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Dear Noel,

Laser Vision Noel

I see from today's Irish News that you regard the sexual relationship between Father Ciaran Dallat and his former parishioner - a relationship that included a miscarriage - as "A PRIVATE MATTER BETWEEN TWO ADULTS"!

Ciaran Dallat - Assistant Priest" St, Peter's Cathedral
So let me get this straight Noel:

Father Ciaran Dallat (52) is a priest of Down and Connor who has taken a promise of celibacy for life - and you still regard that as "a private matter between two adults"?

1. Does that mean that Ciaran Dallat's breach of compulsory celibacy - a universal law of the Catholic Church - has got NOTHING AT ALL to do with you as his bishop, his fellow priests and the people of the Diocese? Are you telling all your priests and people to mind their own business?

2. And if this is the case - does that mean that it is ok with you for any priest of your diocese to have sexual intercourse and an intimate relationship with any woman or man they choose and that this will be just a private matter between those priests and the people they go to bed with?

3. If this is the case are you announcing today - St Patrick's Day 2015 - that celibacy is optional for priests in the Diocese of Down and Connor and is simply a matter of their own private choice and preference?

4. Will you be announcing this at Mass today in your cathedral - flanked by the two priests of your cathedral "Dean" Hugh Kennedy and Father Ciaran Dallat - who let us say - have a very different view of clerical celibacy than the one enshrined in Canon Law and Church teaching?

"Dean" Kennedy
5. How do you think that this will be viewed by the rest of the priests of your diocese who struggle to remain celibate and have done so for 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years?

Is your message to them now that they were fools and were silly to deprive themselves of the pleasures of the marital bed for all these years.

6. Are you also telling parish priests and curates in all your parishes that it is alright for them become sexually obsessed with any female or male parishioner and to quite deliberately target them for sexual favours - and then drop them and move on to another man or woman?

If this is what you believe can you let us know which Professor of Catholic Moral Theology has said that this is alright - or in which moral theology book you came across this teaching?

7. Are you also telling us that it is alright for a priest to impregnate a woman and make her pregnant and then, if she suffers the tragedy of a miscarriage, that priest should dress up and go out for dinner with his friends to celebrate the miscarriage - a miscarriage that will have got him off the hook of responsible fatherhood and parenthood? 

Was this regarded as being alright according to the religious instruction you were given when you went to Catholic schools in the Diocese of Clogher in Monaghan? 

8. Are you telling us today that you are proud of the character, morals, ethics and lifestyles of the only two priests you have appointed to staff your cathedral?

9. Are you not afraid that this new "Moral Theology a la Treanor" will open the floodgates of lechery and concupiscence all across your Diocese from Culfeightrin in the North to Attical in the South?

10. In your next pastoral letter do you intend telling the priests and people of your diocese that the 6th and 9th Commandments no longer apply in your jurisdiction and that there are now only 8 Commandments?

11. Is it your intention to tell any adult woman or man in the Diocese who has been sexually exploited by a priest that they are mentally ill and need a psychiatrist - as you seemed to imply yesterday to the woman who is the victim of Ciaran Dallat?

12. Have you informed the Papal Nuncio in Dublin of your new moral theology and catechesis and have you received his approval?  

13. Did you inform your fellow Irish bishops at your Spring Meeting in Maynooth last week of your new dispensation - and are we to see it spread into Ireland's other 25 dioceses?

14. Is this new dispensation a vital part of the Living Church programme that you are in the process of rolling out across the diocese?

Noel, it seems to me that we are in for very interesting times in Down and Connor in the weeks, months and years to come - where EVERYTHING will be a private matter between consenting adults. 

This will go down in history as the most interesting St Patrick's Days in Ireland since Darby O'Gill led the Fairy Folk Dance on the dung hill overlooking Silverstream, County Monaghan in the Year Dot!

+Pat Buckley
17 the March 2015.


