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Noel Treanor
Relatives of one of the victims of Down and Connor paedophile priest, Father James Donaghy have contacted this Blog to say that the imprisoned priest has signed over his privately owned property to Bishop Noel Treanor and the diocese!
Father Donaghy
The Donaghy victim known as "David" (not his real name) brought a case against Father Donaghy and the Bishop of Down and Connor for the years of sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of the priest who is currently in prison and due to be released in December 2017.

David has received a painfully small amount of compensation because Father Donaghy's church files are no longer in the jurisdiction. 

David's relatives have been told that these files are now in the Republic of Ireland but have no way of confirming that. They are asking if these files are in the hands of the papal nuncio in Dublin or if they have been sent to the Vatican?

In any event, as part of the settlement deal, Down and Connor has paid some compensation to David and in return Father Donaghy of Lady Wallace Drive, Lisburn has signed his personally owned house over to Bishop Treanor and the diocese.

The deal includes the provision that Father Donaghy, when he gets out of prison in December 2017 will have the right to return to the property and live there for the rest of his life. After his death the house will be at the disposal of Down and Connor. 

Houses in Lady Wallace Drive are currently valued at between £150,000 and £300,000.

The arrangement between Father Donaghy and Bishop Treanor seems strange, especially in light of the fact that he has been dismissed from the priesthood by Rome and is no longer associated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Why would Bishop Treanor entertain any notion of coming to a financial arrangement with a priest who is serving a sentence for abusing children and vulnerable adults?

Was it to try and mitigate the Church's losses in the compensation claim? Are there not some people you should not do a financial deal with?

Has Bishop Treanor not now tainted himself, post facto, with involvement in the Donaghy case?

Surely some principles are more important than money and the amount given to David would hardly purchase a decent new car?

Below is an article about David and his experiences from an interview given to UTV - Ulster Television: 

Abuse by priest 'destroyed my family'
 23 SEP 2013
A young man who was training to become a priest says he gave up after another priest, Fr James Donaghy, sexually abused him from the age of 13.
In an emotional and moving interview the 32-year-old man looked back on his years of torment by a man he believes was protected by the Catholic Church.
"I wanted to be a priest from a very young age, and in fact I wrote to the bishop when I was ten and, saying I wanted to be a priest," said David - not his real name.
"That dirty b****** has destroyed my faith. I don't even know if anybody exists up there anymore, I have no feelings for the Catholic Church whatsoever."
David's dreams of the priesthood were shattered when he became the target of unwelcome sexual assaults from the ruthless, sexual predator, Fr James Donaghy.
His ordeal began when he was a 13-year-old altar boy and continued into his 20s, such was the fear instilled in him by his abuser.
 David is angry about the way Fr Donaghy destroyed his family.
The priest may be serving 10 years in jail for offences against David and three others, but he has left David carrying the life burden of guilt for the sins of the father.
"This never leaves you," he continued.
"When you have this, when you have all this stuff done to you and you have it done as a kid and you can't understand why and you fall out with your family. You feel like nobody loves you, you feel like you are dirt; you are damaged and it never, it just does not go away."
Eventually in 2009, it was a letter from the priest Pat Buckley to David and a follow up phone call that helped persuade him to finally speak out.
The case against Fr Donaghy was based on the testimony of David and another victim, Father Patrick McCafferty - but the path to justice was not smooth.
David explained: "We were brought into that courtroom, we thought we were going ahead with this and then suddenly the cases were going to be separated."
There would be two trials - the first involving the evidence of Fr McCafferty and later the trial involving David, who said he was devastated.
He said: "I still have bodily convulsions if it gets too much for me in my head, and I'll literally end up in a ball on the floor."
The priest denied all 23 charges going back 17 years.
Jailing Donaghy for 10 years in February 2012, Judge Patrick Lynch described him as a ruthless individual, a sexual predator who used his charm, humour and domineering personality to get his gratification.
Two months ago Fr Donaghy finally admitted in court to being a paedophile as another case was brought against him. He was convicted but will serve no extra time in prison.
As David reflects on his ordeal, he thinks of his parents' divorce brought about by Fr Donaghy playing one parent against the other to ensure access to David.
He said: "He took a leading role in the family whenever they had separated. He effectively in some sense did turn my mother against my father."

