Wednesday, 30 September 2015



When Francis became Pope many of my friends said that he was: "more of the same" and they felt I was foolish to be keeping an open mind about him and giving him a chance to be different.

I am now fast coming to the conclusion that my friends were right and I was wrong.

I am also coming to the conclusion that Francis is just another RC senior cleric with a good PR company.

He occasionally says kind and liberal things but he continues to stand over medieval RC church teaching.

Take the question of homosexuality. He says: "Who am I to judge". Then on last week's visit to the USA he has a private meeting with Kim Davis - the county clerk who refused to register gay marriages. She is a right wing Protestant. Francis complimented her for her stand. He blessed two rosary beads for her and her husband. The rosaries meant so much to her that she is giving them away to two RC's.

Kim Davis - The smiling face of a Christian 

Take Vatican finances which were absolutely corrupt. When Francis took over the Vatican Bank profits were Euro 3 million. Now they are 63 million!

Take migrants. The Vatican - a "state" and a multi billion dollars are taking 2 families ! He has asked RC parishes to take 2 families!

Take women in the church. There is as little chance under Francis that women will be ordained, given church offices etc as there was under right wing Benedict!

Take clerical celibacy which is clearly not working. Francis has no intention of reforming this man made institution that is partly responsible for all the sexual scandals.

Francis made a PR stunt of not living in the Papal Apartments. Instead he was going to live live in St Martha's Guest house. He began with occupying one room in the guest house. He has now taken over the whole top floor!

Saint Martha's - Francis' little cottage

He wears his own black shoes instead of Benedict's Prada red slippers. So what! Its 2015 - not 1615!

No, I'm fast coming to believe that Francis is a even better PR man than JP II was - and he was good at it.

"If you get a name for rising early you can stay in bed all day"!

Francis is the RC Pontiff. He is as much a pontiff as any of them but is better at covering up his dark side and the dark side of his power than the rest of them.

If Francis is really the man he wants us all to think he is then why does he not fill St Peter's Basilica with migrants and the poor, the hungry, the homeless etc.

How many migrants would fit in here?

That's what Jesus would do!

Not that he would have built such a basilica in the first place!

"Woe to you when the world speaks well of you. This was the way their fathers treated the false prophets".


  1. Kim Davis has been married 4 times and divorced 3 times. Quite a moral theologian :-)

    1. So many of these Moral Terrorists are hypocrites.

    2. Why is Pope Francis allowing paedophile priests to minister in South America when he has bishops and papal nuncio in these countries.

      Does this mean he is "soft" on abusing priests.

      Or are poor South American children more disposable than European and US children?

      Attica Atticus

    3. Attical Atticus.

  2. Francis is just a figure head. The church is too big to be controlled from the top down by one man. Francis is not Charles Atlas Impossible to put the modern church on one mans shoulders

    1. What he says sets the tone. The men he appoints carry out his orders?