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Cardinal Raymond Burke

Chief among these right wingers is Cardinal Raymond Burke who has taken upon himself the role of opposing Pope Francis as he struggles to purify a Vatican and a Church that is, sadly, corrupt to the very core.

Recently Burke has been claiming that the Vatican Curia comes from Jesus himself and cannot be reformed !!! What utter nonsense.

Jesus did not come into the world to found a new religion. He came into the world as a Jew - to bring Judaism to it's completion; to rescue it from the legalism of the Pharisees; to be the pinacle of God's revelation and to show us how to live.

Jesus lived, prayed and worshipped as a Jew. He died a Jew. The sign above his cross read: "The King of the Jews". 

The early followers of Jesus were mainly Jewish and after his death they continued to worship in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and meet together in each others homes for the "Breaking of the Bread" as instructed by Jesus.

It was not until the early disciples were persecuted in Jerusalem and were forced to move to Antioch that they were called "Christians".

If Christianity has a "Mother Church" it is the church in Jerusalem. Antioch would have a second claim. Rome has no claim to be the Mother Church of Christianity - apart from the claim that the emperor Constantine made it the "Mother Church" of the West and Constantinople the "Mother Church" of the East.

Burke & Co have no basis for claiming that the Vatican, Rome and The Curia are from Jesus. In fact everything that the Vatican and the Curia stand for is - under proper examination - anti Christian; anti Gospel - and therefore in a real sense the anti Christ!

The "church" in each place should resemble the "church" that Jesus and his disciples practiced and the church that we find in the earliest of Apostolic times.

That "church" is small, powerless, democratic, compassionate and non-judgemental.

It had very few structures. Structure only began to emerge as numbers got bigger and as people began to teach things that were contrary to what Christ taught. But even then the elders, presbyters, overseers and deacons and deaconesses were SERVANTS and mot masters.

The early church was truly "ruined" when Constantine (who himself did not embrace Christianity in his lifetime) decided to make Christianity the religion of his empire. Thats when the rot set in. That's when the "powers of darkness" high-jacked the Body of Christ. And those same powers of darkness have been hijacking it ever since. Burke & Co are either knowingly or unknowingly on the side of the powers of darkness.

The church under the powers of darkness have been responsible for wars, persecutions, mass murder, crusades, witch hunts and inquisitions ever since. The same spirit which inspired all of those evils still inspires the so called "Curia" of today. It is all about control, power, lies, intrigue, riches etc. And it is a terminal cancer on the Body of Christ. 

The whole issue hinges around the Second Vatican Council of the early 1960's.

The Council was called by Pope John XX111 to open the windows and renew the Church after more that 400 years of stagnation.

The Council documents were agreed by the Council Fathers - all the bishops of the whole world.

One of the big changes was to change the Liturgy / Mass from latin into the "vernacular" so that each nation could celebrate the Mass in its own language.

But almost immediately the Council ended there were "dark forces" within the Vatican, the hierarchy and the Vatican Curia who wanted to undo all that had been done by the Council.  They began to steadily resist changes and to try and turn things back by 400 years.

These people were helped by the pontificates of John Paul 11 - a conservative and autocratic Pole - who was a PR master mind but who was in fact a medieval type pope.

That line was continued by Benedict who had been John Paul's "enforcer" in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - the old "Inquisition".

John Paul1 - the 30 day pope - wanted to reform the Curia. He ended up dead!

Currently Pope Francis is set on renewal. The "medievals", headed by Burke are against him. If they got the chance he would be dead too!

But the time has come for a definitive showdown between Pope Francis and those against reform.

The Old Latin Mass is the rallying place for all these right wing medievals.

I think that for the sake of unity and discipline Francis needs to temporarily BAN the Latin Mass to deprive the medievals of a rallying place.

I think that Francis should remove Burke's "red hat" and demand that he withdraw from public life within the church and from going around the world stirring up trouble.

If Burke and the right wingers do not accept this then let them head off and join the Le Febreve-ites or set up a Tridentine church of their own. We need to see the back of them. They need to be given this ultimatum. Francis is trying to maintain unity by half humouring these banana cases. But they are not reasonable and rational people. They are ignorant militants who want to take the whole church back to the Middle Ages.

Burke is a laughing stock going around dressed up like some kind of an ecclesiastical transexual relic from the 1600's.

I don't know why he is so out to get gay people. Anyone who dresses like him, to my mind, has serious psychosexual problems.

We are at a cross roads. We need to fight for the simple Community of Faith that Christ intended. The enemy are these medievalists who want a militaristic church militant that is totally out of touch with the real world and that is in defiance of rationality, reason and Gospel values.

