marriages in both parts of the island of Ireland.

    I live in the house I live in with the agreement of the diocese of Down and Connor and at the instructions of the Belfast High Court. That seems above board.

    I have no bitter agenda. I have the right to free speech and the right to freedom of expression. Many priests think like I do but are afraid to say it because of the LOVING and CHRISTIAN way your church would treat them if they were honest.

    I am an ex Roman Catholic - still a catholic, still striving to be a Christian and I have the freedom of a son of God having seen through canon law.

    I believe that Roman Catholicism is a disease - a disease of the spirit and a disease of the mind.

    Many poor people have been given that disease by people like yourself who are "carriers" of the disease.

    But thankfully more and more people - even in priest ridden RC Ireland are seeing the light.

    Father - your days on the pedestal are severely numbered.


  6. Dear brother priest,

    I wish I was living in your 'utopian world'.The church is in crisis at every level and you think. because you obey your Bishop, that all is right in the ecclesiastical firmament.. GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF ! The church needs massive reform, and you hiding behind your Bishop's purple cassock, will do nothing to initiate the 'rechristening process' that is so urgently needed.
    In a recent contribution to this blog I identified the Pharisaical nature of our church structure, where fear and control are the common currency, not love, service and true freedom.
    Have you heard of "Château de Noel" (Lisbreen) ? This 'project' is emblematic of many of the problems facing our church, not the least of which is the spiritual malaise which places Jesus as subservient to the 'system of governance'. Jesus is NOT and CANNOT be subservient to any system, Roman or otherwise !

    Priest of D&C.

    1. I believe that the above comment comes from the sincere searching heart of a a true priest and someone struggling to be a true follower of the Crucified One.


    2. Lisbreen Lisbreen Chateau Noel - the exorbitant spending is shocking- volumes of comment about what happens when Catholics put money on the plate each week - no accountability . However Fr Pat here is your opportunity . The house you reside in on Princes Gardens was purchased as a house for the curate assisting in Larne even before you were ordained .- no doubt the money came from the parishioners of Larne from the collections taken over years and banked .Even you might recall the Catholics in Larne were able to access st Macnissis from the drive way - no longer as someone built a wall to stop this access. Although recognising the manner in which the D+C diocese which tried to evict which was unjust did you never stop to give an explanation to the Catholics in Larne by an open letter or indeed this blog why you took over the house with no explanation to them - after all they paid for it .Instead it seems they were ignored as you chose to fight your battle with the Diocese over the property - the Catholics in Larne did not even come into it - considerable fault on both sides I would say - where was their accountability but also yours ?
      After all, you champion the victims but I dont recall you ever apologising to the Catholics of Larne for the occupancy of that house when you were ask to leave when you were no longer meeting their spiritual needs because of decisions taken by the Diocese.The money from sale of that house could have gone the needy and the poor . As a Larne Catholic it is difficult to separate out you and the Diocese in this whole business but when you constantly insert blogs about Lisbreen many of the silent Catholics would question your own integrity on this matter whilst also acknowledging your courage to speak in the wilderness about the double standards that operate within the Church . Ask any of the D+C priests what they think about this comment or indeed Francis .


    3. Dear Francis,

      Thank you for your comment. You are quite right to challenge me.

      Can I first of all say that both myself and the diocese entered into a confidentiality agreement with the Belfast High Court and therefore neither I or the diocese are at liberty to speak about our arrangement under threat of contempt of court.

      No Larne Catholic has ever asked me - until you asked - about this.

      As you will know the Parish of Larne had 3 priest's houses when I came in 1984 and still owns those same 3 houses - except the pp's house was demolished and rebuilt.

      Currently there is no curate in Larne and I am told by priest friends in the Diocese that a Larne family is about to move into the priest's house in Craigyhill. I have no knowledge about this arrangement.

      The diocese NEVER, AT ANY TIME, tried to evict me. In fact Bishop Cahal Daly told me that an eviction would never happen.

      I do try and champion victims. I do not regard the people of Larne as "victims" of my living here.

      From 1986 until 2012 - 26 years I spent tens of thousands of pounds maintaining and keeping the property in a best a state as I could.

      I also used the property for Mass, Weddings, Funerals, Baoptisms etc and many of those services were or Large people and parishioners.

      I have also kept an open door for all the people of Larne - for 30 years - both Catholic and Protestant. I have let the homeless live here. I have rehabilitated prisoners here. I have detoxed dug addicts here.

      How much of that type of pastoral work has gone on in the other 2 presbyteries in that time?

      I think most people in Larne know that if they needed anything - they would find an open door here.

      Please do not fool yourself - if this house had been sold the money would have not gone to the poor and needy. I'll let you guess where it might have gone.

