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I know we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead - but the only truthful thing I can say about Fr Michael Cleary was that he was an obnoxious, despicable and horrible man!

I regret that I have to say this about any human being.

Michael Cleary was a public face of "orthodox" Roman Catholicism - pro priestly celibacy; anti contraception; anti sex before marriage; anti gay; anti abortion; pro papal infallibility; pro Vatican; pro hierarchy, etc. etc, etc.

But in his private life he was a serial womaniser; a poker player for high stakes; a heavy boozer; crude; rude; obnoxious - and the rest of it.

He was used by the Catholic Hierarchy and various bishops as a "hit man" to hurt and undermine priests and people who were not towing the party line. In his work as a hitman he was ruthless; without conscience; without principles and for him the end justified the means. And his means were as ruthless as any mafia don; paramilitary ot terrorist.

In fact he was a Roman Catholic terrorist and jihadist!

I had the misfortune to come across him - and indeed be one of his victims. 

But first let me tell you about some of his other victims:


Father Keane

Fr Michael Keane was a wonderfully pastoral priest from the West of Ireland the the Archdiocese of Tuam. He was 30 or 50 years ahead of his time. He founded the Knock Marriage Bureau to introduce lonely country bachelors to nice ladies with a view to marriage.

Fr Keane inherited a large fortune as a young priest. The archbishop wanted Fr Keane to give the money to the Church and promised him a bishopric if he did. Michael refused. The archbishop then began to torture and harrass Michael. Michael eventually moved to Dublin with the agreement of Dermot Ryan, the archbishop of Dublin. When Ryan got Michael in Dublin he and the archbishop of Tuam caught him in a pincer move and sacked him from his parish - and sent the Garda (police) to evict him from the presbytery. 

Cleary played a major role in the Church's destruction of Michael Keane - while all the time pretending to be Father Keane's friend. It was Cleary - with smiling face - that ran the daggers into Father Keane's back. He did everything in his power to break Father Keane's heart and spirit. 


I knew and later married a young couple who were in a relationship where one party was divorced and they were unable to marry. They went to Michael Cleary for advice. This was the advice he gave them:

"Don't be worried about getting married. Live as you are. You know you will be suitable for each other if you can fart (break wind) in front of each other". 

The couple - especially the young woman - left his house feeling humiliated. That was the way Cleary spoke to people.

A Dublin priest - Father Des Murtagh - got into a relationship with a married woman. In fact the woman claimed that the priest had sex with her on the first occasion when she was ill and semi conscious! However the relationship developed and the woman left her husband and she and the priest bought a house together in a Dublin suburb. 

News of the affair broke and the Church wanted the woman out of the priest's life. What did the Church do? They sent for hit man Cleary.

Cleary pretended to befriend the woman and convinced the woman that the priest had flown to the USA and that he was waiting for her there. But the same day Cleary had put the priest on a plane for Rome!

The woman was sent to the USA where the priest WAS NOT and where she knew nobody!

Before she left Dublin Cleary got her to sign a form which he told her would give him the authority to pay her bills etc. But in fact it was a form that gave him full authority over her affairs and when he got her to the USA he tried to sell the house - to cover up the traces of her affair with the priest!

Thankfully his plan failed.


Ross, Phylis and Cleary

Phylis Hamilton was Michael Cleary's long term lover and the mother of 2 - if not 3 - of his children. 

She first visited Cleary as an 18 year old girl who had been in hospital and who needed help. On her first visit Cleary took her into his sitting room - performed a "marriage" ceremony on himself and her and then seduced her. 

Cleary - all his life and right up until his death introduced her to others as "an unmarried mother I took pity on and took in".

Their son Ross, I think, speaks well of Cleary as a father?

But after Cleary's death Phylis Hamilton sent for me and I went to meet her in her Harold's Cross home in Dublin.

It was obvious to me that she had deeply loved Cleary. But I serious doubt if it was reciprocal. 

Phylis always knew in her heart that Cleary was with other women during their years together.

Phylis told me that Cleary had promised to leave her all he owned in his will - and even showed her a will.

But the day after he made the will leaving everything to Phylis - he made another, later will, leaving everything to the Church. The later will was the relevant will. He had two wills on purpose to fool her as he was dying. 

After Cleary's funeral - at which the Church saw to it that she played a low key part - Phylis told me that members of Cleary's family came to her home and stripped the house of many items - including Cleary's car. 

When I met Phylis she was very hurt woman. I believe Cleary's behaviour had a large part to play in her cancer and eventual too young a death. 

Phylis told me that most of Cleary's friend - including Father Brian Darcy - dropped her after Cleary's death. 



Cleary - as a Church hit man - constantly criticised me and ran me down in his newspapers articles on on his nightly radio show.

On one occasion he did a one hour programme about my marriages of divorcees. He called me: "a con man doing con jobs".

I was alerted to the radio show and listened to a good part of it.

The next day I rang Cleary and asked him if I could have the right of reply.

He was eating and ignorantly chewed his food loudly into the telephone and said to me: "WHEN JASUS WAS HANGING ON THE CROSS HE HAD NO RIGHT OF REPLY. NEITHER DO YOU" and he slammed down the telephone. 

I had enough. I went to lawyers and sued Cleary and the radio station. By the time it came to trial he had died and I was left with the radio station as the defendant. 

