Monday, 1 February 2016


Three days after his successor at St Peter's Cathedral took over Hugh Kennedy was still as large as life at the 11 am Schola Cantorum Mass - praising all and sundry and humbly receiving a standing ovation from the gathered Mass goers.

He was accompanied by three other clergy - the two Redemptorists who kept St Peter's going while Hugh was "on leave" and his old "friend" - Father Kevin McMullan - who he said had given him his love for music.

The new administrator, Father Martin Graham was conspicuous by his absence. Down and Connor clergy tell me that Hugh and Martin do not get on and have had their clashes - even though Martin Graham is reputed to be musical himself?

Martin Graham

At the end of the Mass Hugh made all his "thank you" remarks:

- To Martin Graham for permission to say Mass.

- To the parishioners who had been kind to him.

- To the 11 am congregation.

- To those who work in the sacristy and presbytery.

- To the parish sisters who were his inspiration.

- To Nigel McClintock the choir master for his "vision".

Hugh and Mr McClintock in Rome

- To the boys of the Schola.

He also invited everyone to tea and coffee made by lady parishioners in the adjacent parish centre.

So, the end of an era as Hugh heads off to London.

It appears that Cardinal Nichols of Westminister has received some correspondence on Hugh's appointment in Westminster.

We will see what the future brings. 


  1. You are absolutely correct to say that HE (His Eminence) has received correspondence about Big Hugh. I heard that when he was asked at a recent gathering about the man from Belfast he raised his eyes to heaven. Westminster priest

  2. GOODBYE HUGH & GOOD RIDDANCE ! This is my message to my Co-Diocesan Priest. What a nauseous spectacle he presented to the people in St Peter's yesterday morning.
    Fr Kennedy represents so many bad aspects of Priesthood today,narcissistic, delusional, self serving, and pretentious are only some of the adjectives that I could use about Hugh.
    God help the people of West London who are going to have this clerical parasite inflicted upon them.
    Bishop Treanor has done the "Pontius Pilate" routine once again and is far from blameless in this whole saga, which has brought Diocesan Priesthood into disrepute.
    I feel so dispirited by this whole episode.

    Priest of D&C (serving in Belfast)

    1. A 'pass the sick bucket' performance indeed by Hugh Kennedy. The only good thing is that his role in the disgrace of St Peter's Parish is now over. It is also, however, necessary that 'the other party' in the shocking debacle gets the boot soon too, asap.

  3. Father you are not alone in feeling dispirited. I know many in this presbyterate who feel the same way. Hugh Kennedy's departure will cause few tears among clergy in this diocese. He is an absolute disgrace as was the way the whole business surrounding his behaviour was handled or mishandled to be more accurate.
    A priest friend in an East London parish has told me that many of the clergy in Westminster reckon he won't see the year out before he is off.
    Meanwhile back here I've heard it said already that it's only a matter of time before the new man in Divisminster and the choirmaster will clash. Although I'm not at all musical the words of that old song about music and dance spring to mind " There may be trouble ahead"
    D&C Priest
    Co Down

  4. Well, indeed, might +Vinny role his eyes to heaven at the thoughts of the buffoon who is lumbering and cavorting his way over to his diocese probably as one writes!

    In any other walk of life, Hugh Kennedy would be shown out the door so fast he wouldn't have time to get his coat.

    Paddy Walsh, who, in his hey day, regarded Hugh with amused contempt, appointed him to St Peter's "for a laugh". Walsh often did things "for a joke" - a sick and twisted "joke" of course.

    Most of Walsh's "wee jokes" backfired big time - especially for the poor and long-suffering lay-faithful - whom Walsh also regarded with amused and outright contempt.

    His appointment of Kennedy to St Peter's was certainly a big joke at the expense of the parishioners. Walsh then proceeded to toy with Hughie by making him believe he was going to be made a Monsignor.

    This is Paddy Walsh at the height of his powers - when the party was in full swing - not the craven, pathetic, terrified, stooped individual we see now, waiting for his summons to the Judgement Seat, to give account of his stewardship.

    Walsh's sending Kennedy to the Cathedral was a multi-faceted disaster for that already struggling parish community. Big Hugh, already barely in control of his libido, totally lost the run of himself when Nigelique appeared on the "scene".