  1. I am disgusted with these Blogs.

    A B Rankin. Belfast

    1. And so you should be !!!

      PP D&C

  2. As a Priest serving in a Belfast, I would like to make 2 points.

    Whether Bishop Noel has intended it or not, the fact that he sees no problem with Frs Dallat & Kennedy continuing in ministry, de facto means that he has accepted that celibacy for D&C clergy will now be optional.
    I have a Priest friend who works in the Congregation for Clergy, Rome, and I intend to use his good offices to inform the Cardinal Prefect of The Congregation, that Our Ordinary, Bishop Noel Treanor, has revoked the Canonical discipline of Mandatory Celibacy, within his own Diocese.
    I look forward to further developments in this regard.

  3. Why has the IRISH NEWS been canceled in the Cathedral Presbytery ?

  4. Fr Michael Sheehan is sporting a very dashing frock coat on pg 4 of the IRISH NEWS.(Taken at the Titanic Centre to celebrate bicentenary of St Patrick's Donegall St.)
    The Dean (legitimate title) of St Anne's is also pictured with Bishop Farquhar (crumpled suit - sack the stylist) Where was our new "Dean", Dr Kennedy ? I hope he was not snubbed . Perhaps he and his assistant Priest, Fr Dallat, were somewhat preoccupied yesterday evening.
    Titanic & Down & Connor, a natural fit, one might say.

    Clerical Observer.

  5. Can I humbly ask if these new rules on chastity and celibacy apply to Religious as I have had impure thoughts about a diocesan priest for 58 years?

    Sr Tarcissius SPI
    Cong Perp Indul
    Glen Road.

  6. Has anyone noticed that Bishop Treanor failed to turn up to celebrate the diocesan Mass in St Peters Cathedral at 10 this morning. Ours is the only diocese in Ireland where the bishop did not turn up at his cathedral to honour our National Saint.

    Also absent were Frs Dallat and Kennedy.

    Down and Connor is in meltdown and the captain has abandoned ship'


  7. Amazing 10 o clock Webcam Mass for the Feast of the National Saint. No Bishop, no Dean, no Assistant Priest, no Organ, no Choir!
    Celebrant? An octogenarian Redemptorist from Clonard-yes Clonard.
    Could this be the same Clonard regarded by Local neighbouring parish priests in the past as either a bloody nuisance or a laughing stock?
    A Clonard which our late real Dean Montague forbade to minister to the sick and dying?
    A Clonard which could not send a priest to administer Last Rites to my dying Grandmother years ago because of St Paul's PPs edict.
    My, how things have changed.
    Do we now have effectively a Redemptorist Cathedral?
    How many Clonard priests are now involved in keeping this ship afloat?
    Where is the Bishop? Preparing for the Chrism Mass in a fortnight?
    That should be something worth watching.

    1. As my beloved mother Jo used to say:


    2. I WILL NOT be attending the Chrism Mass this year. I've had enough.


  8. I've just been listening to the Sean Coyle show on Radio Ulster, and 2 requests reminded me of Bishop Treanor.
    "More questions than answers" by Johnny Nash, the first line is " The more I ask the less I know".
    2nd song was "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles.
    I'm not making this up - both songs were played this morning on the show.

  9. I see neither Noël Magnifique nor the highly-esteemed priests of St Peter's ("Dean" "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Kennedy and Fr "Call Me Daddy" Dallat) performed at the St Patrick's Day Eucharistic showpiece in Cathédrale Duruflé this morning.

    I have to admit, though, that I would love to have seen the probable reaction of the good people of West Belfast if that unfortunate trio had come waltzing down the nave to some pretentious anthem from Nigella McProtastúnach considering what we all now know.

    Dia a shábháil dúinn.

  10. Noticed that when I check the webcam this morning. Sent in the old priests from Clonard to pick up the pieces, again!
    The bishop is weak and a disgrace!!

    The whole cathedral is a mess and not a single note of music played either, what a let down!

