Sunday, 13 March 2016


We had the Desiderata for our consideration today at Mass in The Oratory in Larne at 12 noon.


  1. I try to live like that . Sadly I mostly fail but I keep trying

  2. Wonderful sentiments - I was given this 'reflection' as a child and should have memorised it and recited it daily. Thank you for the reminder. Sadly, as with your other commentator, I found these principles, though beautifully expressed, hard to follow in the grim turbulence of life. It reminds me a bit of the poem 'If' by Kipling.

  3. MourneManMichael16 March 2016 at 00:44

    "I could have been a giant said the bonsai tree,
    but someone bound my roots and tied me down.
    I could have reached the heavens said the snowy owl,
    but they clipped my wings and kept me on the ground.

    I think I heard them tell me that they love me,
    that they'd care for me, without them I would die.
    But what's the use of roots if you can't spread them?
    What's the use of wings if you can't fly?

    I could have been a singer said the mynah bird,
    but they caged me and told me what to say.
    I could have run for ever said the pony,
    but they bridled me and made me go their way.

    I think I heard them tell me that they love me,
    that they'd care for me, or so it seems.
    But what's the use of voices without freedom?
    What's the use of living others dreams?

    Why do people change the things they love the most?
    Is it simply that they fear to be alone?
    If you give your love its freedom it will stay a while.
    if it leaves you it was never yours to own.

    [By Brian Bedford on "Other Roads", a Fellside recording CD by the John Wright Band]
    Thought provoking?