      If you - or any Larne person - want to ask me more - my door is open


      PS: The wall built between my house and other parish property was built by the pp of Larne and not by me - and so I am the "leper" on the other side of the wall

    4. As always Pat will never ever examine his own behaviour and actions, but always try to deflect questions away from himself by talking nonsense about others. I am sure than countless souls have been ministered too by the priests of Larne and Pat you have no right to say otherwise. The author of the above comment (coincidentally, I don't think he is called Francis, Pat, but was asking what would Pope Francis think of the situation) has really hit a raw nerve. Many of the things that you have done Pat have been courageous and good, but many others have been wrong and motivated by pride and self-will. Balls to the confidentiality agreement legalese rubbish. Answer the mans point. You are a squatter in a property owned by the people of the diocese, no doubt paid for by the pennies of the poor.

  7. I did not say that other Larne priests had not ministered to people. I said that I have used my home in Larne to minister to many people - including many Larne people.

    You are right. I did mistake the author of the comment for a Francis.

    I would have no problem discussing my situation with Francis. Of course I have no way of knowing what he would say. I would hope he listens better than some.

    If I broke the confidentiality agreement I would be in contempt of court - then you would be accusing me of breaking the law !!!

    How do you know the Larne contributor was a man? You did not write it youself I hope?

    As far as the diocese and the law - and I - are concerned I am not a squatter. I live where I live with the permission of the diocese and the High Court.

    There are 3 priests houses in Larne - "paid for by the pennies of the poor".

    When God takes me the house will return to the parish of Larne.

    In the meantime I will use it for my home, a place of worship and for ministry.

    The time will come when property no longer exists. In the end every house belongs to God.


  8. I am a Larne catholic. Fr Pat has represented myself and two other families at benefit tribunals in the past 5 years. I knocked at his door, he brought me in, made me a cup of tea, sorted out all my paperwork and drove me to Belfast on the day of the hearing. The fact that I attend Mass in the parish church and not at The Oratory made no difference to him. Lots of people in Larne think very highly of him and many of us are glad to have him here. One problem is that it is the people who have never met him do not know him.

  9. I feel better about having Pat Buckley in Princes's Gardens that the man he replaced there - Father Danny Curran.

    Larne Parent

  10. Pat Buckley - by his nature is 'A Thorn In The Side' and thank God for that.

    in the 80's he had the backbone to stand up to the cancer of cynicism that exists in the priesthood - we all know what i'm talking about (Men who preach the words of Jesus but who's hearts are hardened to the truth of his Gospel). He was going to be shafted by the diocese and tossed onto the street - but he stood his ground. We all know other priests in the diocese who's conscience left them to leave and they have been sidelined buy their 'brother priests' and treated as lepers with no housing or financial assistance. No wonder so many remain in ministry out of fear of being left with nothing for the years they have given. How often have we heard ex-clerics talk of this fear of being left with nothing?

    Priests in D&C live in fear that they could be treated same way as Pat, and many know that he was treated wrongly in a great injustice was done to him by Cathal.

    Like a commentator said - the man driven out into the desert is holding the mirror that is looking back at us all.

    We all know that the truth of the Gospel is lost in Roman Catholicism, but it's not because Pat Buckley has broken away and followed his conscience, the Church is dying because priest and bishops are deluded into thinking that by serving a corrupt church they are serving Jesus.

    Then again, perhaps i'm wrong. Maybe if Jesus arrived in Belfast tomorrow he would find a perfect home in Lisbreen where he could wine and dine in comfort and admire the fine furnishings of Ballinderry. I very much doubt he would travel to an oratory in Larne - after all that's where the rejects are... just a thought.

    Pennies of the poor??? DON"T MAKE ME LAUGH.

    My brother priest - ask yourself this Question , how many handles is your ministry worth?

  11. Father,

    Thank you for taking the time to look at the issue from another perspective. Of course I do realise that I brought all my human weakness to my dispute with Cahal.

    But he did try and shaft me and I said NO!

    No one had said no to him since he was in the cradle.

    I asked him not to force me into independent ministry. But he pushed and pushed!


    1. You might not know it - but that was probably the greatest blessing on ur life! D&C priest

    2. I agree and I have come to see that.

      It means that in recent years I can pray for him.

      I am not proud of how much I used to resent him.


  12. Pat, I'm delighted to see the comments of your "defenders" as above. Why?
    Reading through all the comments I see two constant traits.
    One seems to be full of vitriolic abuse and criticism, and so far as I can detect, to come from older "conformist" traditional clerics, of limited perspective and education ,(in the sense of broader than traditional orthodox Irish catholic seminary training), who do not question matters beyond the obvious, and are unwilling to rock any boats. They're apparently comfortable enough with their own unquestioning convictions and see anything other as a threat to be repulsed. And all this despite the obvious malaise of its totalitarian structures and actions inveigling a reluctant RC church down the steps of oblivion.
    On the other hand, there is a constant underlying concern from what seems like earnest caring followers of the true christian ethos, and striking amongst their contributions is compassion and searching for understanding, together with an absence of the viciousness underlying some of the former.
    Your own comments too, some of which of course I have to disagree with from my humanist perspective, seem to evidence compassion and willingness to question and attempt understanding in contrast to some of your detractors. But what is most telling is well put by an earlier comment in that those who've met/been helped by you defend you resolutely, while those with defensive walls around them seek only to find fault.
    "Ne lesse illigitimae te carborundum" (about 50 years+ since I studied Latin!)

