Tuesday, 31 March 2015




Meet the Cathedral Team


  1. Could I ask an impertinent question ? How many of the above staff are available for work this Holy Week ?

    Priest of D&C.

  2. "Dean" Kennedy suffered a great loss of credibility a few years ago and is certainly a "lame dog" administrator.

    Father Dallat has disappeared amongst allegations of sexual affairs, pregnancies and miscarriages.

    I always thought that a cathedral should be a model church and parish for the diocese.

    Yet Noel Treanor uses his cathedral as a dumping ground for "problems".

    He would not get away with this in leafy St. Brigids.

    The whole thing is a Gilbert & Sullivan farce.


  3. Pat,
    May I risk another impertinent question ? Why is the Webcam SOUND TURNED OFF AT ST PETER'S ?

    Priest of D&C.

    1. No one knows? And what about the sick and housebound of the diocese who want to watch and listen to Mass on the cathedral web cam?

      Is it a case of the lights being on and no one home?

  4. Is it true that "Dean" Kennedy was the textiles and curtains consultant on Bishop Treanor's 3 million palace revamp?

    Is Bishop Treanor "compromised" in any way?

  5. And by that string of letters after McClintock's name he'd be well suited to deputise in the absence of Sir Arthur Sullivan! If anyone is able to face the music.
    Now let me see about the lyrics, and with apologies to W.S. Gilbert's Ko Ko and the Mikado's Someday it may happen":

    As some day it may happen that priest can not be found,
    they say he's up the North Coast, and hiding underground.
    He's gone and spoilt his chances. Some say he won't be missed.
    But what about the others; how many's on the list?

    And how about the bishop, that gave him too much rope?
    Is he also on the list? However will he cope?
    An absent silent cleric of a compromising kind,
    like----What d'ye call him-Thing me bob, and likewise, .......-Never mind.

    The task of filling up the blanks I'd rather leave to you.
    But it doesn't really matter whom you put on the list,
    For they'd none of 'em be missed- they'd none of 'em be missed.
    Or maybe they're all taking heed of that wonderful Co Down singer Colum Sand's song:
    "Whatever you say say nothing,
    when you speak about you know what."

    1. MMM, You have excelled yourself with these lyrics :-)

      Your last quote reminded me of something my late friend and fellow pioneer, Father Michael Kean (Knock Marriage Bureau) used to say about senior and junior clergy:


  6. I'm sure I'm not alone after reading the topics on this blog. A confused and scattered sheep looking for a shepherd!

    Who am I, Lord?
    Am I a Peter? Who when trouble came along, deserted You and denied You.
    Who at the cock crow wept tears of regret but served You to the end?

    Am I a Paul? Who out of hate, persecuted those who followed You.
    And who, when confronted at Damascus, became your faithful servant?

    Am I a Judas? Who through greed and a desire for power betrayed You
    with a traitor's kiss and died full of despair?

    You know who I am, Lord.
    And I know who I am.

    Help me to be who You want me to be.

    1. "I do not want you to be another Peter.
      I do not want you to be another Paul.
      I do not want you to be another Judas.

      I want you to be another ME.
      To live the way I lived.
      To think the way I thought.
      To act the way I acted.

      To comfort the disturbed.
      To disturb the comfortable.

      To make the First last - and the Last First.
      To challenge the modern Pharisee.

      Thats who I want you to be"

  7. Inspired by MMM's bursting into verse I decided to pen some lyrics myself.

    This is to the tune of: SWEET MOLLY MALONE

    "In Belfast's fair city,
    Where some priests like their titty;
    I first set my eyes on sweet Father D.
    Where he ploughed his proud member,
    Through Spring to December,
    Crying: "Give me yer women" Alive, Alive O.

    Alive, Alive O, Alive, Alive O,
    Crying: "Give me yer women", Alive, Alive O.