    Cathedral is destroyed

    1. Pat, I noticed on yesterday's blog banter you invited MMM to represent the atheist community at the closing down dinner of Lisbreen.

      MMM has responded by saying that the atheist community would be better represented at that dinner by Treanor Kennedy Dallat & Co.

      Speaking of fat cat lawyers is there any truth in the rumour that All Bran wants to buy Lisbreen?


  11. I hope that whoever is appointed as the new Rector of Clonard is also aware that he is to be effectively the new Administrator (Dean?) of the Cathedral......

  12. The scandal given when a priest betrays the sacred trust placed in him is NEVER a "private matter between two adults". This is attempted "damage limitation" which, in fact, accentuates the harm caused by the priest offender.

    The Church attempted the exact same tactics when children and teenagers were being abused and, although the dynamic is different when an adult is abused, attempts to "share the blame" will not wash here either.

    The priest is given a unique spiritual role. He never acts "privately". He very publicly ministers and serves. If he abuses his position, if he radically betrays his calling - as HK and CD have both done - then it is a matter that cannot be kept "secret", or "private".

    Indeed, this is another "cover up" which did not succeed and fair dues to the lady involved in coming forward. She did us all a service - priests and people.

    1. Amen.

      And she tried to sort it out within the church community - as the New Testament advises - but was betrayed by Bishop Treanor who decided to cover up for Fr Dallat.

      This lady has been betrayed TWICE.

      Having been effectively refused access to the D&C laundy room she was left with no alternative but to take her "washing" to the public river bank.

      She has also prevented the exploitation and abuse of other women in the future.

      She is acting in very good faith as an ecclesiastical whistle blower.

    2. More than ten years ago I sent James Donaghy's seminarian victim and his family to Paddy Walsh and they were betrayed!

      Two weeks ago I sent Ciaran Dallat's woman victim to Noel Treanor and she was betrayed!

      How can I ever again have any confidence in sending a victim to Lisbreen?

      I would literally be sending lambs to the slaughter house :-(

  13. I think we do need to express gratitude to Father Fonsie CSSR for not letting the cathedral congregation down today.

    At the moment he is the one rose left blooming in a garden overun by thorn bushes.

    PP D&C

    1. I agree. I have watched his Masses and he has a very simple / profound spirituality and takes people with him.

      I would also like to say that I know that there are very many good priests in Down and Connor for whom these scandals - and the inaction of the bishop - is a source of great pain and frustration to them.

  14. It appears that a very sorry story is unfurling in D & C and in the Cathedral particularly. I contrast the solemn, pious and sonorous tones that came from that building and the mouths of the clergy only this last Sunday with the very sad reports that appear in the blogosphere. I think that the absence of the Bishop, the Administrator / Dean and the Cathedral clergy from the National Saint's Day Mass is indicative of the seriousness of what is taking place, and the meetings and negotiations and crisis management that must be taking place in these days in the Diocesan Curia, Bishop's House, and no doubt in the Nunciature in Dublin.

    I do, however, think that we should just be a bit careful. There are real people involved in all this - and I include everybody, the woman involved with Fr Dallat, Fr Kennedy and his friend, even the Bishop, as well as the people of the Cathedral Parish and the Diocese. In particular, those closest to the crisis. I know that there are many things that have gone wrong, and there has been much arrogance, pomposity, authoritarianism, even abusive behaviours, but.....I do not want to see any of these people further damaged. There is redemption for everybody, and rather than seeing them crushed I hope that they will avail themselves of that redemption, although it does mean that they must take ownership of what has happened, ask forgiveness, look for new ways, and move on. It will be painful for all of them. But out of that pain something good can come for them, for whoever has been a victim, for all people who have been hurt by this.

    So, although I understand the outrage, upset, sometimes even relish, at what has gone on and is presently happening, the outcome must be more positive and constructive and redemptive. So, let us pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work to change hearts and minds, and to heal. Otherwise, it will just spiral in to something even worse.

