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Bishop Treanor announced on Holy Thursday - the day that priests renew their VOW OF CELIBACY - that Ciaran Dallat - who had a two year relationship with a parishioner and fathered a child with her was to be returned to ministry after Easter.

Bishop Treanor - Destroying Holy Week and Easter ?

His announcement has caused UPROAR among the priests and people of the diocese and has engulfed the diocese and the whole Irish Church in an unprecedented HOLY WEEK and EASTER storm.

 It is only a bare year since Ciaran Dallat stepped aside in scandal but this week this Blog discovered that since he stepped aside he has been saying PUBLIC MASS in his native NORTH ANTRIM.

Yesterday several people wrote to this Blog claiming that the affair which caused Dallat to step aside last year was not the only contradiction in his priestly life.

It is one thing for a sex scandal priest to cause uproar and destroy the Church's most solemn week of Easter.

It is a totally different thing when a BISHOP uses HOLY WEEK to try and sneak a scandal ridden priest back into ministry by trying to hide him among the BODY OF PRIESTS on HOLY THURSDAY.

Noel Treanor has portrayed himself as out of touch with ordinary life since he came to Down and Connor.

This is a step too far.



  1. Here we have just another example of how the church contradicts herself at every turn... Ciaran Dallat should not be allowed to return to ministry! How are his brother priests not furious and protesting against Noel?? If Dallat comes to our parish I will not darken the door of our parish church again...

  2. This whole episode, within the background of Holy Week, and what that means for priests and people everywhere, leaves me very disheartened.
    Bishop Treanor should have insisted on FrDallat resigning -both for his own good and that of the wider church.

    Priest of D&C.

  3. In an ideal church we would all be confident that the bishop had an ear to the ground and an eye on the big picture.

  4. Don't you get it, Anonymous @ 13:15? Bishop Treanor HAS "an ear to the ground and an eye on the big picture". Do you think he isn't aware of what is being said on blogs like this one? He knows EXACTLY what is going
    on...but he doesn't give a damn. He's an Irish Catholic hierarch, vain, arrogant, presumptious...and utterly contemptuous of the laity, their
    feelings, welfare and safety. He will ALWAYS put the interests of priests,
    even philandering tossers like Dallat, ahead of his people. He's like that
    other humble, man-of-the-people hierarch, Sean Brady, to whom the safety of children from paedophile priests like Brendan Smith was paramount.

  5. As a priest of D&C I no longer regard Noel Treanor as my valid bishop with the right to my obedience.

    Am I the only one who thinks like this - as I also think he talked a load of sh... at the Chrism Mass.

    I wish I was in a position to go public!


    1. Dear P P you say it in one How many are not in a position to go public but why the fek not-Jesus did & got crucified for the privilege So many churchy types live in cloud fekin cookoo land

  6. Storm in a teacup! Buckley is up to his usual nonsense! Rumour, half-truths etc. Welcome back Fr Dallat to a Church of sinners for sinners. You are a very dangerous and malicious man Buckley. The fact that the Irish news quoted you is astonishing. Says it all!! As for the Catholic hating Belfast Telegraph, well I'm not surprised at it's tone. You are a very anti Catholic man.

    1. You do not like me.

      You do not like the "Catholic" Irish News.

      You do not like the "Protestant" Belfast Telegraph.

      You love Father Dallat who broke his celibacy promise, had at least one sexual affair, used a woman parishioner, made her pregnant, went out for dinner with friends as she lay losing the baby..............................

      You are an excellent product of Catholic Education>

    2. To Anonymous at 13:30

      Are you in a position to challenge anyone for being "dangerous...malicious"
      and "hating"? Judging from the tenor of your post, you have these qualities in abundance yourself.

    3. 26 march 13.30 Are you addressing the issue or slagging Pat Off?

    4. Duffys circus I believe would refuse you Buckley! You profess to be a man of the cloth when really all you do is knock, condemn and raise unfounded calmy against the church and it's leaders.
      It's more prayer is needed for you as you continue on the devil's path of sin and self destruction!

    5. Can't you "feckin" (to use your own term) read? It wasn't Pat who used those words, but the commenter at 13:30. So no, I wasn't "slagging Pat off'; I was challenging the commenter.

    6. 26 March 21.24 I take your point on board and apologise for my mistake.

  7. Ciaran Dallat has in no way been out of ministry this past yr! Did the bishop really think sending him off on a wee trip to the south to 'reflect' until the dust settles was really going to do the trick? This not only looks bad on Noel but tarnished the reputation of every other priest in this diocese! If this is how Noel continued to deal with things down and Connor hasn't much hope! I am trying so hard not to judge the bishop but can we see just a little bit of authentic leadership please? This is just embarrassing ! Co. Antrim woman

  8. I will NOT serve alongside Ciaran Dallat.

    Had I known that he was going to be parachuted into the Chrism Mass I would NOT have attended.

    Pries. D&C.

