Wednesday, 11 March 2015



Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
The Catholic Archbishop of Dublin called a hastily prepared press conference in Dublin yesterday to distance himself from the statements of Kevin Doran - the man who has been the bishop in Sligo for a few months.

Kevin Doran, during a radio interview on Monday had said that:

1. Being gay was akin to having Downs' Syndrome or Spina Bifida.

2. Gay people who had children were not parents.

3. Raped women who had abortions had them as an act of revenge against their rapist.

At the press conference Diarmuid Martin was joined by Eamon Martin the Archbishop of Armagh and the Primate of All Ireland. Eamon Martin said that Bishop Doran told him he was sorry for causing offence.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has repeatedly criticised church leaders and self appointed church spokespersons for using insensitive language about social and moral issues.

At yesterday's press conference the journalists present asked Diarmuid Martin if Bishop Doran had his confidence. Tellingly Diarmuid Martin replied: "I don't want to get into that".

I think that Bishop Kevin Doran has managed to embarrass his 27 fellow bishops by his remarks since he became a bishop. It is not a good start to his episcopate that he has publicly embarrassed his colleagues. 

Doran's problem is that he is a holder of both right wing Roman Catholic views and several degrees but he is totally lacking in native intelligence, common sense and an ability to express his church's views in a credible manner.

It is all part of his personal immaturity. He has never grown up! He has held all kind of church positions but he is "So heavenly as to be no earthly use"!

I would imagine that there are plenty of mitre wearers in Ireland that now regret that Doran was ever made a bishop. But they are stuck with him now. There is no way that they can "de-bishop" him.

What kind of an "ejit" would ever say that being gay is like being Downs' Syndrome or Spina Bifida. That is an insult to the Downs' Syndrome and Spina Bifida communities as well as to the gay community.

Even if you thought that you should have enough wit not to say it out loud - especially if you are a bishop.

The same goes for his weird views on raped women and gay parents.

I hope Kevin Doran has learned some lessons from his bull in a china shop entrance into public debate in Ireland.

If I was him I would forget about media interviews and concentrate on giving the children of Sligo the sacrament of confirmation and on letting 80 year old nuns kiss his ring.

+Pat Buckley


  1. It is a damning indictment of Bishop Doran's remarks that both archbishops, (especially the Catholic Primate), stood together on that platform to oppose Doran's words; hopefully their joint and swift response has prevented an ugly
    situation from spiralling out of control.

    I remember how Eamon De Valera reacted to the Fethard-on-Sea debacle in the
    1950's: he called the behaviour of Fr Alan Stafford, the parish priest at the centre of
    that sectarian row (and the sole cause of it): 'ill-conceived, ill-considered and futile.'

    So, too, were Bishop Doran's comments.

  2. Jazs I said many a thing myself while holding the R C collar(In my pocket because I rejected the notion of turning the collar or ones back on the world) Doran takes the crosier. It is easy to have abstract ideas when spends so much time behind a large desk

  3. Why are you so bitter and vitriolic towards the clergy? You seem to have a major problem with them for some reason. I have a theory that you feel slighted and hurt by Down and Connor and perhaps the whole hierarchical church and of course hurt people hurt people. You will bring NO blessing on yourself for all of this and you are leading others astray with your hatred. Who has given you the right t judge others?