    1. This is a very forgiving well intentioned Christian comment, the sentiments of which I do understand. However, given the antecedents, and well established patterns, and that leopards don't change their spots, nor can 'old dogs' be taught new tricks, I can only agree with seven words from your post: "they must take ownership........and move on"
      I don't mean to move on in the customary merry go round of disgraced clergy, and leave it to other contributers to suggest suitable destinations.
      PS. Does Ailsa Crag come under Down & Connor or is it Scottish?

  15. I agree with the 16.35 blogger. The painting by Rembrandt of the Return of the Prodigal and Nouwen's reflections on it are so apt.
    The sinner returning, the judgemental frustrated elder brother and the Father who has the hands of a father and mother. According to Nouwen some of us will identify with one or other or both of the brothers but the challenge is to become like the Father; loving unconditionally.
    All of the complex redemptive processes must be sought and prayed for now.
    Alongside this huge damage has been done. While the above redemptive processes are allowed to occur, the family of the church, and particular of that great people of St Peter's parish, require the balm of great healing. Those in the centre of the crisis- lay, priests, bishops,nuncio need to address the needs of the people and consider their own positions as an essential part of the healing process.
    In my humble opinion they have failed; in my heart I pray for plentiful redemption for them.

    1. Father ciaran oh sorry con man ciaran wants to be ashamed of himself he's nothing but a lying rat bag.The bishop who covered up for him is also a rat bag.THIS out and out flea bag was a regular visitor in a dying religious woman's home were his double life took place on a nightly basis.NOT only did this rat bag say mass at the woman's funeral which makes me sick it is clearly the case that he was having a relationship with her daughter as this religious woman lay dieing in her home.ILe not put my name up here for a few different reasons and not that I'm afraid to its more of a family reason .BUT ciaran from my point of view your nothing but a rat bag and you want to hang your head in shame and I will have no problem saying this to your face.Pray to god for forgiveness as your out of jail card and hand your robe back along with your slimy bishop !!!

  16. We have today, in witnessing the absence of the Bishop, ADM, Ass't Priest, Choir Director, & Scola Cantorum, from the Cathedral this St Patrick's Day, experienced a very Unique GUBU Moment. Allow me to elaborate.
    In 1982 the then Taoiseach, Charles J Haughey, said the following about a particular event; " It was a bizarre happening, an unprecedented situation, a grotesque situation, an almost unbelievable mischance" .
    The writer Conor Cruise O'Brien, coined the acronym GUBU, to describe Haughey's statement. GROTESQUE, UNBELIEVABLE, BIZARRE, AND UNPRECEDENTED.
    These 4 words describe what we witnessed in the Cathedral this morning.
    I think of Noel Treanor as the GUBU BISHOP, for he is allowing an ongoing GUBU situation to develop in the Cathedral. WELL DONE NOEL !

    Clerical Observer.

  17. I appreciate the sincerity of your comments @ 17.37, but feel I should point out to you that an important part of any healing process vis a vis the Cathedral situation, would be transparency. I don't believe that the 3 "wise men" , Noel, Hugh, & Ciaran know the meaning of the word transparency. Sadly they deal in a different currency, and will I fear, continue to dodge the real issues, and inflict further pain, in a foolish attempt to "bury the skeletons".
    These men know the "price of everything,and the true value of nothing".
    I was ordained a lifetime ago, and I am deeply saddened at the events unfolding in St Peter's; it is a disgrace to the good people and priests who served in the Cathedral, over the years. I am a sinner, but I'm not a fraud, and nor do I use people. The people of God do not expect us to be perfect, but they do expect integrity, and sincerity. The Vista at the Cathedral is a parody of Ordained Priesthood, and that's what hurts me.

    Priest of Down & Connor.

  18. For the people's sake; for God's sake; for the Church's sake would all concerned in this total fiasco get off their high horses, do the right thing and GO!

  19. That's a nice frock coat Fr Michael is wearing in the Irish News beside the Titanic Centre. Isn't it refreshing think to see such a contented, happy smile on the priest of a Down and Connor priest. He has the look of a man without any "skeletons" in his cupboards. Thank God!