    Hughie was besotted immediately and, together, he and Nigelique ran amok, hand in hand, wrecking the pastoral and liturgical life of the Parish, turning the Cathedral Parish Church into what the locals began to call, "The Waterfront Hall".

    So "out of their trees" were Hugo and Nigelique that there occurred "Schola-in-Londongate" - an event that led to The Hughie and Nigelique Show being cancelled for a few seasons.

    Although Walsh was initially responsible for the farce that unfolded, Bishop Treanor also systematically ignored complaint after complaint from the few remaining practising Catholics in the Parish.

    People were scandalised by the rampant and overt nature of what was happening. An interesting interview on what was transpiring could be given by Fr Stephen Quinn, if he could be persuaded to give his "take". Helen Frame (former musical director of the Schola who is said to have resigned in "disgust") also could contribute quite a chapter on the whole saga.

    Anywhooo, the big clown is off to More House now for a new "challenge". Let's hope Nigelique quickly finds a desirable position also, in a fashionable church, with a massive organ, in Soho or the West End.

    Keep your eagle eye trained, Cardinal Nichols, on the big beardy priest just landed in from Belfast. I hope you know what you are doing.

  5. One does wonder at why +Vinny has agreed to allow HK to take up a role in his diocese ? I take it that he will have to give HK faculties for his diocese, presumably after some approval from +Treanor ? There will, I am sure, have been discussions, and in the course of that +Vinny will have asked the usual questions about HK. He must be satisfied that HK ticks the right boxes to be allowed to minister in Westminster, or at least he doesn't have the wrong boxes ticked that would rule him out. It does sound to me that this is a way of giving HK an opportunity to make a new start. That is generous and christian of all concerned. It is now for HK to take the opportunity, keep his head down, keep out of the limelight, and settle in to a life and ministry that is without fanfare. If he does that, he will be okay. If he gets in to the headlines for the wrong reasons, or crosses the gunsights of +Vinny and comes within his range, he will be sent packing. Does HK have it in him to lay low ? I'm a bit doubtful. I think he has an inflated notion of himself, as witnessed by the leaving do at St Peter's. He really should just have said a quiet goodbye and got on the plane. So, a chance has been given, it remains to see if HK takes it. I hope he does, for his own sake, and that he is able to enjoy a quiet life of useful ministry. That would be the best outcome for all concerned.

  6. What was the issue with Father Stephen Quinn in St Peters?

    1. Stephen Quinn left St Peters and the diocese to join the English Province of the Carmelite Order.

      He has yet to tell his story !

      PP D&C

  7. Indeed, Martin Graham and HK fell out some years ago. Martin, when he was a younger "lovely guy", used to be drafted in by Kennedy to assist him as MC at all the big ceremonies. Something happened though - not sure what - and Hans Kennedy turned against martin with a vengeance.

    No doubt, Big Hughie is livid at +Noel over who was appointed to take over at Divisminster. "Slap it up ye, Shuey!!" - as they would say on The Road. LOL.

    There will, very likely, be no love lost either between Martin and the organ grinder/leader of the Boys' Band.

    Martin, for all his Tridentine leanings, has a more pastorally aware sense of the Liturgy.

    Hopefully, he will lose no time in re-establishing a connection between what happens on the Altar and in the choir loft of St Peter's, with the congregation!

    Re. Fr Quinn: it is very widely believed that he was appalled and scandalised by what he witnessed going on in St Peter's Presbytery during the short time he spent there as curate - the comings, goings and general antics - of Hughie, his consort and their entourage.

    He has since joined the Carmelites - though I'm sure that is not as a result of his being horrified by what he saw at St Peter's

  8. Kennedy will not last in London.

    It is not God's Will. He is doing his own will.

    He is far too old now to be "ministering to" (hanging around) young university students.

    Kennedy will end up like his Uncle Oliver - early retirement - and then retired for years after.

    Old stager, D&C.

  9. Fr. Stephen Quinn joined the Anglo Irish Provence of the Discalced Carmelites. He had been thinking about it for a while but I think Kennedy helped Fr. Stephen make the final Step to join the Carmelites.