Thursday, 31 December 2015


Article submitted by James:

Catholic priest suspended for riding 'hoverboard' during Christmas Eve mass

A Catholic priest has been suspended from service after singing a song at Christmas Eve mass while riding a so-called 'hoverboard'.
The priest was delivering his sermon at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in BiƱan Parish, Philippines, when he hopped on the self-balancing scooter and glided around the church's nave, singing.
In a statement, the Diocese of San Pablo said: "That was wrong."
The priest has apologised for his mistake and vowed it "will not happen again", the statement added, before confirming he would be out of the parish to "spend some time [reflecting] on this past event".

Reaction from followers and fans on Facebook has been mixed.
Some accused the diocese of being "judgmental" in fearing the use of new technology in worship, while others claimed it was a good way to reach out to the younger generation.
One follower, Kathryn Bynane, commented that she believed Jesus himself would have liked to give the hoverboard a try, had he been given the opportunity.

The priest rode a 'hoverboard' in the nave of the church Credit: YouTube
But others praised the church's decision.
Leonard Villanueva thanked the diocese for addressing "liturgical abuses", while Maurus Osb said the priest had displayed a "poor sense of judgement".

Others agreed that it showed a lack of respect.


It was Christmas. It was at the end of Mass. It was the Philippines.

The Filipinos, like the Chinese, love gadgets, karaoke and singing.

Their priest who is obviously a warm and loving man was singing a Christmas song for his congregation as part of the Christmas joy and spirit. 

There was no "liturgical abuse". Mass was almost over.

Maybe Santa Clause had brought him his hoverboard.

I would applaud the priest's humanity and warmth.

It was CHRISTMAS !!!

Those opposing him are members of the Scrooge Brigade - SO HEAVENLY AS TO BE NO EARTHLY USE.

I wish we had more priests like him.

.....And he must be doing good - his church was full - and full of young people.


  1. Hi pat. I wonder what your thoughts on this article are and perhaps the readers on your Blog would be interested.

    My opinion is .... The Eucharist had ended. Blessed sacrament retuned to tabernacle . Before the final blessing he sings a Christmas song to his congregation that clearly love and respect him and show affection to him. He seems to know them very well. He then comes off the Hoverboard, leaves it beside sacristy and I presume , gives the final blessing in dismissal in good liturgical "standing"- pardon the pun!
    And is subsequently suspended and told to take time out to think ?
    How many priests do we know haven't even time to meet and greet us at end of mass ? How many parish priests do we have that don't even know our names never mind make up an original and new sermon from one Christmas to the next ?
    Oh dear, I sigh , and the future for our
    " source and summit of Christian life " seems doomed.

  2. Is it true, ie the rumour that he was singing, "Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home"
    Happy New Year to ALL contributors.

  3. The big Dean was eyeing up one of them choir boy's hover boards on Christmas Eve in St Peter's. I could see his toes twitching at the sight of it. Thank God he didn't go for a ride - he could have ended up suspended.... again.

  4. What a load of misguided energy. The church has allot more serious stuff to concentrate its energy on. Happy New Year

  5. I am not surprised that the diocese reaction was to suspend the man. He showed a sense of fun. Not allowed!
    When I was just starting out in D&C my first PP, himself a great character, told me the following. Dont be seen as too flamboyant or you will be the object of envy. Don't show too much flair or inventiveness or you will be scorned ( unless that is, you're raising funds to build a church, hall or school). Don't preach anything edgy or ( to use his own words) "Some useless bastard with noting better to do will phone the Somerton Road and stick you in it and the thing that takes the call with have the greatest pleasure telling the boss"
    All these years later nothing has changed. No wonder our men are demoralised and disillusioned. Seems nothing changes- even in the Philippines

    Retired D&C - wasted life

    1. MourneManMichael2 January 2016 at 01:42

      I have to entirely disagree with you sir, ..........or rather with your last two words. ("wasted life")
      You are probably of similar age to myself, in our 70's, who, back in the late 50's and 60's, entered seminaries primarily to make a difference, improvement, help, do something useful to add value and worth to others.
      Since the, we've all followed different paths, some, like myself following secular careers in caring professions. But each, in our own way have made a difference, an improvement, and have enhanced the life circumstances of those we've encountered.
      My own has primarily been in child protection, and yours, .......just think, .....the very fact you say "wasted life" indicates a regret that you've not (in your own estimation) "done enough".(in making all those wished for differences of your youthful aspirations)
      But that sir, reveals all: you've tried!
      I salute your efforts, and am certain that there will be many whose lives will have been enhanced by the many seemingly insignificant, but influential things you've done.
      So asking you to think more positively is not a platitude. It's a reflection of reality.
      Well done sir.

    2. I agree with MMM

      "The greatest part of a good man's life are his little, unremembered acts of kindness and of love".

      William Wordsworth.

      I cannot believe that a man capable of such honesty, reflection and humility has wasted his life :-)

    3. Dear Retired D & C Wasted Life. Never say your life was wasted. Out of shit grow flowers and although my life has/had plenty of the brown stuff I know I did some good as well. I'm sure the same is true of you. I still believe in the sacrament of the church & priesthood whither you take the RC or proddie theological viewpoint.