  20. FATHER EDDIE McGee17 March 2015 at 19:38




    "This is an intensely private and personal matter for both parties
    and, in particular, for the lady concerned. The Diocese is treating
    this matter seriously and will respect and protect the privacy and
    welfare of all involved. The Diocese confirms that it will do what
    is necessary to ensure that the matter is properly addressed. This
    includes making sure that confidentiality is upheld and that no
    unnecessary hurt or distress is caused. For these reasons, it is
    not appropriate to make any further comment."


    1. Father Eddie McGee issued the above statement tonight on behalf of Bishop Treanor to the IRISH NEWS.

      The IRISH NEWS sent it to me - as the victims "designated support person" to ask the lady for a response to the statement. That is good journalism - to give all sides the opportunity to comment and respond before publication.

      Before the story appeared in today's IRISH NEWS Bishop Treanor, last night, was given the opportunity to comment before publication.

      Tonight Father McGee rang the IRISH NEWS to complain that his statement was given to me and put on my Blog.

      He asked the IRISH NEWS to get me to take the statement down and remove his name from my Blog.

      He likes not to be named but referred to as as "a spokesman".

      But the statement came from Father McGee.

      Do Blog readers think I should remove this statement and Father McGee's name?

  21. Dear Eddie,
    I wish I could be assured that these matters would be properly addressed. Sadly, I have no such confidence in the process. The way that Our Ordinary, Bishop Noel, spoke to the woman concerned, should cause all Priests and people of the Diocese, to be very sceptical as to his sincerity, in dealing with this matter in a transparent and Christ-like manner.
    His no show at the Cathedral this morning spoke volumes ! Don't Eddie believe all you hear in the corridors of Lisbreen.You I believe are a sincere Priest, but beware those who put words in your mouth, for often they themselves speak with "forked tongue".

    Fellow Priest of D&C.

  22. I sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved without malice or maliciousness as I believe both parties are deeply affected by it. My prayers are with the 2 people who are directly involved.

    I would also like to add that no one is perfect an we are all human no matter what our calling in life has been. Again another man made rule created within the church.

    Some people/priests are using this situation to fuel their own personal vendettas an should be ashamed for doing so (people in glass houses)

    I personally find father ciaran a kind a considerate person who has helped and guided me in the past.

  23. Does anyone know the name or contact details of a Priest Exorcist ?
    I think he could be gainfully employed in our Cathedral Parish.


  24. Thanks to the old priests of Clonard for keeping alive the battered hearts of St Peter's people.
    No music but we did have Fr Fonsie plaintively sing "Faith of our fathers (living still?) in spite of Dungeon Fire and Sword"!
    How metaphorically apt!

  25. Does anyone know where our GUBU Bishop today celebrated Mass, in honour of our National Patron ?

    Clerical Observer.

  26. GUBU on Diocesan Pilgrimage to Saul today perchance?

  27. Pious frauds like the above at 21:35 make me puke! You found Six Dinner Dallat "a kind and considerate person"? Good for you. You're one of a very few and select number I can tell ye.

    There is a Belfast expression: "if ya couldn't laugh, you'd go mad" and it is very apt here. These buffoons invite deserved ridicule. I know of people these two clowns, CD and HK, gave a very hard time to because, in their eyes, they weren't "living right".

    The abandoned ship of the Cathedral speaks volumes. The rats have fled. Maybe they are in Lisbreen? Maybe Noel has them both sitting one on each knee, tonight,getting their wind up?

    What has happened, in all seriousness, is another scandal, a further betrayal of a parish community. You can bet - the person "the diocese" cares about least is the woman who has gone to the papers. Behind the closed doors, you can imagine the names she is being called!!

    As for wee Eddie McGee: get over yourself, Eddie. You have sat on the fence all your life thus far. Stop being a robot, a parrot and get a life.

