Wednesday, 18 November 2015



ISLAM is having a massive influence on world affairs today and if things keep going the way they are going Islam will have an even bigger influence in the future.

There are currently nearly a billion Muslims around the globe - and it is one of the very definite ambitions of Islam to spread and over tale the whole world.

Anyone who thinks deeply about things needs to have a good understanding of Islam - what it is - where it came from - and what it believes.

I am currently reading the above book by "Peter Townsend" on Islam and I find it revealing, interesting and concerning.

You can but the book on AMAZON - and if you do not want to pay for it you can downlosd the KINDLE edition free from Amazon.

"Peter Townsend" seems to be a nom de plume. It is suggested that the real author was afraid to put his name to the work for fear of retaliation. 

I would not call it an "anti Muslim" book - but it is certainly a book that questions Islam as an authentic religion. It is full of facts and quotes.

When I finish reading it I would be interested to read a book by someone of stature contradicting Peter Townsend and giving good rational and logical arguments for that defence. 

Fundamentalist Islam is obviously a great threat to the world. Paris last week showed that clearly.

I have no time for any kind of fundamentalist religion - whatever the variety - Roman Catholic, Protestant, Judaism etc. For me they are cancerous growths on true faith and spirituality.  

It is amazing that in the 21st Century irrational and fundamentalist religion still has such sway. 

I suppose people should be allowed to believe what they want privately - but those beliefs should not affect the rest of the world - especially in evil and violent ways. 

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  1. To hell with all those smelly, rag-headed Muslims. I thank my True Blue British God everyday that I was born into the one true Anglican faith founded by St Henry the 8th.

    Yesterday morning at St Petey's our hearts soared as our Dean and her wife Nigella von Klimptentock instigated a number of new choir boys from Prince Albert St and Cullingtree Rd.

    It was a moving service - not a dry eye in the house, as those wee urchins donned their new smocks

    Oh yes, we are well on the way to creating our very own Little Britain, right here in the heartland of Taig country, under the very noses of the Shinners and the ignorant, unwashed papist dolts who still think they are at mass when they come to St Petey's.

    God save the queens.