Saturday, 23 May 2015


"Being gay is like having Downs Syndrome"!!!


You colonised our country!
You conspired with our enemies!
You wrote our Constitution!
You forged our laws!
You intimidated our politicians!
You hijacked our institutions!
You destroyed our spirituality!
You canonised the God of wrath!
You fed us lies!
You told us to hate our bodies!
You said our souls were yours!
You made us walk on pointed rocks!
You set our diet!
You policed our wombs!
You measured our semen!
You micro-managed our genitals!
You invaded our homes!
You used our women!
You spied in our bedrooms!
You controlled our marriages!
You made us breed like rabbits!
You beat us in your schools!
You tortured us in your orphanages!
You raped our children!
You seduced our youth!
You stole our pennies!
You appropriated our land!
You built your palaces!
You ate our food!
You drank our drink!
You set our diet!
You imprisoned our pregnant young!
You banished our different!
You killed us in your hospitals!
You rejected our still born!
You buried us in sewer tanks!
You interrogated us in your confessionals!
You turned father against son
You scared our doctors!
You regulated our police!
You seduced our judges!
You silenced our journalists!
You exiled our writers!
You favoured our rich!
You castigated our poor!
You cleansed our births!
You overshadowed our life span!
You sold us our graves!
You controlled our eternity!
You did all this and more!
For 1500 years!

Now that we are finally breaking free of your chains,
Will THE HELL you kept us in,
Come up with a fitting punishment for you?

Bishop Pat Buckley 23.5.2015

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  1. I'm glad the people of Ireland have courage. Questionis will there be sneering from behind curtains and will gay people be allowed to solemnise their union with dignity