    1. "Pious fraud". Who dare u!!!! I am a young working mother trying to bring up 3 small kids in 1 of the worst named areas in the falls. I do not eat the chapel rails but I do attend weekly mass for the that my kids deserve to know about the religion that they were born an baptised into. It's hypocritical to baptise them on a show day an for them to never see the inside of a chapel again. I think this is called being a good parent.

      As for your so called abandoned ship yesterday maybe the reason for this is because of vicious people like yourself who have CD hung drawn an quartered.

      I do sympathise with the lady but here's another old saying for ye "it takes 2 to tango".

  28. Who pays for Clonard Priests to "fill in" at the Cathedral ? It seems somewhat bizarre to have 2 resident Diocesan Priests in the Cathedral , and yet for both Masses in St Peter's today, the Clonard Clergy have to "front up". Not sure the Parishioners are getting value for money !

    Parishioner of St Paul's.

  29. They got value today. Authenticity, beautiful simplicity, self givingness on the part of the Clonard priests concerned, acceptance and love.


  30. Pat, Barbara McDermott on £90,000 per annum heads up the Child Protection / Vulnerable Adults office in D&C. Why not suggest that her remit be extended to cover men / women who have been targeted by predatory priests in order to to secure sex, money, holidays etc. This will emphasise the hypocrisy of the Diocese in only being interested in LEGAL TRESPASSES as opposed to SERIOUS MORAL TRESPASSES. Did Jesus not come to extend care, love and compassion beyond what is simply legalistic! Do we only invest in protecting people, when legal boundaries could be crossed,and we as a church could therefore be vulnerable to prosecution? Is not EVERY PERSON made in the image and likeness of God, worthy of protection from those who may abuse their position of trust? Should the Church not give the example to society, insisting that its personnel treat ALL people as other "christs" Is not a predator priest a grave risk to the spiritual and mental well being of the victim and of future victims? Does the Church not accept its moral and or quasi legal responsibility to protect people when a predator priest is identified?

    1. (2) Could the Church not face prosecution if a victim was defrauded of money or suffered grave mental trauma (ie clinical depression) by a predator priest already known to Church authorities?

      One could argue on a point of law that the Diocese's failure to act "assisted" the PREDATOR PRIEST in his illicit and or illegal actions.

      D&C Priest - first time contributor to this Blog - name with Bishop Pat.

    2. Father, thank you for your first contribution and for trusting me with your identity.

      The quality of your contribution is top class.

      It strikes me that the victim(s) of Ciaran Dallat may very well have a case against the Diocese and indeed Bishop Treanor.


  31. The very obvious denial of responsibility by the Church authorities for protecting people from "predator priests" , echoes strongly the attitude displayed 25 years ago, when the Church refused both morally and legally, to accept responsibility for child abusing clergy. DENIAL WAS "THE NAME OF THE GAME" !
    What is the difference in morality and legal responsibility, in the moving from parish to parish of a known "predator priest", and that of a known child abusing priest ?
    Surely both types represent a very serious threat to the Parishioners in their "care".

    Concerned Catholic.

  32. Is Fr Fonsie CsSR still our acting ADM ?

    Cathedral Parishioner, BT12.

    1. Father Fonsie is your acting Administrator, Assistant Priest and Presiding Bishop.

      Priest. D&C

  33. How many other Down and Connor Priests are conducting clandestine affairs ?
    The living church initiative will do nothing to address this problem within the diocese. This unfortunate woman has been abused and exploited and the safeguarding office must deal with it under their policies and procedures. It is not enough to say that they were consenting adults, this woman was a vulnerable adult and Father Dallat has taken advantage of her at a difficult time. He has abused and exploited her.

  34. I do not agree with you conducting "marriages", that are blatantly contrary to church laws however I can not fault you in exposing Fr. Dallat in so far I believe his behaviour is disgusting.

  35. I do not agree with many of the things you advocate, however I totally believe you are spot on for exposing Fr. Dallat.