We had a three week trial which ended in a hung jury.

We had a retrial. I won. I was awarded £120,000. I had to give my lawyers £115,000 and I was left with £5,000 - which barely covered my expenses for spending a month in Dublin etc. But I had established the principle. Of course - Cleary was gone. 


Warm up men - Casey and Cleary

In 1979 Pope John Paul came to Ireland. He had a massive youth Mass in Galway. Michael Cleary was John Paul's warm up man.

His other warm up man was Bishop Eamon Casey - who was later found to have had an affair with an American divorcee and fathered a child - Peter - which he disowned.

Cleary and Casey were friends. Surprise! Surprise!

This week it has emerged that Cleary may have a daughter in the USA - Felicia Irwin. 

Felicia Irwin - daughter?

The Church story is that she is not Cleary's child - but the child of a trainee priest who raped Phylis when she was with Cleary.

How many children had Cleary? God (and perhaps the Church) knows.

How many women had Cleary? God (and perhaps the Church) knows. 

Long ago I nicknamed Cleary - "Rasputin". 


I this Blog I have judged Cleary's behaviour and actions. Only God can judge his soul and appoint him his place in Eternity.

In any event I hope God was nicer to him than he had been to all the people he hurt during his nasty life.

+Pat Buckkey




  1. Pat - this is a truly momentous and deeply shocking post. My goodness me I shuddered as I read it and thought of how depraved a priest could be. Of course he knew that he could get away with anything he wish too and so that is why he behaved as he did.God has been his judge. But oh so many victims left in his wake and that poor broken woman who died of cancer all too young. I'm glad you mention D'Arcy. To be honest he is another bullshitter on behalf of the bishops. I understand that he is the priest upon whom "Fr Trendy" was based, whom the wonderful Dermot Morgan would base Father Ted? He's is probably another episcopal hit-man, albeit a cuddlier and more handsome one - handsome that is if you like smooth, smooth, smooth.

    1. Sadly what I wrote is 100% truthful :-(

      I never in my life came across such a wolf in sheep's clothing.

      And I only know a bit about him.

      Imagine what else he did - and how many people he tried to destroy.

      You are right about Darcy.

      The very sight of him makes me feel ill.

      He is another wolf in sheep's clothing - but much more hidden and smooth, as you say, about it.

      And yet so many are taken in by him????


    2. YO PADDY,

      Wasn't one of his fellow perverts involved in the murder of a young girl?

  2. Bishop Pat what do you think of Brain Darcy and his "little bit of religion?"

    1. What do I think? Its Brian Darcy worshipping at the altar of Brian Darcy


  3. Cleary had many more women.

    There are other children out there - having been reared by men whose wives were with Cleary.

    Dublin PP who knew and worked with Rasputin

  4. Another nail in the coffin of the Church of Rome in Ireland. I was almost going to suggest that Martin of Dublin should be made to have a full and open inquiry into the inequities of this priest of his diocese, but then thought to myself whats the point? what would it achieve? The truth is that the Church of Rome has no place in Ireland. The C of R is not the original Christian faith of the Irish but an imposed implant on the people of Ireland. We had a deep and lovely spirituality at the time of the Irish Monks and all that was destroyed by the invaders from over the Alps. A plague on all your houses. Lets return to our authentic, primal, spirituality. Rediscovering what makes us Irish Followers of Our Lord. Philip

    1. Philip,

      I agree 100% with you.

      Roman Catholicism is spiritual colonialism.

      We need to rediscover our ancient Celtic Spirituality / Christianity.


  5. Ah, the celebrity priest. The States have had their share: Fr. Charles Coughlin in the 1930s and Bishop Fulton Sheen in the 1950s come to mind. They both used political fear-mongering with which to whip the faithful into Pray, Pay, and Obey. Your Fr. Cleary is in the same mold: high-profile radio show, front man for JPII, and a "Raise your hands to Jesus!" style. I've always distrusted charismatic Catholicism: too often I've discovered the laity to whom it most appeals are among the more venal of human beings. The American real estate developer and banker Charles Keating, who died earlier this year, was an example. He was known as "Mr. Clean" for his decades-long fierce fight against pornography. Yet his financial manipulations in the 1980s caused the failure of the US savings and loan industry at a cost of $500 billion. Mr. Keating was well-known to JPII, and naturally a Knight of Malta.

    Bishop Buckley, you wonder that persons are taken in by such charlatans as Cleary et al.? The shrewd Roman of my high school years said it best: Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt (Men generally and willingly believe that which they wish to). And old Julius Caesar knew a thing or two about deception.

  6. Ancient Celtic spirituality? A load of claptrap. The Ancient Celtic Church was in communion with the See of Peter. So-called "celtic spirituality" is dewy-eyed nonsense. The spirituality of the early Irish Church was not in isolation from the rest of the Universal Church. Three hundred years of persecution and martyrdom could not sever the Irish people from their Catholic Faith and their fidelity to the Successor of St Peter!



  7. YO PADDY,

    You gotta write a script for a film, C&C aka CASEY & CLEARY!

    You have the knowledge & the gift to script a film that could be made using a lot of stuff on TV, for a low cost!

    It would become a blockbuster!

    Its time to Clean out the Sewer of Rome