Saturday, 20 February 2016



Pope Francis says that Donald Trump's plans to build a wall between Mexico and the USA is "NOT CHRISTIAN".

If I were Donald Trump I would have replied to Francis: "NEITHER IS STORING RICHES IN THE VATICAN WHILE THE WORLD STARVES"

Don't get me wrong. I am no fan of Donald Trump. I think he is a loud mouth and I think he would be a disaster as president.

Nor do I like the Republicans I am a Democrats fan and I would like to see Hiliary Clinton become the first woman president of America. 

But I do think that all countries need to protect their borders.

Of course ALL countries also have a humanitarian duty to immigrants - especially those fleeing persecution. 

I would prefer to see the well off nations of the world creating stability and economic well being in all those countries where there is trouble and strife. 

So instead of building a wall between the USA and Mexico I think the international community should concentrate on making Mexico and other places counties where people can and want to stay at home and where they have access to the basic necessities of life - food, water, health, shelter, education and indeed the rights to family life and work.

Donald Trump and others are politicians. They are not religious leaders. Of course politicians have the responsibility to promote justice, human rights and indeed charity.

But people like POPE FRANCIS - religious leaders - have a GREATER moral duty to help and serve the poor than worldly politicians have! 

People can offer all kinds of excuses for the Vatican not selling at least part of its wealth and giving the money to the poor.

But the truth from Christ's point of view is that THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

When people asked him what they needed to do to follow him he replied: "Sell all you own. Give the money to the poor and then come and follow me".

I know Francis himself lives quite simply. But as long as he is the head of a Church and a State that has massive wealth he has little or no credibility in lecturing others how to be Christian!.


  1. There is a SOCIETY that is one of the wealthiest in the world, where everything is centred on the economy but where there are vast gaps between the rich and the poor. Its government is made up of corrupt politicians making godless decisions and where there is no religious influence. It has an outdated educational system and its people living dissolute lifestyles. There is unstable family life and widespread drug abuse. It is plagued by urban crime and street gangs. There is a high suicide rate; abortion is commonplace, rampant divorce and moral boundaries no longer apply and a failing welfare system. Sports personalities are glorified and expensive. It has one of the greatest legal systems in the world, a huge defence and armament industry, and imposes its system of government in foreign lands. This was the Roman Society at the time of Augustus and Tiberius Caesar, and look what happened to it.

  2. Whenever a dead body has been discovered, the first thing they do is call in a forensic team to find the cause and time of death and forensics tell us that a dead body will take on the temperature of its environment where it is lying. Such was the case with the church at Laodicea. It was a room temperature church neither hot nor cold. Laodicea was a church that allowed itself to be influenced by the world around it with the result being that it no longer influenced its environment, but was rather being influenced by its environment. Jesus had nothing good to say about it. The church was ineffective and dead. The Laodicean church speaks of the worldly church that we are seeing today. Laodicea is a compound from [Laos] (“people”) and [dikÄ“] (“rule”). These words mean ‘mob rule’. Is also a compound Greek word meaning almost the same thing as "democracy?" In other words they took democracy into the church government but the church structure should be run by Theocracy and not democracy. While ever you have democracy within the church government you are going to have worldliness. Hillary Clinton was against same-sex marriage. Now she is for it. She defended Osama’s immigration policies. Now she says they’re too harsh. She supported his trade deal dozens of times. She even called it the ‘gold standard’. Now she is against it. She will say anything to get elected, she is a Politician. Democracy is not what God set in order for people to rule by. Theocracy is God ordained rule. Democracy is mob ordained rule.
    The church in Laodicea were going through all their religious services. They had locked him outside the door of their hearts and the invitation from him was to come and sit down at his table and share his meal. The message from the King sitting at his table is to eat with him. But if you put ambition at the head of the table, or anything else that puts Christ 2nd place, then He will not sit down and eat with you. He can’t be just a by product of your life. You either love Him with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength and with all your heart or you don’t. You can’t serve two masters. Just fitting the Lord into your schedule an hour here or an hour there is what keeps him standing outside the door of our hearts. It’s while I’m seated at the table of the Lord that I find rest for my soul. A dead church is a church that has a form of religion but has no power within. The difference between a dead church and a living church is the same difference between vultures and eagles. From a distance they look the same but vultures feed on dead meat whereas eagles feed on live meat. Let’s put it like this, you wouldn’t go to pub that had no beer.

  3. Talking about walls, the word Perizzite means: Unwalled town or village. It also means separation (Deut 3:5). They all live in towns that have no walls or bars or gates. (Ezk 38:10-12). This speaks about the invader that will attack Israel in the last days. Israel will make peace with the nations that are surrounding her and when they are not suspecting, when they have dropped their guard, then they will be attacked. But what does it mean to us spiritually? The prophet Amos writes ‘Wow to those at ease in Zion’. ‘He that has no rule over his spirit is like a city whose walls are broken down and has no defences’. (Pro 25:28). This enemy will lie and wait for you to let your guard down and as soon as he gets the opportunity he will attack at the point of least resistance, your weakest spot. If I don’t have any walls it means that I am dwelling in safety and I’m not recognising the fact that there is an enemy about, it means that I am asleep, that I’m not awake ‘You can be quite certain that if the householder had known at what time of the night the burglar would come, he would have stayed awake and would not have let anyone break through the ‘wall’ of his house’. (Matt 24: 42-44). Q. What are our walls? A. Our emotions are the walls around our spirit.
    When the enemy can come in and cause us to negatively emotionally respond; it will weaken, paralyse and immobilise our spirit. So instead of having the power to pray and to resist in the spirit, we will end up being ineffective. When we are weakened by our guilts and griefs, our bodies then become susceptible to all kinds of sicknesses and illnesses and we can’t understand why we can’t shake off colds or pains. Well it is because we are not standing upright in spirit. That’s what happened to David when he sinned. (Ps 32: 1-4). Here David was saying that because he had kept his sin hidden, the weight of the guilt upon his physical body had a profound effect, because he was not upright in spirit. ‘A man’s spirit sustains him in sickness But a crushed spirit who can bear? (Pro 18:14).It’s not your bones that hold your body up; it’s your spirit. This spirit of the Perizzite wants us to lie down in spirit and when he succeeds then many a time we will lie down in our bodies as well. Guilt can rob you and can cause you to be weak It will drain out the strength of your spirit and then you become a city without a wall around it. Grief is one of the major sources that will wound your spirit.‘Grief of heart wounds the spirit’. (Pro 15:13). We can grieve over many things. Many disappointments can cause us grief. We have great expectations for our children, for our marriages and when those hopes are shattered, our spirits are also crushed. The disappointments through loss of employment or loss of property, all these sorrows the scriptures call; grief. When we grieve over all these losses and disappointments then our spirits become weak and we have no power. The nature of this Perizzite spirit through attacking our emotions is to separate us away from one another and away from the Lord. When someone feels guilty about something they have done. The first sign is; they stop coming to Church, they start isolating and separating themselves because their emotions or feelings have caused them to separate away from the body of Christ. The same thing happens when a person has grief. They start to isolate themselves in their own self-pity or in their own depression and they can’t share or give out, and become grief stricken. ‘This is what causes my grief; that the way of the Most High has changed’. (Ps 77:10). This spirit of the Perizzite attacks our emotions and when our emotions are out of control, we weaken in spirit and the enemy has us exactly where he wants us; powerless.