And now, since UTV interviewed David and his wife, they too have broken up.


  1. The term " supping with the Devil" springs to mind ! However what else can you expect. Some of the principal functions of a bishop are the maintainance and enforcement of The Magisterium. Any smart Alec's or clergy who get a bit above their station to be cut down ( the severity of the chastisement or humiliation depends on the " offence"). The preservation of the church's good name at all costs. Doesn't matter if good people are thrown overboard . If it's necessary then it has to be done. Obfuscation when dealing with any inquiry into the churches affairs. Closing of ranks. Then we have the accumulation of wealth. The encouragement of priests to sweet talk rich parishoners ( particularly old biddies with more money than family) into "leaving" money to the church.
    Other activities like preaching the Gospel, administration of Confirmation and Ordainations are a somewhat down the pecking order.
    Dalriada Dick

    1. Everything you have said is true. It is borne out by all my experience as a priest of nearly 40 years :-(

  2. Down & Connor Diocese sadly follows the pattern set by Rome. (As do all other Dioceses throughout the world )
    The 'Cancer' emanates from its head, the Eternal City.
    If our loving saviour ever had the temerity to return to earth in bodily form, and challenge the corruption in the Church, the 6" nails would be brought out, just as they were 2000 yrs ago in Jerusalem ! As Jesus discovered all those centuries ago, corrupt 'religious' systems do not tolerate challenge, even from the Son of God.


    1. And this time he would be crucified in Rome as the pope, cardinals and synod of bishops looked on and as devout Roman Catholics shouted: "Crucify him".

  3. Yes Pat, there would be a lot of collars there to witness the nails going in !
    The 1 thing the RC Church is incapable of doing is truly worshipping God.
    When God is worshipped in spirit and in truth, we will not need Canon Law,
    Cardinals, Vatican Nuncios, Church Tribunals, Cathedral chapters, and all the plethora of religious titles , Monsignor, Very Reverend, Canon, Prefects of Congregations, etc.
    No wonder Jesus is almost forgotten in this orgy of Ecclesiastical Narcissism.


  4. I agree with LUX. I have said here before that I don't need any of those Ecclasiastical dignitaries to have my relationship with my God. It's pure and straightforward , funny at times and very satisfying. As a former priest ( I just walked away after 28 years and didn't apply for laicisation ) I didn't need the Vatican to tell me I was or wasn't in good standing with God or my fellow man. They had by that stage exerted enough unhealthy control over my life. Enough was enough! Today I'm just joe ordinary. Don't have to watch my company or watch what I say. I live in the light and in the love of God. Free to love unconditionally and think and act with freedom.

  5. Dear LUX,
    The problem you refer to is I believe the worship of false idols. The Church has a myriad of idols, which all ultimately have the same effect : the worship of Man & the neglect of God. That is why the Church is collapsing, for its eyes are NOT focused on the Lord.

    Priest of D&C.

  6. Dear former priest @ 18:05,

    What Jesus asks of us is to "love God & our neighbour" and he makes no demand that we have a church affiliation in order to carry out this mandate.
    I am not against church membership, but I do think it should carry a 'Spiritual Health Warning'.


    1. Can there be such a thing as a "former priest"?

      Is it not once a priest - always a priest?

  7. Donaghy will have to live somewhere. His own house seems a logical choice-I think. on his death I believe his assets should be liquidated and proceeds used to support victims of abuse Its the least noel treanor can do

    1. Sean, What makes you think that Noel Treanor has any real interest in victims?

    2. Something called duty of care or am I being naive? What might Noel T do with the place anyway?

  8. I believe the Catholic Church regards Clerical abuse victims as a bloody nuisance !

  9. I can't see this being true. Donaghy, if he has any sense???, will want to live somewhere nobody knows him surely?

  10. Pat, I am a former priest. The " once a priest always a priest" business is yet another way in which the church exercises or tries to extend its control. I should say that my leaving was not as the result of any wrong doing or scandal. I became disheartened by what I witnessed, the hypocracy of church leaders( I was very close to the seat of power) how the whole man made organisation had lost its mission! Simple as that. I walked away. I was fortunate as I was able to secure good employment right away through family connections.
    Another example of the unhealthy climate of fear which still exists was displayed to me when a younger man who had served with me in a parish for 12 years came up to his silver jubilee. We were great friends for many years. He told me that he would have liked very much to invite me to his jubilee celebrations but was afraid to do so in case he would be seen to be friendly with a persona non grata and,to use his own words,his card would be marked by those in authority. Need I say any more?