    1. Michael,

      Sad thing is - most people don't know Pat. Yet, once they meet him they discover a man who would literally dig away a mountain to help you. I contacted him 15 yrs ago when I was on the verge of taking my life. He took me by the hand and led me to find the real me.
      Gay Man, Belfast

    2. I always thought Pat was a nutter myself but about 10 years ago I had a great chat with him one Sunday in the Kremlin. Over a pint the direction of my life changed forever. Mark W.

  13. I am a family member of one of the victims of one of D&C's proud and obedient priests FATHER Jim Donaghy. We were turned away by many D&C proud and obedient priests who did not want to know us. Our fortunes changed when God led us to Pat Buckley. He stuck with us through thick and thin. He got us some justice and closure but our wounds will never heal. Yes I know you - you proud and obedient priests. Jesus knows you too

  14. Dear contributor at 19.59,

    U've spoken the truth about many clergy living in fear. Even though I have been a Priest in D&C for well over 20 years, if I were to leave ministry I would not be entitled to any pension from the Diocese, and I might perhaps get 1years salary as a leaving present.
    The diocese has plenty of money, and "Château de Noel" is a glimpse into that world.
    However, a method of control (celibacy is another one) is financial: they make it almost impossible to leave priesthood, because they refuse to give a just monetary settlement, including a pension provision. I and some other clergy, for health and other legitimate reasons, would like to leave ministry, but we find ourselves trapped within an uncaring system which view us as little more than pawns in a bigger game.

    I find it very difficult to keep going. but I feel I have no choice. My parents are deceased and I have no home to go to, and I do not wish to be a burden to my family, who have many responsibilities of their own.
    I write this note, not to elicit sympathy from readers, but rather to give them an insight into the pressures that many clergy live under, and to ask them for a prayer; a heartfelt "Our Father" or "Hail Mary" can go a long way.
    Thank you for reading this blog contribution.

    D&C priest.

    1. On a purely practical note, and to perhaps alert younger clergy, did you pay any National Insurance contributions.
      I ask this as it's something clerics don't seem to think about when starting out in ministry, and subsequently ignore through an understandable ignorance engendered by the mistaken belief that "holy mother church" would look after them.
      Provided one, employed by any firm/organisation has paid the requisite national insurance contributions for the requisite number of years,one is entitled a state pension the level of which depends on contributions made.
      All the info is immed available simply by googling state pensions, national insurance contributions and similar links.
      The number of full years contributions necessary for full pension recently decreased, to around 30 I think, but even if one has fewer (than the requisite for full pension payment), one would receive a proportionate pension payment.
      So I urge any cleric to check out their standing in relation to National Insurance contributions to maximise securing maximum pension entitlement.
      Indeed, and it's maybe one to be taken up formally and legally by priests of the diocese: what exactly is your legal status in relation to the bishop/diocese? Is he your employer? If he is, should he be paying national insurance contributions on your behalf to secure your pension entitlement? If he is your "employer" ( however the law defines that), and has NOT paid such contributions, is he/the diocese thereby liable by default, and could be legally required to pay you the equivalent to the pension you've been deprived of?
      I have to tell you guys that extra £500+ state pension at 65+ every four weeks is well worth having.
      There is an understandable reluctance for priests/ex priests to get involved in such matters as if it is somehow a failure to admit dependence. Forget that. Staff at pensions services are invariably helpful and understanding.
      So check it out.

  15. Father,

    If you need it you will be welcomed here by me and the small group disciples of the Lord who meet here.


  16. I was born a Larne catholic. My father abused his children. I ended up taking refuge in alcohol. Pat took me off the street reeking of vomit and I lived in Princes Gardens until Pat arranged rehab. In rehab he visited me for 4 months and kept me in fags. I moved into a hostel and went back to school. He guided me all the way - even when I talked bollocks. I now live in London and work with addicts. I have a girlfriend and kids. I am an atheist but Pat is a good man. Other priests on here talk shit. Would you have let an alcoholic live in yuur house and mop up his vomit? Pat gave me a chance. Now I do the same. S

    1. What a beautiful testimony

    2. It's easy to bring someone in when it isn't your home! He brought you into Catholic Church property.

  17. Pat, what wonderful tales you write about yourself. Would you please write about the time you helped Alice leave wonderland because she wasn't happy.

    Speaking to other's in D&C and further afield you always were spoofing high tales and attempted to destroy the reputation of man PP or fellow curate.