Tuesday, 12 January 2016



I am writing this Blog today from Istanbul, Turkey and I had just left the area when a suicide bomber blew himself up killing 10 people and injuring at least 15. Most of the casualties were tourists - German, Norwegian and Peruvian.

Just 10 - 15 minutes before the bomb exploded at the Egyptian Obelisk in the heart of the tourist area we and our guide had taken some photographs. 

We had gone inside the Hagia Sofia church when we felt the might of the explosion and saw dust flying and could smell the explosives. 

Very quickly the police arrived and cleared the area.

As I write this Blog just a few hours later the city is cordoned off by police and there are police helicopters in the air.

The Turkish authorities are afraid of more attacks. 

We remember the dead and their families and pray for the recovery of the wounded

UPDATE: It has emerged that a 28 year old Syrian was the suicide bomber.


  1. Thank God, you are safe, Pat.

  2. Thank you. Scary. Very very sad about the innocent deceased, wounded and their families :-(

  3. Yes, Pat, thank God you weren't harmed. You know I said that rather mechanically. I meant it, of course, but I wonder if thanks really is due to God. Perhaps it was just a highly fortuitous coincidence. After all, if your escape was not just lucky, but providential, why didn't it extend to those other poor souls. What do you think?

    1. You are not the first to sat that to me today.

  4. Hope you are safe Pat. For goodness sake take care and get home safe and sound.

  5. Saw you on th'ITV. You are looking well. Any person/group who feel they have the monopoly on religion are agressive and counter productive

    1. Sean, I am well TG. "Dangerously well" :-)

      I was at the bomb site in Istanbul today and managed to comfort some.

    2. Buckley, you are bizarre leading a bizzare life and telling bizzare stories.

      Priest. D&C

    3. Really? Father, its about having a life before death as well as a life after death.

      Bizzare? Interesting?

      Why not try getting a life yourself? You might even enjoy living ???

    4. What are you doing in Turkey. I could not do Turkey on my clerical salary. I can just about afford a coffee.


    5. Father, I am a 4 day mini holiday. Im sure you could afford that on your £20,000 plus and benefits.

      How many priests go on regular holidays with their boy or girl friends?

      I do not live off parishioners. I am self employed and generate my own income. No monthly clergy collection. No Easter and Christmas clergy bonuses.

      No November Dead Mass offerings.

      I pay my own car, car tax, car insurance etc.

      If you are not getting the salary you want - go out into the world and get a real job.

  6. Well said Pat. In fact some of the clergy I know wouldn't survive 10 minutes in the real world. They survive in the clergy bubble where they are carried,protected,shielded and all too often given respect beyond what they deserve and considerably well beyond what they have earned. I don't agree with much of your stuff Pat but I do admire you for being the maverick that you are. You have more balls than almost any priest I know- and I know plenty.