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Kieran Conry with lady friend
Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton Diocese, England recently resigned over an affair with a woman. He said the affair took place "six years ago".

But on the day he retired he was "walking out" with another lady - this time a married woman. He says that they did not have sex?

He resigned on Saturday 27th September at 5.30 pm - KNOWING that his new affair with the married woman was going to feature in the following day's MAIL ON SUNDAY.

It is quite obvious that he resigned ONLY because his exposure was going to happen within 12 hours.

Had the Mail On Sunday not exposed him I think he would still be the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, still seeing the married woman who would have been still sleeping over night at his episcopal palace.

He would still be the boss of the diocese's priests; he would still be confirming and ordaining and he would still be preaching Roman Catholic values - except about sex - he has said he never preached about sex. I wonder why?


Kieran Conry admits to have had two women in his life - one he had sex with 6 years ago.

But it has now emerged that 13 years ago when he was in Rome undergoing his retreat in preparation for becoming bishop he was seen walking hand in hand with a woman in Rome.

I think it took a particulaly cavalier and brazen attitude to priesthood and episcopy to bring a Roman with you to Rome on your pre consecration retreat. He was supposed to be spending that time alone with God in preparation for his episcopate. In fact he was a woman. She probably helped him go about the clerical shops in Rome to buy his new bishop's gear - mitre, crozier and pectoral cross. 

My father (God rest him) used to say: "Its very hard to go about in your bare feet when you are used to wearing shoes".

Celibacy is a very difficult obligation for a man who has never experienced sex. "You don't miss what you've never had".

But for a man who has experienced the joys and pleasures of sex I think celibacy is even harder. 

Conry has not been a "celibate" priest and bishop for 40 years. We know for definite that he had at least 3 women.

We know he had at least 3 women in 13 years. Going on those figures he will have had some 9 women, or more, in his 40 years of "celibacy".

For many years now I have helped run a support group for women involved with priests called BETHANY. I have met over 100 women who have been involved with priests. In over 90% of the cases those priests have had many women each. One of the most promiscuous priests who has been named in the group has had so many women we jokingly call him FATHER RABBIT :-)

I would bet that Kieran Conry has had many women. He may even have had a child by one? Who knows?


In recent days Conry has said the the promise a priest taked to celibacy is ONLY a promise not to get married. "Everything else after that is guided by ordinary morality".

I've heard this excuse from sexually active priests so often. They say: "I only promised not to marry. I did not promise not to have sex"!

But the RC Church's understanding of celibacy is NO SEX. And that understanding was made quite clear to people in the seminary. 

As a bishop Conry knew this even better. Any priest he ordained had to promise celibacy to him.

Celibacy means - no impure thoughts, no masturbation, no sex with anybody else.

So in saying what he says Conry is trying to justify and minimise his breach of church law. 

This means that he does not see anything he has done as morally wrong.

Its interesting that when he apologised for his activities he did not apologise to God.

He simple said: "I am sorry I have brought SHAME on the Church!

Conry is twisting words, That is hardly surprising as he spent a great part of his life as the Church's PR man in England. 


Conry said he is not campaigning for a change in the obligatory celibacy laws. 

Does that mean that all other priests and bishops are bound by celibacy and not him?

He knows first hand that celibacy is not working. He should be campaigning for a change on the basis of his own experience alone, if for no other reason.

But he is not campaigning. Why:

1. He wants the Church to look after him financially - therefore he will not put his funding in danger by becoming a "liberal".

2. He says he wants to stay in the priesthood. How? Does he really think he can become someone's parish priest? Would the women - single and married - in his new parish be safe?

How will he learn to go in his bare feet when he has been so used to wearing sexy shoes?

Or at 64 does he feel that he's had enough sex for a lifetime?


I do not like the way Conry has, and is, handling this whole situation.

He strikes me as a wheeler and dealer and a mover and shaker.

I am afraid that the most important person in Kieran Conry's life is KIERAN CONRY.

He had has his cake and eaten it.

For a short time he intends going on a "diet",

But cake eaters are cake eaters.

And "have you cake and eat it" merchants hardly ever change.

Mabe he should retire from ministry and make ONE WOMAN somewhere a decent woman?

+Pat Buckley





  1. I agree with this blog. I had an affair with a priest and he was seeing another woman behind my back. I was single. She was married. Co. Antrim

  2. "Its a poor rabbit that only has one hole" :-)

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