Wednesday, 2 March 2016




A continuation of the tales of the various rabbits in RABBITHOOD.

This episode - A Tale of a Pink Rabbit.

Once upon a time there was a rabbit in the ancient Rabbit kingdom of Deesee called Roger and everyone knew that he was different from other rabbits because he was a pink rabbit. He was also different because he liked to wear leather masks and suits over his lovely pink fur. Most of the other rabbits talked behind his back and recounted to each other Roger's various adventures throughout the kingdom. Many of the other rabbits liked jumping on does but Roger preferred to jump on his fellow bucks. 

The only good thing about Roger jumping on bucks was that it kept the rabbit population down as bucks are not able to produce any kittens. 

However the big problem was that Roger belonged to a certain rabbit caste in the kingdom - the Caste of the "Neutered Ones" - known among the rabbits as the NO's. The NO's were like a priestly caste of rabbits. They were the representatives on earth of the Great Heavenly Rabbit - the GHR. 


As NO's there were not allowed to have any kind of sexual contact with any other rabbit - be it doe or buck. They were called to Rabbit Purity. This was the price they paid for being in charge of all other rabbits. They told all rabbits what to eat. They decided which rabbits could marry and which could not. The ran the great Rabbit Hutches that all rabbits had to attend on Sundays. They could forgive rabbit sins on behalf of the GHR. 

In return all ordinary rabbits had to treat the NO's with respect and deference. They had to hand over money to the NO's every week. They had to supply all NO's with luxury hutches.

A typical NO hutch

Roger liked living on the NO pedestal but he felt that he should not have to abide by the rules - especially the no sex rule and over time he became extremely promiscuous. He would put on his leather gear and go hunting for bucks to jump in all kinds of places - public parks, public facilities, school grounds, convents, sand dunes etc. 

When it came to his buck targets he did not care if the buck he was jumping was single or even married to a doe. He even took single and married bucks to his NO's hutch to play jumping games. In one town he was even seen kissing a buck in the street in broad day light by shocked ordinary rabbits.    

All the other rabbits in Deesee were amazed at what he was getting away with. 

Deesee had a Chief NO called Christmas. Many ordinary rabbits and some other NO's told Christmas about Roger. But Christmas was not worried. After each complaint he simply moved Roger to a burrow a few miles away where the jumping games started all over again. 


Currently Roger is a middle aged rabbit. He has always been buck mad and there is no sign of his buck lust ending. Some think it will all end in a great bucking scandal. 

In the meantime the poor ordinary rabbits must watch from the sidelines helplessly as Roger's buckamatosis rages and no one intervenes. 

A severe case of buckamatosis



  1. I think I met Roger some time ago in the grounds of Malone House at Shawsbridge in Belfast.

    He was in his leather suit as you say and he had a carrot in his hand. I got the distinct impression that he wanted to share his carrot with others - which I suppose was generous of him?

    Personally I did not bite!

    A Volunteer Game Keeper.

  2. Is this the same rabbit who did bondage with the straight rabbit couple ?

  3. Does Roger have cousins in powerful positions in the Kingdom? Christmas thinks very highly of them I hear. I hear he likes a hutch shaped like a'rocket'!

  4. Why doesn't some journalist-rabbit go under cover and put Roger under rabbit-surveillance?

    He could tempt Roger by waving a nice big juicy carrot and draw him out of his burrow.

    He could make a secret recording of Roger - chomping on the forbidden carrot - on his rabbit smart phone or some other rabbit device.

    Then he could do decent NOs and GHR-fearing rabbits everywhere a favor by publishing his scoop in the Sunday Rabbit or some other rabbit journal.

    Because everyone, indeed, knows who this Roger is and both NOs and "ordinary" rabbits are truly amazed at Christmas's paralysis in the face of Roger's rampant rogering.

    It is also amazing that Roger himself thinks he can get away, indefinitely, with his buck mad rutting.

  5. Does this Roger have initials?

  6. Leave our Roger alone, he's lovely, adorable and great with the flowers. His cousins are powerful and will not let this'talk' go, be careful. Do you like handlebar's?

  7. What does his cousins do?