Sunday, 31 January 2016


Cardinal Bertone Returns $200,000 to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital
by Christopher A. Ferrara

Cardinal Bertone, the former Vatican Secretary of State, was the Vatican’s go-to man for managing the Third Secret cover-up, as I document at great length in my book on the subject
Well, it seems Bertone has been involved in another cover-up — not that I am surprised. La Stampa reports that he has just made a $200,000 “gift” (€150,000) to the Bambino Gesù — Baby Jesus — Children’s Hospital. Why? Because that sum was paid out by the hospital foundation for the renovation of the lavish penthouse apartment, a combination of two smaller apartments, in which Bertone resides.

Top apartment with view of St Peters Square

That’s right: the coffers of a children’s hospital were raided to pay for Bertone’s penthouse, which he insists is not “his,” technically, because he only lives there.
This outrageous misuse of charitable funds was revealed, says La Stampa, in the course of “Vatileaks 2 and the publication of Gialuigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi’s books ‘Merchants in the Temple’ and ‘Avarice.’” Caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Bertone has now replaced the cookies in a big hurry — or rather, will put them back a few cookies at a time, with installment payments, as BBC reports. Think of it as a kind of mortgage on Chez Bertone!
The hospital’s statement on this scandal is a classic of artful Vaticanese: “Cardinal Bertone did not receive any money directly, however, he acknowledged that all that which happened damaged our hospital and our foundation … and thus he is making amends to us with a donation.”
A picture says a thousand words!

Translation: The hospital’s money went into Bertone’s penthouse, not literally into his pocket. In other words, the money was effectively stolen from ailing children — indirectly, of course. Which is why Bertone is “making amends” for “damage to the hospital” — that is, making restitution of what was misappropriated to his benefit.
To quote the BBC story: “Cardinal Bertone said he had paid for the work on his residence himself. However, documents leaked to reporters earlier this year allege the €200,000 came from the Bambino Gesu Foundation.” The BBC story notes that, even as he returns the money, Bertone has the audacity to insist that he didn’t take it: “It’s not reimbursement, because I personally haven’t done any damage…” That’s like a child telling his parents he didn’t steal from the cookie jar, his hand did.
Back in May 2014, I reported here that Bertone was under investigation “‘for a discrepancy of around 20 million (€15 million) that somehow made it from the Vatican Bank (known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) to a private television company called Lux Vide,’ which is operated by one of Bertone’s  friends.” It would seem the penthouse affair is the tip of a very large iceberg.
Man proposes - God disposes !

But let us not forget Bertone’s co-conspirator in the Third Secret cover-up: his predecessor, Cardinal Sodano, who “interpreted” the execution of “the Bishop dressed in White” outside a devastated city filled with the dead, as seen in the visional aspect of the Secret, to signify John Paul II not being executed in 1981, so that the Secret “belongs to the past.” Right. This is the same corrupt prelate who “was instrumental in covering up for decades the immense scandal involving Father Marcial Maciel Degollado.”
How fitting it is that the two foremost promoters of a corrupted Message of Fatima in the hierarchy today are also involved in the corruption that Pope Francis vowed he would expunge from the Vatican. But, nearly three years into this “hope and change” pontificate, it appears to be business as usual, as Bertone escapes punishment by giving back what he took a little at a time — and then only after the incriminating documents appeared in a book. This too is no surprise.


  1. I am just wondering how any cleric of the Church has 150,000 to donate to anyone and another 200,000 to extend and renovate an apartment - and at the age of 79?

    Does he think hes going to live forever?

    Does he not think God will discuss these monies with him?

    It leads me to suspect that Bertone and people like him do not believe in God at all!!!

  2. As I've said so often before about organised religion it's rotten to the core. It doesn't matter if it's the Vatican, the Southern Evangelicals in the USA or Church of Scientology. Once power,money and more than 2 people are involved you can bet the lust for influence,sex and riches takes over. God must be shaking his head again and rolling his eyes and saying to himself "They're at it again!"
    That's why I have no time for all the religion crap. I speak every morning and night directly to God. No need for third parties to get involved. I love God and I know he loves me. He asks me to do some tough things and to carry some heavy crosses through life and I do my best and give it my best shot. No mass,no prayers, no ministers or priests required. No need for money making man made inventions like saints or the Virgin Mary to be involved. Just me talking to God. Deeply personal.
    Very satisfying.

  3. Clearly Cardinal Bertone does not adhere to the simpler choice of accommodation recommended by Pope Francis. He prefers to spend his final days in luxury !


  4. When I look at the photo of the eminent Cardinal I ask myself the same question the bishop looking at him must be asking. What happened to the example of humility given by the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger?
    Surely the poor folk who put their pounds on the basket each Sunday must ask themselves the question "Am I being taken for a sucker or am I being taken for a sucker!"
    Dalriada Dick

    1. The bishop looking at him was the future Pope Francis.

  5. Pat I hate to correct you but that photograph is a well known forgery with the head of Pope Francis photoshopped on to the body of a cardinal who happened to be assisting Bertone at a function in Italy. It is well known that the two hadn't met before Francis was elected Pope. Don't believe everything you see, let alone read. Vatican Minutante