    He was a Jack Laddie,
    And sure t'was no wonder,
    For so was his uncle, the bishop before.
    And they both ploughed John Thomas,
    Without shame or love's promise,
    Crying: "Give me yer women", Alive, Alive O.


    He died of exposure,
    And Noel could not save him;
    And that was the end of poor Father D.
    Now his ghost hunts a maid,
    Through the fields around Layde.
    Crying: "Give me yer women", Alive, Alive O


  8. MMM is a dirty old man'
    He washed his face in a frying pan,
    He combed his hair with a donkeys tail,
    and scratched his belly with a big toe nail.

    Beat that MMM you #tosser!!

    1. Sorry! So far you come in at number 3 out of 3

    2. Plus you lose 10 points for abuse

    3. I was only jesting! :((

    4. Thats ok :-) No problem :-) The "# tosser" confused me.


    5. Okay Anonymous at 14:59, let me try, and again, this time with apologies to the Wild Rover:

      "I've not been a believer, for many a year.
      Although I was reared in that culture of fear.
      Of hell and damnation, and sorely oppressed,
      by those holding power we all thought were blessed.

      And it's no nay never, confessing I'll go
      to the church of corruption is what you should know.

      They held their collections, their coffers to swell.
      If we didn't contribute, we'd all go to hell.
      We did what they told us, for they held the keys
      of heaven or hell, so we stayed on our knees.

      And it's no nay never. I'll never believe
      the words of those clerics, they only deceive.

      The set an example, of morals so high
      all holy and pious, while all was a lie.
      And all their deceiving the faithful believed.
      But it's all coming out, that we were deceived.

      Despite all, ......there's good men, loyal and true
      to the vows that they took, but sadly, .... too few.
      They have to stay silent, and not cross the line
      of them with the power, and vicious incline.

      And it's no nay never, there's surely no honour
      in the rump of the clergy who run Down and Connor.


  9. Ciaran,

    You can fool some of the people all of the time;
    You can fool all of the people some of the time;
    But you cannot feel all the people all of the time.

    Look upon your current situation as a wake up call.

    Man up or ship out!

    Priest D&C

    1. ".......You cannot FEEL all of the people all of the time."

      Well done. That is absolutely priceless, whether intentional of typo.

    2. Why should he? Stay in St Peter's and claim it as his own! Buckley did and he's not from here!

    3. But he does not have the 12 year + occupancy that qualifies him for "Adverse Possession"?

    4. How long does it take one to become: "From here"?

      I came HERE at the age of 26.

      I have been HERE for 37 years now.

      "I never went away you know"!

  10. Are you suggesting bishop Dallat also had an eye for the ladies? How do you get away with writing such pointless rubbish?? Have you ever had a look at yourself as your a complete joke and I don't know anyone who actually likes you apart from this "Linda"!! Who made you a bishop??

    1. Yes - I am saying that! All the clergy know this. And it was not just in the eyes.

      "Pointless rubbish" - you are entitled to your opinion. I'm even giving you space on my Blog to express that opinion.

      You are also entitled to your opinion about me being a "joke" too. Many others would disagree with you.

      Who made me a bishop? I am quite happy to discuss this with you further. Before we begin that chat can I ask you: "How is your Sacramental Theology?

  11. In fairness Bishop Dallat (RIP) had a longstanding relationship with ONE woman which appeared to be a relationship based on love, commitment, fidelity, companionship etc.

    We all know that Paddy Walsh tried to keep this good lady away from his death bed and funeral. Shame on PW!

    Ciaran's situation appears to be very different than that of his episcopal uncle.

    Retired Priest.

  12. Would it be alright if those of us in the presbyterate of Down and Connor who find celibacy unbearable told people we were suffering from "Dallat's Syndrome" ?

    1. Father, I can see no problem whatsoever with that suggestion. In fact those of you suffering with "Dallat's Syndrome" could apply to The Vatican to be excused from compulsory celibacy on medical grounds.