Sunday, 21 June 2015



The pope says that he is the Vicar of Christ!

If Christ was homeless how can his vicar live in a palace?
If Christ was poor how can his vicar live in unrivalled wealth?
If Christ travelled by donkey how can his vicar travel by helicopter?
If Christ wore one seamless garment how can his vicar wear silk?
If Christ cooked for his disciples how can his vicar have servants?
If Christ worked with his hands how can his vicar live on offerings?
If Christ distinguished between God and Caesar how can his vicar be a head of state?
If Christ was buried in a borrowed grave how can his vicar be buried in a marble vault?
If Christ came to set free how can his vicar bind?
If Christ chose married disciples how can his vicar choose celibate ones?
If Christ wrote on sand how can his vicar write on vellum?
If Christ fed the five thousand how can his vicar store up his wealth?
If Christ was baptised in a river how can his vicar baptise in a basilica?
If Christ preached TWO commandments how can his vicar preach THOUSANDS?
If Christ challenged the old Pharisees how can his vicar be a new Pharisee?
If Christ never mentioned sex how can his vicar be sex obsessed?
If Christ revered children how can his vicar ignore child abuse?
If Christ was anti-establishment how can his vicar be the establishment?
If Christ revered women how can his vicar be anti-women?
If the world hated Christ why does the world love his vicar?
If Christ had a pauper's funeral why does his vicar have an international funeral?
If Christ had a handful of followers how does his vicar have a billion?
If Christ lived among the lower classes how does his vicar live with the powerful?
If Christ was called Jesus why is his vicar called Your Holiness?

Why is Christ everything that his vicar is not?

Why is Christ's vicar everything that Christ was not?


  1. They do have one thing in common though. Both have had to put up with the sneering comments of those not fit to tie their shoelaces.

    1. Of course Jesus had shoe laces. He wore shoes made by Prada, you fool!

  2. Another load of balls courtesy of Pat Buckley. :-D

    1. Would it be of any value to you, anonymous @ 23:46, if Pat Buckley invited his readership's views on whether or not he should continue his practice of maintaining an open forum of putting in all comments received, including those entirely consisting of derogatory personalised attacks on individuals which contribute nothing of value to the discussion?
      For my own part, while I understand his wish for openness and to avoid censorship, I think there could well be a case for ignoring some of the vacuous hostile invective which sheds no light on the issues discussed, but well demonstrates the limitations of such contributors, and regrettably sometimes fuels their sense of importance.
      I'm aware of the quotation, "I do not agree with what you say, but defend you right to say it". Maybe it's time some utterances were restricted to a darkened room rather than imposed on the goodwill of others?
      Any views elsewhere on this?

    2. I agree. Personally abusive comments should NOT be published.

  3. Structures can be a blessing and a curse. At times in church history the soul has been portrayed as more important than the body. The Soul is revered. The body may be "gay" We are learning to reverence both. Apply this to the model of Christian Message and Church Structure. People being social in nature will need to strive for a solution that works-The modern exodus towards the promised land