Monday, 24 August 2015



Tony Flannery

This week the Roman Catholic "Bishop" of Cloyne in Cork ordered the parish council of Killeagh Parish not to allow a priest to give a talk to them on where the Holy Spirit is in the current Roman Catholic Church !

Willie Crean
The reason for the "banning" is that Father Flannery has been disciplined by Rome for his views and is not allowed to minister as a priest.


I do not think that Tony Flannery is that radical at all. I think he is like many so called "liberal" priests who tinker around the edge of challenging the Roman institution but have not the courage to go the whole way.

In my view Flannery is a "sixpence each way man". On the one hand he wants to be a trendy liberal and on the other hand he wants to belong to an institution that is as much about Jesus Christ and his message as sausages are related to cheese.

What makes Willie Crean think that he can ban meetings in Ireland in the 21st Century? He is obviously driven by doctrinalism, dogmatism and the abuse of his fast evaporating power. 

The sad thing about is is that there are so few priests and lay people around to tell the Willie Creans of this world to fuck off! (Sorry for the expletive. It is necessary in this case).

Why did the parish priest of Killeagh not tell Mr Crean to get on his bike?

Why did the parish council even meet with Crean? Why did they not tell him to put his crozier where the monkey put his nuts and go ahead with the meeting anyway?

Why did Tony Flannery not go down to Killeagh anyway and hold his meeting in the public street - if necessary standing on a soap box outside the church - or even the pub? 

Of course the reason for this whole episode is that religion IS the opium of the masses.

It is that Roman Catholicism is a semi cult in which leaders abuse their powers and adherents have no courage or balls.

They say that people get the government they deserve.

It is also true that the people of Cloyne diocese have the bishop and church they deserve.


  1. Bishop Ctean was right to stop the meeting being held on Catholic Church property. Yes, there is nothing to stop Flannery holding it in the pub or street if he so wishes.

  2. Of course he is right as the bishop of the diocese to stop this man using church property to spread dissent among the parishoners and the distinct possibility that he ( Flannery) may raise doubts in the minds of the " sheep" that their shepherds may be hypocrites, liars, adulterers and possibly child abusers! How dare he attempt to use church property in the aincent See of Cloyne to question whether the Holy Spirit has abandoned that rural backwater especially in light of the performances of its former bishop and the activities of some of its former clergy ( and perhaps some still serving). Flannery should have shown greater initiative and used another location to spread his heresies. Dalriada Dick

  3. Flannery is a mischievous chancer. As are you Dalriada DICK. Sure for Tony and the good old boyos, sexual abuse of teenagers by priests are "mistakes". I wonder where his brother, Fr Peter Flannery, is???

    1. Who / What is Father Peter Flannery? Is Tony Peter's keeper?

  4. His bror. I wonder where he is? He too has disappeared.

  5. I think Pat you are unfair to Tony. I happen to know he has paid dearly for freely expressing his views on various matters pertaining to his faith.
    Iggy O Donovan

    1. Iggy, I accept the reprimand. I just think with what we are dealing with we need to challenge them all the way ?

      As Father Michael Kean (RIP) used to say: "On to Moscow".