    1. I totally respect your perspective on all this.

      I suppose I just want to make the point that these people only have power over us if we allow them to.

      For instance, I have continued ti have a very fruitful and fulfilling ministry IN SPITE of them for 30 years.

      There is nothing they can do to us if we stand up to them - except to try and discredit us on the eyes of there followers / slaves.

      There is life, including pastoral life, if we want it, after we free ourselves from the clutches of the Whore of Babylon :-)

    2. I left in 1999 and I can say that priesthood never went away nor would I want it to. It is a part of my life of which I am very proud and exercise my priesthood in everyday life much the same as I always did. I do not wear a collar or flaunt my wares. i am on the preaching rota in church. I do not see myself in conflict with the Roman Catholic Church nor do I feel I have an axe to grind any more. I believe in the ontological nature of ordination

  11. Former priest you need not say any more. My brother had a similar experience after leaving the priesthood. He went to a funeral of a priest friend and told me afterwards that the behaviour and attitude of other priests and former colleagues there made him think he had the plague.He said they were very uneasy if he went to talk to then and kept looking to see if the bishop noticed. Many of them tried not to make eye contact. So sad and so immature from supposedly mature and holy men.

    1. These "men" are sumply the slaves of the Roman Empire MK II

  12. Yesterday @ 18:13 I wrote that the problem with the Church is that of idols & their worship. The Church has made Priesthood into an idol, and that explains a lot of the very immature and hurtful behaviour that some Clergy engage in.

    Priest of D&C.

    1. I agree. And who has ever met an idol that willingly wanted to give up their pedestal?

  13. Pat,
    Just a point that struck me, which might be helpful to some readers.
    The Catholic Church or indeed any other Church does NOT own God, and I say that as a priest. Churches can be a rich spiritual resource to people, but they also can damage them.
    Spiritual power in the wrong hands is very dangerous.
    Never should any person allow a priest, pastor or rabbi to abuse them spiritually. If there is even a hint of this, it is time to move on.
    God wants us to draw life from him, and to live a vibrant, generous human life; any spiritual environment that prevents us from achieving this , should be avoided like the plague !

    D&C Cleric.

  14. In the 1st four chapters of 1 Samuel the spiritual condition of the people is represented in the spiritual condition of the priesthood. Eli shows his lack of spiritual insight when he could not discern between a woman in travail of soul in intercession and a drunken woman. His sons the priests were sacrilegious towards the offerings of the people. They were involved in acts of immorality and they were corrupt. Though wearing the linen ephod and priestly robes signifying righteousness, purity and holiness, they were anything but. Eli failed to discipline his sons even though he heard of their immoral acts he just mildly reproved them. It is interesting to note that God would not touch these sons as long as they were under the covering of the father, so God himself had to step in and judge all three together.
    Though under the same roof God was bypassing Eli and spoke to a young man who was sensitive submissive and obedient to the spirit, unlike the priests who were going through religious formalities. Eli represents the spiritual condition of the nation. They were unable to see spiritually and had fallen back into idolatry and apostasy and they were stiff-necked towards what God wanted to do. In the time of warfare they took the ark and presumed that God was with them, and all their shouting was nothing but an empty noise and a farce, God was not in it. When the Ark was captured. The son born to the wife of Phinehas the son of Eli was named ‘Ichabod’ meaning the Glory is departed from Israel. Without the Ark of God and the God of the Ark there can be no Glory. The Ark was at Shiloh and that is what Jesus was referring to when he cleared the Temple. Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! Declares the Lord. Go now to the place in Shiloh where I first made a dwelling for my Name, and see what I did to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel. (Jeremiah 7: 11-12)