Friday, 17 July 2015


I was very shocked to discover that the US abortion provider PLANNED PARENTHOOD is selling the pre-ordered body parts of aborted babies !!!!!

What they are doing is totally against USA law and so they are doing it secretly.

I have always said that abortion is NEVER a GOOD THING.

At best aborting a baby is choosing the lesser of two evils - as in those rare cases when you have to choose between the life of the mother or the life of the baby.

But the thoughts that American doctors are involved in trading body parts is, to me, mind blowing and horrific.

Are they not just doing the kind of things that the Nazis did in their concentration camps?

It just shows you what so called "respectable" people are capable of.

I think that the American government needs to act quickly and thoroughly on this human rights crime and make an example of any doctor involved.

Sometimes in life if people will not do the right and good thing for its own sake they must be forced to do it out of fear of punishment.

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  1. This is what can happen when people begin to justify, to themselves and others, any kind of moral wrongdoing: there are always (or nearly always) unforseen repercussions.

    The selling of body parts from aborted foetuses would and could not
    have been possible if the act of abortion itself had failed to become socially and legally acceptable.