+Pat Buckley


  1. I thought that Burke had been demoted to an honourary position with no authority or power? An 11th Oct comment linked to the "Old Queen Burke" blog indicated he'd been "sent to Coventry", ooops, sorry, Malta, as Cardinal Patron of the sovereign order of the Knights of Malta, a purely ceremonial post based at the Knights HQ in Rome.
    But if he's still stirring it, then yes give him a strict ultimatum, 'shut up or lose your hat'

  2. Pat, a lot of this is hysterical reactionary nonsense, calling the entire Vatican "antichrist", etc. It makes you sound like a bigoted Protestant extremist and undermines the validity of a lot of the other things you say. Of course Burke is a nutter and those of his ilk. Look at all the prancing nancy boys he likes dancing attendance on him. It easy to see what's going on there. But saying the Vatican is "anti-gospel"?? That's rubbish. There's good and bad in every outfit. Pope Francis is on the ball in side-lining a buffoon like Burke. Priest

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      If we want to renew and reform the RC Church we are going to have to make it as much like the "church" of Christ's time and the church of Apostolic times.

      Why should the Vatican be a state? Where is the Scriptural grounding for that?

      We meed a New Testament like church? No?


    2. Pat I think the anonymous priest at 17:01 makes a valid point. I'm afraid when you blog in"rantlike mode" you devalue many of the other good points you make, and give your detractors ammunition against you.
      For example your paragraph (no 14above I think), "The church under the powers of darkness have been responsible for wars , etc etc..."
      Imagine that being taken out of its context and published under the heading: " Even a catholic bishop believes his church is rotten".
      While you could defend it (if given the opportunity), how many would read your defence? It's the headline that will be remembered and used negatively. Sad, but true I think. What do others think?

    3. Just came across a quote today:

      "Every good writer must have something vicious about him".

      D H Lawrence

  3. A couple of years ago my cousin who lives over in edinburgh and who is gay was at a Latin high mass in an Edinburgh church. Even though he is gay he said he never saw so many Nancy boys all dressed up in lace and satin. He said his gaydar was overheating. The senior prelates in attendance were Cardinal Keith OBrien and the glasgow Archbishop Conti known by priests as the Duchess. What a spectacle that must have been

  4. The Latin Mass is part of heritage much like the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) In Church of England. They have their place but are acquired tastes. RC Church has become a system without a heart-a car without an engine. The conclusion I come to is as above-We need a New Testament like church. Sean

  5. Pat,
    Only the good Lord himself can reform the Catholic Church; it is beyond the capacity of mankind to do so. The reform may well be that the institute in its present form dies out, before something more worthy 'rises from the ashes'.

    D&C cleric.

    1. That is so true.

      And we "fools" and "sinners" think we can do it :-(

      Lord - do not be long in coming -


    2. As a (former) Irish Roman Catholic. I see myself as having lived inside an onion. I was afraid to take the outer lair off in case I would not survive, sin or do something wrong. In fairness perhaps it is easier for me to say this from the comfort of England but the reality remains. Many Irish R Catholics are subconsciously terrified because of generations of programming-Sean

  6. I can't believe those photos of Cardinal Burke are real. He looks like a "pantomime dame" ! How could anyone take him seriously, dressed up like that in the 21st century ? Utterly out of touch with reality !

    Priest of D&C.

    1. Agreed. And then he condemns gay people.

      I think that anyone who dresses like that has some interesting psychosexual issues.


    2. "Pantomime Dame" sums it up beautifully. How seasonal!

  7. When I showed non Catholic friends photos of Burke in full regalia they used expressions similar to "What the .............!!!" The man and his ilk are on another planet

  8. If Pope Francis has a problem with Cardinal Burke's comments, it is he who must caution the Cardinal, and re-instill Church discipline. If not, one may deduce it is better to let Raymond Burke twist slowly in the wind, bare ruined choirs and all.

    Partly because of your posts on Cardinal Burke, I've revised my opinion of him. What he says is of little import to me: I can find one Religious Personage who pronounces such-and-such a thing as Truth, only to find another R.P. who says the opposite. The carping about his raiment thing has become a bit tiresome though. Would I wish him less over the top as a churchman from the States? Humility is a virtue that may not come easily to Burke. And I have been reminded that many areas of the Church are like the theater: a good set and costumes enhance the play. For all the world's a stage, so why not let the man have his lace and moire silks? In American parlance, bling is king. Et le roi s'amuse.

  9. Our local theatre has just informed us that in this years panto the actor playing Little Red Riding Hood has had to pull out due to illness. Now that he is out of a job and has time on his hands I wondered if Cardinal Burke could step in and play the part. He already has the costume and has displayed a great sense of theatre.