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IRISH POLITICIANS - NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE BORDER - ARE AGGRESSIVELY ATTACKING SINN FEIN (the former political wing of the IRA) over what they call the "cover up" of sexual abuse by former members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army).

The attack is based upon the fact that when people went to the IRA and told them they had been sexually abused by an IRA member - the IRA convened their own "courts" to examine the allegations - rather than referring these matters to the police - the RUC and later The Northern Ireland Police Service.

Gerry Adams

The main victim in these allegations is Maria Cahill who claims that she did not get justice from the IRA. More damaging to Sinn Fein is the allegation by Maria that Gerry Adams - the Sinn Fein leader whom she spoke to - did not deliver "justice" to her.

Maria Cahill
For some reason - after a lapse of many years - Maria Cahill is waging a major public relations campaign against the IRA, Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams.

In one sense this could be understandable. Very often it takes many years for a victim of sexual abuse to arrive at the place where he/she can go public about their abuse and approach the authorities. If that is the case with Maria Cahill then she is doing nothing "unusual".

But I am worried about how other politicians have jumped so enthusiastically unto Maria's bandwagon.

Enda Kenny

In the last few days she has been to see the Irish prime minister (taoiseach) Enda Kenny and the Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson.

Peter Robinson
I have not seen any ONE victim of sexual abuse - or any NUMBER of victims of sexual abuse in Ireland receive so much publicity in such a short period and be received at government headquarters by so many politicians.

Sinn Fein is HATED by the political class both in Dublin and in Belfast.

Last week a survey placed Sinn Fein at 30% of the vote alongside Enda Kenny's Fine Gael party. 

There will be a general election in Ireland in the coming months and many, if not most of the politicians in Dublin are scared that Sinn Fein will make major inroads and could easily end up as one of two coalition parties forming the next Irish government. That would mean that Gerry Adams - much hated by Irish politicians - would be Deputy Prime Minister!

Enda Kenny wants to stay in power but it would literally kill him to have to form a coalition with Sinn Fein.

The other large Irish party - Fianna Fail - whose leader Michael Martin has been on Gerry Adams back has even more to fear from Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams.

Michael Martin
Michael Martin and successive Fianna Fail governments are almost singlehandly responsible to killing the Irish "celtic tiger" and bringing the country to its financial and econimic knees. 

They will have an almost impossible job getting back into government in any event - but with Sinn Fein taking so much of the vote their chances are even slimmer. 

The political ELITE in Ireland are running scared of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein are changing the face of Irish politics forever.

The Irish people are EXTREMELY ANGRY with the Irish politicians in the Fine Gael, Finna Fail and Labour parties and at the next election the Irish people want to leave these three semi right wing, capitalist parties with very bloody noses.

Even many people who would not normally vote for Sinn Fein will vote for them this time around as a protest vote - a protest against political elitism, cronyism, political cynicism, contempt for the Irish people etc.


They are trying to USE her to damage Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein's electoral chances.

In my opinion this is total political cynicism - and in fact another abuse of Maria Cahill.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and many others colluded in the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse of thousands of Irish children in Ireland from the late 1920s to the 1970's. They colluded by turning a blind eye and by their inaction.

Many members of political parties - especially Fianna Fail - were Roman Catholics first and citizens second.

Yes, priests brothers and nuns horribly abused Irish children - but they did it in institutions that were paid for and provided by successive Irish governments and politicians.

But now that Sinn Fein are threatening to knock them out of the game - the successors in these governments and political parties are now running around the country with Maria Cahill high on their shoulders.

If Maria Cahill was not as useful to the Irish political elite - as she is today - she would be waiting in a long queue of victims for a listening ear, support etc.

Maria Cahill says he was abused. We should believe her. Her allegations should be reported to the police in whatever jurisdiction they too place - presumably Belfast.

There is no statute of limitation on sexual abuse. Any abuser still alive can be prosecuted and if found guilty sent to prison.

If other crimes were committed by others or by members of the IRA or indeed Sinn Fein then they too can be investigated and prosecuted.

Maria Cahill should not be a POLITICAL FOOTBALL.

She should not allow herself to be a POLITICAL FOOTBALL.

Politicians should stop using her as a POLITICAL FOOTBALL.

Maria Cahill - as a victim - deserves ALL our understanding, support and encouragement. She deserves justice.

But I am left with the very uneasy feeing that these days she is being used as a POLITICAL PUPPET.

I am wondering who the puppeteers are?

Is it Enda Kenny, Michael Martin, Peter Robinson, the Irish Government, the British Government, the Northern Ireland unionists, the police, the secret services?

Or is it a combination of them all?

But I know something for definite - something stinks to high heaven!

+Pat Buckley


“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” 
― Shannon L. Alder



  1. Hidden agendas are many and complex in the land of politics. Media is a strange place too. It is quite difficult to find a story with a decent " Shock/horror" content. This seems to be it for however long this "episode" lasts. The bottom line in all of this is that true justice is served Sean

  2. I seem to recall than many in Sinn Fein (including DFM McGuiness) were vocal in calling for the immediate resignation of that good man Cardinal Sean Brady when his involvement in a minor way as a note taker in a sexual abuse investigation was revealed. Should they not resign now that their own involvement in something much more serious has been revealed? And Pat should you, who were merciless in your hounding of that good man Brady, not be calling for their resignation as well? I think we need to know. So far we have heard nothing but your unalloyed defence of SF. Are you impartial when it comes to the perpetrators of sexual abuse, or as it appears now, very partial indeed depending on who the perpetrators are? A Victim Myself

    1. I too am a recovered victim of sexual abuse. I understand and know the trauma. It was a hard path to put it all behind me.

      Are we not entitled to expect more from a priest, archbishop and cardinal than we are from a secular politician? What was it the Lord said: "To whom much is given, much is expected".

      Sean Brady covered up abuse in the 1970's in the Republic. There was NOTHING to stop him going to the Garda.

      Things were very different in the North where many in the nationalist /republican camp would have found it difficult (and still do) to approach an unacceptable police force.

      Also, Gerry Adams, unlike Sean Brady, will have to put himself before the people of County Louth within the next few months and face their verdict in an election.

      If he has done something wrong Maria Cahill can also report him to the police / Garda.

      I believe Maria Cahill. She deserves truth and justice.

      I just don't think that she should be a political football and an election weapon.


    2. You're disloyalty knows NO bounds.

    3. I have only ONE loyalty - loyalty to the truth and to JC.

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