Monday, 9 March 2015



Kevin Doran
The Irish Roman Catholic bishop of Sligo has compared HOMOSEXUALITY to Downs Syndrome!

Doran was speaking to Ireland's Newstalk programme today ahead of the March meeting of the Irish Roman Catholic bishops just outside Dublin.

When asked if being born gay was what God intended he answered by saying: "That would be to suggest that if some people are born with Down's Syndrome or Spina Bifida that that was what God intended"!

When asked if he believed that gay couples had the right to marry he said: "Everyone above a certain age has the right to marry but I can't marry my mother and I can't marry my sister, and by the same token I can't marry someone of the same sex"!

Does this mean that Kevin Doran regards GAY MARRIAGE like he regards incest?

When the interviewer said: "Already there are gay men and women who are parents" Doran answered: "But they are not parents"!

Does this mean that Doran is saying that a gay man who fathers a child is not the child's father or a gay woman that has a child is not the child's mother?

Does Doran want the Irish Government to remove all the names of gay men and women from all the birth certificates of Irish children?

Dr Richard O Leary of FAITH IN MARRIAGE EQUALITY later said: "Not all people of faith share Bishop Doran's views that gay parents are not parents. Bishop Doran should not seek to marginalise gay parents but rather he should acknowledge that parenting is about the quality of love that the parents provide".

Dr Richard O'Leary
I have blogged about this man Kevin Doran before. He was in seminary with me from 1970 to 1973. I was 18 then and he was 17. We were both immature of course but at the time he looked like a new born chick that had not even developed its feathers.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin warns against insensitive language in marriage equality and family debates

He was more immature than the rest of us in the a class of 18 - 13 of whom were ordained. Some of those 13 have left the priesthood and sadly even one has died.

If I was a member of the Irish Bishops Conference - which I am not and never will be - I would be deeply embarrassed by the immature and irrational statements this new bishop is making. AS it stands the Catholic Church has a huge credibility problem and a loose "canon" like this going around only serves to make the church look more foolish and irrelevant.

As an immature celibate what does Kevin Doran know about marriage and parenting - except for anything he read in academic books.

If gay people are the same as Down's Syndrome people does that mean that we are "disabled"? Does that mean that we are entitled to apply for Disability Benefits?

I'm sure that Kevin Doran and his pronouncements must be a source of great embarrassment to intelligent and grounded members of the Irish Hierarchy like Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin. But unfortunately now that they have made him a bishop they are stuck with him for the next 14 years until he becomes an immature 75.

Maybe the answer is to promote him to archbishop and make him the Papal Nuncio to Cloud Cuckoo Land?


 If Downs Syndrome is like homosexuality then according to him Downs is an unnatural lifestyle choice and can be cured. What a ludicrous comparison!

Not to mention that this 'argument' is being put forward by someone who's deliberately chosen a lifestyle that excludes children - a contravention of God's purported intention that, oddly enough, appears to have escaped the dear bishop.

So Down Syndrome is like homosexuality according to him. Well he obviously disapproves of gay people, probably turns them away from his church door. Does he give the same treatment to people with Down Syndrome or does he welcome them? If he truly believed they are both the same, then he must also disapprove of people with down syndrome, if not, then he can't even believe his own words...

A childless Catholic bishop talks about gay families. What the hell would he know about it?
The bishop also say that gay parents aren't parents because he said so. The thought that these people, who brutalized and raped children for decades, are still running 90% of the schools in Ireland makes me want to swap the harp on my passport for a lion and unicorn.

Old habits die hard. Life and death are very difficult concepts - especially the latter. Some people need the 'comfort' of having an explanation as they do not possess the intellectual capability to rationalise for themselves. But I believe the church has cynically exploited this ignorance for centuries. They have become one of the wealthiest businesses on the planet inexactly this way.

Given that logic you would also discriminate against those with Downs Syndrome and Spina Bifida.
As far as I'm aware, being born with down syndrome or spina bifida does not automatically remove your ability to marry the person you love so why should it for being gay?
In fact there's so much nonsense in what this guy is saying that it's hard to know where to begin. I wish they'd either get a competent interviewer or have someone in the studio with these goons to actually take their arguments apart piece by piece instead of allowing them another pulpit from which to spout their views unquestioned. I'm so fed up of people giving so much reverence and respect to people who are nothing more than homophobic bigots in dog collars.

Yet another example of a small minded individual picking and choosing his beliefs. He's no more christian than I am. The only solace is knowing that neanderthals like him are a dying breed.

It is. I can think of hardly anything more unnatural than being capable of having sex and of loving and caring for another human being but denying oneself the opportunity of doing that for not just days or even months but decades!

Sooooo by his logic, since I can't have kids, I shouldn't be allowed to get married. Neither should couples involving a woman past reproductive age or couples who don't want kids. Marriage is about that relationship, NOT about child rearing. What an archaic attitude. This moron clearly doesn't live in the modern world with the rest of us!


  1. How the F**k can Downs Syndrome and being Gay be put on the same platform? They both may be influenced by genetic makeup but neither state is abnormal. Im sure there are gay people who are Downs and people with Downs who are gay. So what...!

  2. I'm disappointed at Bishop Doran's responses. I should have hoped by now that episcopal attitudes to homosexuality would have become more enlightened, better informed, and more sympathetic; in a word, more Christian.

    Sadly, the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality fails to acknowledge the Christian virtues of good, monogamous same-sex relationships: self-sacrificing love
    for each other, care, compassion, fidelity, tolerance etc. Instead, it defines such relationships in purely sexual terms, referring to them as 'homosexual acts' (a
    euphemism for 'sex acts').

    Reliable moral teaching about homosexual relationships cannot be drawn from unreliable and/or incomplete moral premises. I should have thought Bishop Doran would have known at least that much.

  3. I'm realy shocked hearing this! That's very primitive thinking and Bishop Doran's should learn more to be better informed. I don't see there Christian thinking.