Thursday, 4 February 2016


We all know that Breenie has Pink Rabbits. Years ago the man who occupied Breenie's chair probably had fewer pink rabbits than he had Brown Rabbits. However there were still active Pink Rabbits in the old days. There was Charlie Rabbit who started life around Garron Tower and ended his days at Finaghy Road North. There was Sean Rabbit who was well known in the fields around Glengormley. In Andersonstown at a time there were two Pink Rabbits sharing the same patch at the same time - Tom Cunning Rabbit and Doylie Rabbit. There were others too.

But things have changed. There are more Pink Rabbits in Rabbithood than ever. What does Breenie think about this?

Well, like many other issues, Breenie has never made his views on Pink Rabbits or even on Pinkiness itself known. So in the absence of a declared position we can only assume that Breenie holds the same position as his colleagues in the NACITAV. That is - its not a sin to be Pink but it is a sin to act out your Pinkiness. 

So in Breenies patch we can safely assume that there are three kinds of Pink Rabbits - Pink Rabbits who act out their Pinkiness and Pink Rabbits who do not act out their Pinkiness. The third kind could be called "Super Pinkies" - as they "breed" all over the place and "breed" with anyone and everyone they can "breed" with. 

In past years it was possible to sight Pink Rabbits around the Giant's Ring and Malone House in South Belfast - some of them with a penchant for black leather. 

I have several Rabbit Spotters who keep in touch with me and in recent years they have reported definitive sightings in Portstewart, Coleraine, Portglenone, The Glens, Glenavy, Lisburn, Lower Falls, New Lodge, Carryduff, Dunmurry and South Down.

I think that we can say with confidence that the Pink Rabbit species is thriving and is in no danger of extinction. 

The author of this Blog has a DNA base and more detailed information of the various Pink Rabbits sighted in the sights mentioned above and elsewhere if anyone needs any more information for good and valid reasons. 

In fact I am also aware of some Senior Special Rabbits from at home and abroad



  1. I remember a big black homeless Rabbit some years ago here in the Lower Falls. If I recall properly he loved flowers, cooking and leather gear.

    A n old man called Toner used to look after him.

    Albert Archie

    1. We here in Bangor had a Pink Rabbit some time ago who seemed to target Bunnies And Young Bucks. As far as I know he did not have eye trouble but was very troubled by Rabbits feet. They brought him no luck at all !!

    2. I think this Blog is a subtle attempt to stir up troubled waters!

      PP D&C

    3. I agree PP - a definite attempt to put a fox among the rabbits,

  2. Is it true there are even some pink rabbits with red marks on their fur, who are male special head rabbits who elect the Supreme Rabbit in NACITAV ? (presently he is called Bianco ) Last year Bianco whilst travelling on a rabbit plane said that we should all be kinder to pink rabbits.
    However some head rabbits don't want pink rabbits in their areas, regardless of what the Supreme Rabbit says, whilst others pretend that there are no pink rabbits in Rabbit Land including the country Hibernia.
    Breenie, has a lot of pink rabbits in his district, but prefers not to draw attention to it, because there is a shortage of male special rabbits, pink or black.
    Pink male special rabbits generally look after their burrows better than male special black rabbits.


  3. Why do so few black male rabbits want to become male special rabbits, living in special burrows paid for by ordinary male & female rabbits ? Is it because male special rabbits are not allowed to share their burrows with female rabbits ?
    More and more of the male special rabbits have pink fur rather than black, and prefer flower arranging to watching football.


  4. I wish we could go back to the good old days when the Head Rabbit in this district was Sniffy.
    Sniffy was very strict, as he had been a Head Teacher of a school for male rabbits before the Supreme Rabbit made him a Head rabbit, with purple stripes on his fur.
    Sometimes Sniffy made the male special rabbits sad, because he did not allow them to make their views known.
    Sniffy always said he knew best, and all the other rabbits should listen to his voice alone. He retired some years ago and then Breenie took over.
    Breenie likes to travel a lot,including visiting a big place called Sprouts where he used to live, and sometimes the male special rabbits wish that Sniffy was Head rabbit again, because they feel he was more often in his district, and he was good at visiting burrows in different areas and meeting the little rabbits and their parents.
    Breenie prefers to stay at home in his large burrow with the big gates, in the city of STALFEB, sipping his special carrot wine.


  5. Dear LUX,
    I don't want Sniffy back as our head Rabbit ; he treated we male special rabbits like little rabbits at his old school in STALFEB, in the 1970s ! Sniffy taught Rabbit Sums at school.

    Male Special Rabbit. (MSR)

  6. Really Lux, what burrow have you been living in?? Sniffy Rabbit?? Sniffy, indeed, was very strict but only about her use of special pink leather with iron spikes. Sniffy also wore very special piercings, in areas of her rabbit anatomy, which she would flap with her paws, when she was torturing and beating the little bunny jack wabbits in the Major Wabbit Schola Carrotorum.

  7. While all this stuff about rabbits is funny and causing much laughter it does not and cannot detract from the inescapable fact that the diocese of Down and Connor,once proud and rich in history, is descending into a complete mess! Priests,who should be living lives enriched by the sanctity of grace at ordination are now engaging in sexual relationships,sometimes quite openly. Live in lovers,both male and female,are being flaunted in some parishes to the disgust of parishioners who have to listen ( or not as is becoming apparent in some parishes) to these hypocrites proclaim the Gospel. Their behaviour is scandalising those of us who work hard at being faithful to our sacredotal vows and promises. But perhaps the greatest scandal of all is that nobody in authority seems to care any more. It is as if an edict from on high has instructed our bishop (and others) to " turn a blind eye" to these sickening behaviours.
    When I think of the many fine and good priests who have served in this presbyterate with great diligence,charity and humility over the years and compare their devotion to priesthood and the people they served with what is going on in many parishes now my stomach turns.
    Bishop Treanor is a good man with many fine qualities I have no doubt but I honestly feel that he is out of his depth in this diocese and unable ( or maybe unwilling) to sort out the immoral morass that D&C is becoming. In Gods name will someone,somewhere take the bull by the horns sort this out.
    I know this blog is read closely by the clergy. If you feel as hurt and offended as I do then make your feelings known through here. It may save you from being victimised if you speak openly at a clergy gathering.
    De Profundis

  8. Talk of pink rabbits reminds me of an episode of Fr Ted