    1. To Anon. @ 13:43

      If that's true, then good for you! At last! A D&C priest with conscience and integrity who serves Christ first.

    2. I too was very shocked to see Ciaran Dallat arriving at St Peter's on Thursday morning and proceed to vest for the Chrism Mass.

      I just made sure to stay well out of his way.


  9. Is it true that our Diocesan Chancellor - Father Eugene O'Hagan - was instructed by Bishop Treanor to ring Father Dallat and tell him to come to the Chrism Mass?


    1. Anonymous @ 14:05, if Father Eugene was instructed as you said, I should expect him to have cautioned Bishop Treanor against such an unwise move and warned him of a likely public backlash. Eugene and I were seminarians together, and he was no one's fool.

  10. This way beyond dallat . He is merely 1 in a long list of bad apples . The route of the problem is the bishop . He can't or won't do the job which he is being very well paid to do . We all know by now he won't resign as he hasn't a shred of integrity to his name . He must be removed ! If he was a Anglican bishop or a Presbyterian moderator he would have been threw out on his arse long ago by the people. For too long catholics have been like sheep but thankfully it is changing people are slowly rising up . Be warned noel and eamon a reformation is coming and your fancy vestments and mitres will count for nothing when your flat on your arse

    1. You made an excellent point about people power in relation to bishops.

      The time for laity in every dicoese to have a prominent vote in the appointment of bishops is long overdue.

    2. Three Leten Gospels spring to mind -
      The Pharisee and the Publican - Lord, be merciful to me a sinner!!!
      The Prodigal's Father -, He was dead and has come back to life!!!
      The Woman taken in Adultery - Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!'
      I am grateful that God will be my Judge! I would happily take my chances with God's mercy than be judged by most of the contributors.
      Cannot som of the DC priests no remember St. Augustine - regarded himself as a 'Five Star Sinner.'
      Armagh Sam

    3. The Publican was truly repentant.

      The Prodigal was truly repentant.

      The Woman in Adultery was truly repentant.

      Those of us who know C Dallat doubt if there is any repentance.

    4. Armagh Sam, it's not just a question of forgiveness (though, really, that is fundamentally the prerogative of 'Linda' and maybe others, not of you or me); it's a question also of trust and confidence in Father Dallat. And I'm
      afraid there isn't enough of either to go around, given the damage he's

      He should have resigned, as another commenter above suggested, both "for his own good and that of the wider Church". But it seems again that he is thinking only of himself.

    5. 17,49
      When in doubt do nothing!
      Perhaps you knew this unfortunate priest - but but do you know him now! It is impossible for you to know the condition of his soul!
      S.uggest you reflect on your urge mental qualities!

    6. Sam, I suggest you do not know Fr Dallat and of what he is capable.

      I agree that EVERYONE is entitled to forgiveness.

      Father Dallat's Church preaches the stages of forgiveness and reconciliation:

      1. Confession of one's sins.

      2. A firm purpose of amendment.

      3. Restitution for the damage caused.

      Those who know Fr Dallat best say that he is a cynic milking every situation to his own advantage.

      The obligation is on HIM to show us all that he has changed.

      Then of course we should forgive him absolutely.

      PS: There is more to come on the Fr Dallat situation!

  11. I never agreed with compulsary celibacy since i discovered through experience the negative impact it can have on the human individual and collective psyche. As for Fr Dallat-Has her baby & her needs been provided for. Has the social implications of Fr Dallat ministering in N ireland and its impact on this lady and family been addressed Has Fr Dallat been risk assessed for risk to others during future ministry. Why use Chrism Mass to affirm Fr Dallat On one level this is an insult. On another is Bp Noel saying indirectly he does no care about celibacy and stirring the pot so he does not have to stand up and say directly what he might believe. There is politics at work here and someone holds the strings

  12. Fr Ciaran Dallat has I believe shown that he is unable to live a life of integrity, as have other D&C clergy over the years.
    I am a Priest of the Diocese and have with God's help lived a celibate life, but I have not found it an easy path, and there have been times when I was tempted to break my promise of celibacy. I am not here to throw 'verbal stones' at Fr Dallat, but I would like to make one point.
    Why if Fr Dallat cannot live out a celibate life, does he not be honest with both himself, and the people of Down & Connor ?
    Why does our Bishop Noel Treanor not face reality also, namely that he has a Priest who cannot be trusted not to take advantage of vulnerable women ?
    If both Fr Dallat and Bishop Treanor could honestly and objectively look at the situation, I believe they would both conclude that Fr Dallat should leave the Priesthood.

    Priest of D&C.

  13. In reply to anonymous at 17:49
    The Prodigal only came to his senses when he ran out of money. I doubt he would have been repentant if everything had been going well for him.
    The Woman in Adultery was truly repentant, after she had been shown mercy, those who pointed the accusing finger at her were the ones who should have repented, but they walked away still in their self righteous state. Two types of people who will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven are the unrighteous and the self righteous. The unrighteous are those who have no image of the character and nature of God within. All the bad we have ever done will not keep us out of Heaven And all the good we have ever done may help others but will not get us into Heaven. Self righteousness which is pride is the worst possible barrier to the Kingdom of Heaven. God can do nothing with you if you think you are good enough. The Gospel is not a righteousness that we can produce for God but a righteousness that is from God. A righteousness that is built on faith from the beginning to the end.

  14. Pat, if you are a man of God like you claim to be, would you not be better using your time to campaign for priests to be allowed to have partners,(man or woman)rather than condemning those that prove to be human?

    1. "Prove to be human." Shouldn't you have said: " Prove to be sinners."?

    2. I have campaigned for optional celibacy for over 30 years.

      Should I campaign for priests to have SEVERAL woman.

    3. Anonymous, 00.27 All of us are sinners. Dose that mean we should not be forgiven.

      Pat, there are very few people these days that have only had 1 partner over their life time.

    4. True. But I am talking about having several at the same time!

    5. Pat if you are going to make allagations, you have to show us proof

  15. Good morning Pat,

    May I wish you a very Happy & Blessed Easter,

    From a Priest of Down & Connor.

    1. Thank you Father.

      I wish you and all your sincere and hard working colleagues the very same.


  16. I think that Bishop Treanor is making a grave mistake in reinstating Fr Dallat. He is falling in to the same trap that many bishops fell in to some decades ago with abusive priests, particularly those who abused children and vulnerable young people. Namely, seeing the actions of these people as a moral issue, which could be 'healed' and 'sorted' by being sent away for a time for a bit of prayer and reflection, and then come back renewed and fit for ministry. As we know with abusive priests, the problem was much more deeply rooted. I suspect that with the likes of Fr Dallat there is a more deep issue than just having an affair with a woman, and that will not just be 'healed' and 'sorted' by a bit of time on the sidelines.

    In addition, there is the whole matter of professional behaviour to take in to account. In any other profession -teaching, medical, nursing, legal, any profession - there is an expectation of professional and appropriate conduct towards people with whom one has a professional relationship. If Fr Dallat were a doctor, he would now be in very serious trouble with the body which registers and oversees doctors because of his serious transgression of professional boundaries and standards. There would be a strong liklihood of his being struct off the medical register. For some reason, this does not seem to apply to priests who get involved with people with whom they have some ministerial and professional relationship. My understanding is that Fr Dallat had some kind of relationship based on pastoral ministry with the (at least one !) woman he entered in to a sexual relationship. This is a serious matter of professionalism and standards and of quetions his suitability to be someone who is involved in ministry. This appears to have been ignored by Bishop Treanor, no doubt in some misguided pastoral concern for Fr Dallat. I do understand the desire of a Bishop to be a 'father' to his priests, and I understand the desire of the Church to welcome home sinners. But, that must be balanced by professional standards and accountability, as happens with other professionals who engage in pastoral and personal interaction with 'clients' - which is what parishioners and people with whom clergy interact in a ministerial and pastoral way are.

    I know all of that sounds harsh. But, that is the way of the world for people who want to be taken seriously as professionals, and for people who engage with people on a professional basis, be it counselling, pastoral care, ministry or any other way.

    1. Very well put anon at 11:02. Furthermore, if it turns out that Ciaran has been dipping his wick at several other locations, it is going to reflect very badly on the bishop. At least his Uncle Micky was monogamous.

    2. To Anon. @ 11:02

      No, nothing of what you said sounded "harsh". But you did omit to say the
      most important thing in this whole sorry saga: Bishop Treanor, like his fellow bishops who moved child- abusing priests from parish to parish, doesn't care
      about the exploitation of the laity by such men; this is why he won't dismiss such an untrustworthy priest as C Dallat. Men like him are of infinitely more
      value (the "holy" priest, the "man set apart", etc) to bishops than mere lay people.

      The conduct of bishops like Treanor is one measure (and there are many
      others) of how the teachings of Vatican 11 on the nature of Church have failed to be grasped and lived by the bishops. They, more than 50 years after
      the close of that Council, still cling to the ecclesiology prevalent before the Council that they, the bishops, are actually the Church. They even continue to
      abuse the teaching of the Council not just in how they act, but by misusing
      the word "Church" in such expressions as " the Church teaches" when in fact what they should be saying is "the Magisterium of the Church teaches". The
      Magisterium is not the Church, and it is a lie to present its teachings as those of the entire "People of God"; this includes clergy AND laity and is in fact how
      the Second Vatican Council defined "Church".

      The teachings of an ecumenical council like Vatican 11 are meant to be binding on ALL Catholics, yet the bishops of the Church, as well as scores of
      priests, continue to disregard some of Vatican 11's most foundational instructions. It is scandalous.

  17. MourneManMichael29 March 2016 at 12:28

    Spot on analysis Anon @ 11:02 Not in the least bit harsh, just telling it as it is.
    Well done and thanks.